Sunday 16 October 2022



'King Charles has served as an arms lobbyist for decades, smoothing arms sales for BAE Systems in the Middle East. He has also been found to accept cash gifts and plastic bags from Arab Monarchs, purportedly in exchange for state honours.

'He is also believed by many to have had a role in the killing of his former wife, Princess Diana Spencer, and her Muslim fiancĂ©, Dodi Al Fayed. Both the father of Dodi and Diana herself pointed the finger in his direction. Diana had sent a letter to her lawyer six months before she died, predicting the exact way she would be killed, claiming, Charles was behind the plan.'

'Charles has been a key patron of the World Jewish Relief Organization for many years. The organization shares fundraisers with Zionist settlements and is funded by key Israel lobbyist and convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson.

'Charles described Israel lobbyists Jonathan Sacks as a trusted guide, an inspired teacher and a true and steadfast friend.'



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