Tuesday 21 March 2023


The Circus
by Miles Mathis

Let’s get some things straight:

1) The banking system is not collapsing. 

It is more managed theatre, in order to cover continued monopolization of the system. Like the Lehman “collapse”, it is just a hostile takeover sold to you as a failure. That’s why the regulators didn’t see it coming: these banks weren’t insolvent and had no real problems. They actually had lots of assets, which is why they were targeted for takeover. 

These banks will go into temporary receivership and then will be taken over by Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan or something. 

In this way it is a continuation of the Covid shenanigans, whereby the big retailers drove all competition out of the way by forcibly shuttering all mom-and-pops. It is just a further spin-out of our unregulated and predatory system, where all money becomes centralized.

2) Trump not arrested. That is also more theatre. 

Trump is an actor, so think of this like another episode of The Apprentice. 

We are just working up to the inevitable moment when he says to Biden “You’re Fired!”. 

Trump is gay, so he couldn’t care less about Stormy Daniels. That story was manufactured a few years ago to make Trump look like a stud. 

The pay-off was also manufactured, as was his attorney Cohen’s conviction. Never happened. All faked in some CIA court. 

This, like the banking collapse, Ukraine, and everything else, is being staged to move you on from the vaccine genocide. However it spins out, just remember this: it is all scripted for maximum effect. All scripted to draw your attention and your interest, to keep you off more important things.

3) January 6 was completely staged. And I mean all of it, from the ground up. It wasn’t just infiltrated by a few agents. More than half of the people there, and ALL of the top players, were government assets and actors. No one was injured except maybe a few actors who overdid their parts, twisting an ankle jumping off a wall or cutting an arm while breaking a window. And nothing was destroyed that wasn’t pre-marked and easily replaceable. Barricades were brought in just so they could be smashed, as in Hollywood.

4) The war in Ukraine is also staged. 

Which is why they have an admitted actor leading it: Zelensky. This is a guy with an IMDB page, for heavens sake. The heads of countries aren’t normally professional actors. Or not until the big fake Ronald Reagan set that precedent. 

And even that wasn’t really a precedent, since Hitler was an actor. Lenin was an actor, Stalin was an actor. 

They were all actors to the beginning, but with Reagan they began admitting it. They thought you were now so stupid and fully captured they didn’t need to hide anymore. They could just elect their bozos right out of Studio City. They have to hit you with a never-ending line of progressively sexier events, to try to keep your eyes off the real world. People are right on the edge of revolution, and in some ways the revolution has already started, with children being pulled out of schools and colleges, people quitting their jobs, Hollywood tanking, and various other important boycotts of government, industry, and institutions.

Many people are waking up and realizing they are living in a simulation. Not like a hologram or a brain in a tank or anything like that. But a simulation in the sense that everything you see in the news is fake. Simulated. Fiction. Hollywood. Just like Orwell told you in 1984, it is all a stage play sold to you as real, in order to fool you and control you. And that includes the alternative media. But you have the ultimate power. Just say no. Don’t believe any of it. Don’t go along. Don’t do what you are told. Don’t give them your money or your allegiance. 

Don’t vote for any of them, including Trump. Kick all the actors to the curb and target the biggest criminals.

Pull this whole circus down and send the clowns packing.


At 21 March 2023 at 12:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Trump is gay". You got me there - I've never that one before.


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