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Azov Films, based in Toronto, sold 'child porn' films to customers worldwide.

Azov Films 'was closed down in 2011'.

Church of England vicar Charles Richardson, who reportedly bought Azov products.

The Canadian police handed to the UK police a list of around 2,000 Britons who were linked to Azov Films.

Some of the suspects worked for the government,

The list was ignored for two years.


As a child, Vladik appeared in the 'naturist' or 'soft-porn' films produced by Azov-Films. 

Azov-Films reportedly produced child porn.

Azov-Films' headquarters was in Toronto Canada, but its films were made in Crimea, Russia and Romania, by people including Igor Rusanov.


Brian Way and his mother Sandra Waslov, of Staford VA USA, were the owners of and 

'Way was jailed in 2011.

'Sandra Waslov, who is reportedly Jewish, remained at large.'

On 14 November 2013, Police in Canada announced that 348 people had been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued during their three-year investigation into Azov-Films and child pornography.

Police in Canada say 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued

"Rusanov ... turned much of his 'business' into sex-tourism for wealthy vip-pedophiles."

Could Azov-Films have been used by a certain security service to blackmail top people?

Azov-Films sold DVDs and streamed videos of naked children.

Azov Films said its films were "naturist" and legal in Canada and the US.

The films were sold in 94 countries.

In Canada 108 arrests were made, with another 76 in the US and 164 in other countries during the investigation codenamed Project Spade.

Doctors, school teachers, foster carers and priests are among those detained.

Police in Canada say 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued 

Among the countries involved in the investigation were Australia, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Norway, Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

"Officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children - some of the worst they have ever viewed."

According to the police, a pre-school teacher has pleaded guilty to producing child pornography while teaching in Japan.

Vladik  from the Crimea.

Vladik Shibanov was killed in a car 'accident' on October 20, 2009.

As a child, Vladik appeared in the 'naturist' or 'soft-porn' films produced by Azov-Films.

Azov-Films' headquarters were in Toronto Canada, but its films were made in Crimea, Russia and Romania.

Azov films

"Vladik was sexually abused by the maker of the Azov films Zverozub aka Igor Rusanov."

"Vladik actually did appear in 2 short porno movies when he turned 18 produced by Rusanov.

"The founder of Azov films was starting a hardcore adult gay site featuring Vladik and other former Azov stars."

Igor Rusanov has been associate professor of tourism at Tauric National University in the Ukraine.  

Rusanov headed the "Scout" movement of the Crimea.  

"Rusanov ... turned much of his 'business' into sex-tourism for wealthy vip-pedophiles."

Новости — Азов-Фильмз или "куда смотрит Астахов" Translate this page

On 3 August 2011, it was reported that Rusanov had been arrested,

Crimean university lecturer delivered boys sex tourists and rented porn

"Ukrainian police arrested a teacher from Simferopol, who for at least five years had been filming and selling porn involving Crimean boys.

"The educator is suspected of organizing sex tours to the Crimea, during which pedophiles from abroad were provided with children...

"Some time ago Rusanov became involved in an international criminal business to create porn for gay pedophiles...

"Many of the victims were members of the Scout Movement or summer camps organized by Rusanov...

"In fairness, we note that most of the video filmed by Igor Rusanov is Naturism...

September 2009 the delegation of the Royal College of Defence Studies in Simferopol, Crimea. Igor Rusanov is from Simferopol

"In October 2009, Vladik Shibanov died in a car near Alushta, which left a lot of questions from investigators...

"Vlad appeared in two short porn films...

"According to some reports, the FBI is actively interested in Rusanov...

"Azov Films had 20 different language versions..."

Igor Rusanov, from the Ukraine, made most of the 'child porn'  for Azov-Films.

After university, Rusanov was in the Soviet military studying "covert command and control, secrecy and encrypted communication.

"He graduated with honors and had the highest form of access to state secrets."

Igor Rusanov.

In other words, Rusanov was most likely a spy.

Rusanov spent some time in the Soviet Union.

In 1991, the Ukraine became independent.

Rusanov became involved with the promotion of tourism and youth activities in the Ukraine.

Rusanov then seems to have switched allegiance.

Beginning in 2002, he began working in collaboration with the American-influenced Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, which runs camps for children.

The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics may, or may not, be a front for the CIA.

After Communism's collapse: creation in the Crimea

Rusanov became involved in making child porn, and organising tours for VIPs.

In 2011, he was arrested.

Sandra Waslov, from Stafford, in Virginia in the USA, was listed as Vice President of 4p5p Inc., the Canadian corporation that owned Azov-Films, FKA, and

According to researcher Silvija Germek, Stafford, in Virginia, is the location of one of the busiest airports for the CIA. 

Sandra Waslov is the mother of Brian Way, AKA Steve, the joint owner of the Azov Films firm.

On September 3, 2012, the U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at school #14 in downtown Simferopol, Crimea. The school was recently renovated under a Humanitarian Assistance Program of the U.S. European Command.

The photographer whom Way used in the Crimea region of the Ukraine was Igor Rusanov, AKA Zverozub., from Simferopol.

Several of the boys Rusanov filmed for Azov have testified in court that Rusanov had sex with them.

Allegedly Azov Films may have links to the 'Russian Israeli mafia' which allegedly has links to the CIA and its friends.


According to Silvija Germek:

1. The Russian Israeli mafia is run by Jews from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania.

Their bases include Russia and parts of the former Soviet Empire such as the Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Ossetia and Poland.

2. Reportedly the Russian Israeli mafia is involved in the child sex trade, including snuff films.

3. Toronto is a major global child porn and child sex slavery hub. 

4. Toronto has always been known as 'Disneyland for pedophiles'. 

Reportedly, child abusers occupy many positions within Toronto's police, political system and academia.

5. The author James Kincaid, who spoke recently in Toronto, has adorned his books with the photography of Sally Mann. 

In some of her photos, "the doll-like dreamy facial expressions of her children are reminiscent of programmed mind control."

BOOK REVIEW / 'Child-Loving'.

6. Barney Frank is also one of the star speakers at the University of Toronto.'

Reportedly, the kids of the Franklin Scandal in Omaha 'remembered Barney Frank'. Barny Frank's boyfriend allegedly 'ran a pedo ring serving politicians in the Beltway.'

7. Allegedly, Azov Films, in the past, has been protected by the authorities.

8. Reportedly Azov Films distributed its softcore films through Amazon.

9. There is a suggestion that Azov Films may have exploited survivors of the Beslan school siege.

aangirfan: Beslan and the CIA.


10. Many of the Azov Films were made in the Ukraine.

"Senior Ukrainian politicians are facing allegations of child sex abuse at a Black Sea holiday camp...

"Popular among children in Soviet times, the Artek youth summer camp in Ukraine’s picturesque Crimea is still a major holiday destination.

"A woman claims her son and her daughter were sexually abused there...

"She said they were not only sexually assaulted by the camp’s employees, but were also forced to be filmed in pornographic movies. According to witnesses, several politicians were involved in it..."

Kids raped in famous Ukrainian recreation camp? — RT News.

11. There have been arrests in North America.Azov Films Prosecutions - BoyWiki.

Synopsis: "Boys love building their muscles. So, when our group of nine-to-eleven-year-old boys hit the gym, they attack the weights with furious enthusiasm. After a good workout, it's time to hit the local sauna for some relaxation."

12. Azov Films were made mainly in the Crimea but also in other countries including the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Australia, Paraguay, Romania, and Germany.

1 History of the company

2.4 List of all movies

13. It has been noted that Vladik, the main child star in Azov films, makes numerous satanic hand signs.

(Satanism is used by the security services such as the CIA when they carry out mind-control to produce sex slaves for the elite.) 

Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MK ULTRA brainwashing.

Azov Films sold Baikal Films, Europa Sun and Award Films - all three being originally distributed by Baikal Films.

Crimea, in the Ukraine, has been a popular destination for tourists.

One such tourist was the artist Otto Lohmuller.

Tourists have come to the Crimea (above) for all sorts of different reasons.

In 2012, in the Ukraine, Igor Rusanov, nicknamed Zverozub, was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

His colleague, the Romanian Markus Roth, however, received a very light sentence.

"Rusanov was just one of the tentacles of a child-abuse octopus named Azov Films...

"The main office was located in Canada, in Toronto.

"The other branches were in Russia, Moldova, Spain, Germany and many other countries around the world."

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A star of Azov Films.

It has been suggested that some of the Azov-Film children had been mind controlled. 

"Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis have been used by Rusanov's pedophile Rostov psychotherapist Alexander K., nicknamed Taylor, aka Nat, Tay, aka TTT."

Режиссер-педофил Игорь Русанов "1K"

"Taylor has been linked to 'pedo-Net': Atreus (serving in the U.S. long-term for a crime related to pedophilia), Vasjok, Superboy and others...

Режиссер-педофил Игорь Русанов "1K"

Azov-Films actor Vladik Shimanov.

"It is thanks to Taylor that 'Blitz' appeared - a series of pedophile forums...

"Being a psychologist by profession, Taylor became interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming and actively used it... for child molestation."

Режиссер-педофил Игорь Русанов "1K"
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) "is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy."

The Azov-Films investigation by Toronto police led to a pedophile ring which had been abusing children.

330 children in the USA were rescued from actual physical abuse.

Anatomy of an international child pornography ... - Toronto Star

Azov-Films was organised by Brian Way whose website had more than two million unique visitors in 2009; by 2010, the number was more than three million.

Inspector Brian Bone of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service ordered 10 DVDs and considered that 5 of them were child pornography - explicit sexual activity.

The police carried out arrests and found that spreadsheets on computers showed revenue of about $1.6 million over two years. 

Ultimately, the company had revenues of over $4 million.

The police discovered a list of customers.

Many of the bestselling videos were about young boys in Romania and Ukraine.

The Romanian children were recruited from karate schools in the northern region of the country.

"Parents were being told their kids were going on karatetrips, and they were being allowed to drink, do drugs, watch pornography and have naked videos made of them," say the Toronto police.


Vladik Shibanov

The following is from: Vladik Death Hoax

In 2009, Azov Films announced the death of Vladik Shibanov in a car accident.

I was suspicious from the beginning that this was a hoax. I was first made suspicious by the too fluent English on the site...

The speaker claims to have known Vladik and knows details of his life and death, as if he lives in Crimea...

 I suspect the too good English is being written by someone in Toronto, not by anyone from Crimea...

The following is from: Vladik Death Hoax

The photo of the crash scene shows a concrete post (completely undamaged) and a bent guardrail on the INSIDE of a curved road. This is impossible.

 A car spinning out of control on a curve is pulled to the OUTSIDE of a curve by centrifugal force. This force greatly increases as velocity increases.

 In the accident described Vladik’s car should have gone off the outside of the curve. The concrete post, struck by a fairly good size car at nearly 100mph, should show some damage. There is none. The crash scene is fake...

Maybe Vladik did actually die. He did not die in the car crash...

There is a battle for control of the Ukraine.


"There are pedophiles in Ukraine’s high offices," said President Yushchenko

(pedophile lawmakers will be saved from prosecution.)

Yanukovich, who is pro-Moscow.

In early October 2009, supporters of 'the frontrunner' in the Ukraine elections, ex-premier Viktor Yanukovich, alleged that members of Prime Minster Yulia Tymoshenko's competing party were implicated in a child abuse case at a kids' summer camp in Crimea.


"Tymoshenko is seen as pro-European - though also known for her shifting allegiances - while Yanukovich heads the pro-Moscow Regions Party."

(Ukraine sex scandals sully presidential campaign)

"The pedophile scandal, from the start, demolished the lives of two children and cast doubts on the honor and career prospects of several adults, including some parliament deputies...

"The horrific accusations against a journalist, three parliamentarians and managers of the Crimean children’s camp, Artek, proved believable to many people."

(Media fail their first campaign test in coverage of sex abuse scandal)

Anonymous said...

In the 1980s I spent time at Artek, one of the Soviet Union's most "exclusive" Young Pioneers' Camps just down the road from Simferopol. As European visitors to Artek we were rushed through customs without any of the tedious bag searches normally encountered when visiting the USSR.

I guess, in retrospect, much as I adored Artek, its themes were more MK Ultra than pedo bear. But if you check the camp out now (particularly on YouTube) the themes are definitely more pedo bear than MKU.

МДЦ Артек

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"I received a response from Toronto Police to my Freedom of Information request for information about the AZOV case.

"They declined to provide any info, claiming that they are investigating a 'murder' in conjunction with the AZOV case."

Toronto Police: AZOV case involves 'murder'

Yalta in the Crimea is where Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, David Petraeus, Mario Monti, Shimon Peres and others met in September 2013.

Coincidentally, this was just before the Azov-Film child porn bust took place in Toronto. 

Blair, Strauss-Kahn and Clinton A global elite gathering in the Crimea

The men charged in the Azov-Films Toronto child porn bust include:

1. A man who had helped build an orphanage in Mexico and sponsored children through World Vision. He eventually adopted a young boy.

(World Vision and Child Abuse / World Vision, which is said to be a front for the CIA, was in Beslan during the school massacre. Azov-Films made a film about the Beslan children)

2. A respected Montreal community newspaper editor and a popular former minor baseball coach.

3. A popular parish priest who was a church youth leader and an active Scout organizer.

4. The chief probation officer of San Mateo County in California.

5. An Oregon state trooper. 

6. A Connecticut police officer.

7. A Texas police officer.

8. An FBI program manager.

9. The former medical director at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the United States.

(Meanwhile, in the UK, a bank chief, who is also a Methodist minister, reportedly bought drugs to get young men off their heads for sex)

Some of the links above via Silvija Germek 

The 2004 'Ukrainian child pornography raids' occurred in July 2004, when police raided a softcore child pornography ring operating in the cities of KievKharkiv and Simferopol.[1]

The ring had operated since 2001, and used a modeling agency as a front.[1]

Approximately 1,500 girls aged from eight to sixteen were said to have been to the agency.

Erotic materials produced by the agency were distributed over the Internet to various countries.

The agency, known as Ukrainian Angels Studio or LS Models, and had a number of different domains such as LS Island, LS Magazine, Lolitas on Holiday, LS Dreams and a series of sites under the LS Land moniker.

And now for something completely different.

The Mercy Ministries have sent children from an orphanage in Russia to a children's camp in the Ukraine.

In 1992, Paul Lossau closed his law practice in the Chicago area to serve God in Russia with his wife and three children.

Two years later, in June 1994, the Lossau family moved to Vladimir, Russia.

In 1996, Paul hired Sergei Sokolov to help manage the growing ministry.

Together they founded Mercy Ministries.

Initially, the ministry was limited to orphanage outreach and hosting American service teams. 

 An American called Andrew Slate, of the Mercy Ministries/Sobinka group, has written about his time at the Source of Hope children's camp in the Ukraine.

The children were aged 7-13.

Mercy Ministries brought 13 children ages 10-13 from Sobinka orphanage.

Hundreds of child abusers on Azov Films alert list escape arrest.

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust -

Project Spade is the name of an international investigation involving the making and selling of videos and images over the internet involving minors (below the age of 18). The police announced Nov. 14 the arrest of almost 350 people and the rescue of over 400 children.

The international network of child porn producers and distributors was directed by the International Jewish mob. The key protagonists in this particular case are Markus Roth of Germany and Brian Way of Canada. Brian Way's mom, Sandra Waslov was also involved in setting up the joint operation with her son running and managing operations. She has been indicted and is currently a fugitive on the run.

How did Way come into the police radar? Well, another fellow Jew by the name of David Eisenlohr, similarly involved in pederasty complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that Brian aka Steve Way was stealing and selling his videos on the Internet. 

Other Jewish characters like Markus Roth exploited poor  and vulnerable young boys from villages in Romania under the guise of giving martial arts classes. He coerced/manipulated them into engaging in sexual acts. In August 201o, Mr. Roth was sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece.

He carried out such activities with former KGB Soviet Ukrainian Jewish spy Igor Rusanov, left, who was arrested in 2011. Rusanov  is said to have had sex with many of the boys. Rusanov is suspected of having links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia. Their company (Azovfilm) client list resulted in many arrests. 


Other Jews caught in the sweep include the pederast Dr. Mark Shaffer.  Shaffer was arrested after U.S. Postal Inspectors knocked on the door of his home in Aurora, Ohio, about 40 kilometres southeast of Cleveland, looking for films purchased from the Canadian site.

Also arrested was David Goldberg, who wrote an article entitled "I Pedophile" on The Atlantic suggesting that pedophiles need help instead of prison.  "No one who is a pedophile wants to get caught and have their horrifying secret revealed to the world," David Goldberg, a respected Montreal community newspaper editor and a popular former minor baseball coach, wrote in an astonishingly frank confession in the American magazine.

"For almost 20 years, I spent virtually every night of my life in the same manner: Sitting in front of my computer . . . trawling the Internet for child pornography," Goldberg wrote in the August edition of the Atlantic. "Nothing would stop me from continuing this perverse pursuit."

But something did: His arrest, in June 2012, as part of Project Spade. He insisted that "the majority of pedophiles do not molest but instead spend hours looking at child pornography" and asked: "Will the day ever come when we, as a society, reach out and offer them the help they so desperately need?"

For two decades, Dr. Richard Keller was the medical director at Philips Academy in Andover MA, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the United States, attended by both G.W. Bush and his father.  Keller was also a volunteer at Jewish Big Brothers of Greater Boston.  

He had also been trying, and failing, to control his urge to look at child pornography. Legal documents filed in his case said he had a "long-standing sexual interest in adolescents since the early 1970s."

As an alleged customer of Azovfilms, Keller was arrested by U.S. Postal Inspectors as part of Project Spade. He was charged with possession and receipt of child pornography.

According to legal documents filed with U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, Keller spent $2,695 on 50 separate titles, bought on 19 different occasions. The affidavit of an investigator describes one of the films he purchased: "we . . . bring you . . . action-packed discs of ooey-gooey slippery goodness."

During a search of his home, police found 500 images, printed on high-gloss paper, as well as another 60 DVDs of child pornography. As part of the plea agreement, Keller admitted he had a "long-standing sexual interest in adolescents since the early 1970s. Keller admits to viewing child pornography on the Internet, and that he has previously tried to stop, but failed to do so."

There were also some prominent non-Jews arrested like parish priest Daniel Moreau


In 2010,  B'nai Brith's regional director Bill Surkis pleaded guilty to one count of possession and accessing of child pornography. In 2012, Ben Levin, former Deputy Min. of Education of Ontario, who designed the Ontario Sex Ed program to cater to pedophiles like himself, was charged with making and distributing child porn.


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The Azovets summer camp outside Kiev accepts kids from six years of age, operating under the moto: “the idea is in the nation, the strength is in you,” according to the camp’s page on the VKontakte social network.


“Azov” regiment, armed volunteer unit

Funding: Until August 2014, the Azov regiment was sponsored by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who was serving as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region at the time. On August 2, 2014, deputy governor Boris Filatov announce in a Facebook post that the funding has been terminated due to radical statements made by deputy commander Igor Mosaichuk. Mosaichuk ended up leaving the regiment, and funding was restored. The Azov regiment is also supplied with weapons and resources by the Interior Ministry, charitable foundations, volunteers and businessmen.
History: The Azov battalion, which later became a regiment, was initially founded in May 2014 in Mariupol. Many of its members have been labeled as neo-Nazis. Azov fighters are also called “little black men.” Among them are citizens of Sweden, Italy, France, Canada, Belarus, and Russia. Earlier, before the unit became part of the Ukrainian government’s Anti-Terrorist Operation, Biletsky said that the mission of the Ukrainian nation is to “lead the crusade of the white race against subhumans headed by Semites.” He also claimed that National socialism would awaken “all ancient Ukrainian Aryan values.” On June 12, 2015, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment barring the US from training or arming the Azov regiment.

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Ex-pope to be investigated over failure to prevent sexual abuse

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