Saturday 11 March 2023

Lineker, Covid Taskforce, Banks

Match of the Day in crisis after BBC forced Gary Lineker off-air

Retired colonel, 51, who was deputy director of Government's Covid taskforce denies fraudulently claiming allowances to help pay his three children's £75,000-a-year private school fees

Retired colonel Marcus Reedman, 51, denied falsely claiming more than £43,000 in the school fees as he appeared at Southwark Crown Court today

Stocks fall as worries flare about banking system amid Silicon Valley Bank collapse: Bank of America warns 'crashy vibes of March' driven by high inflation set to worsen as Dow falls 159 points and S&P 500 loses 0.7%

Stocks fell on Friday as worries flared about the banking system amid the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the painful effects of high interest rates meant to drive down inflation.

"Losses were modest at the biggest banks, which have been stress-tested by regulators following the 2008 financial crisis."


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