Monday 12 June 2023


'The UK security service MI5 ran a secret office at the BBC in London from where it exerted a malign influence over the corporation. 

'Moore’s revelations indicate MI5 had a firm grip over key decision makers in BBC Northern Ireland too.

'The assistant Director-General of the BBC, Alan Protheroe, in the 1980s had links to the intelligence services, as did others.'  

Kincora, an Orwellian nightmare at the BBC. By David Burke.

'In the early 1980s Margaret Thatcher appointed Dame Daphne Parker to the BBC’s Board of Governors. Park was ex-MI6. 

'By her own admission she had helped the CIA have Patrice Lumumba, PM of the Congo, murdered. 

'Park meddled with the BBC’s coverage of Ireland, particularly a documentary that featured Martin McGuinness.

'The BBC commissioned a drama about the plight of Colin Wallace, a Kincora whistle-blower a few years later. 

'The script was handed into the BBC’s reception in London and promptly disappeared, never to be found.



The BBC & The Kincora Files

Posted on June 12, 2023

Veteran BBC journailst Chris Moore describes the perils and obstacles of covering the Kincora scandal for an employer seemingly more intent on keeping MI5 informed and protecting powerful political figures


At 14 June 2023 at 03:36 , Blogger Unknown said...

With the BBC so infested with MI5/6 drones, why on earth would you expect the sordid behaviour of the Security Services to be exposed through that channel?? No-one ever asks the tough question: 'Just how repulsive a human being do you have to be to destroy innocent children's entire lives just to get blackmail leverage on a few political wastrels??'


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