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Witness on Jeffrey Epstein’s paedo island is being deposed as a witness for that lawsuit against Prince Andrew. 

'Klaus Schwab's School' 

Merryn Somerset Webb

'The UN notes that the world population is growing at a slower pace than at any time since 1950, thanks to fast falling fertility.'

'We are preparing for the wrong future - one filled with too few, not too many, people ...'

Don't fall for the myth of fast-rising population growthMerryn Somerset Webb.


Boris Johnson allegedly overruled the advice of staff to promote the business interests of his former lover Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri: ‘How Johnson pledged help for my business to win my love’

The following is an example of encountering a deceased loved ones in an NDE. This example is also notable as the NDEr was born totally deaf:

“I approached the boundary. No explanation was necessary for me to understand, at the age of ten, that once I cross[ed] the boundary, I could never come back— period. I was more than thrilled to cross. I intended to cross, but my ancestors over another boundary caught my attention. They were talking in telepathy, which caught my attention. I was born profoundly deaf and had all hearing family members, all of which knew sign language! I could read or communicate with about twenty ancestors of mine and others through telepathic methods. It overwhelmed me. I could not believe how many people I could telepathize with simultaneously. 

Controversial Anita Moorjani

Cindy Borgonzi-Areglado
😇❤️🙏 Love is the greatest healer when we can love and except ourselves and others and everything we will be truly healed and whole in love


Pertamina's oil refinery in Cilacap, Central Java caught fire at 19.20 November 13, 2021.

This is the second time the Cilacap facility has caught on fire, with another blaze reported in June.

Indonesia's largest oil refinery on fire


Between 1609 to 1621, the Dutch East India Company conquered Indonesia's Banda Islands.

'The Dutch wanted a monopoly on the highly lucrative trade in nutmeg.

'The Banda islands became severely depopulated as a result of the massacres and forced deportations by the Dutch.

'The conquest culminated in the Banda massacre, which saw 2,800 Bandanese killed and 1,700 enslaved by the Dutch.

'Along with starvation and constant fighting, the Bandanese felt they could not continue to resist the Dutch and negotiated a surrender in 1621.

'Jan Pieterszoon Coen, the official in charge of the fighting, expelled the remaining 1,000 Bandanese to Batavia. With the Bandanese resistance ended, the Dutch secured their valuable monopoly on the spice trade.'






  4. Lots of rumours flying around that Queen has either died, is dying, or would appear to be in a slow & sustained death spiral. King Charles in 2022?

  5. World’s first nationwide lockdown for the unvaxxed approved

  6. Exposed: Klaus Schwab's School For Covid Dictators, Plan for 'Great Reset'

    1. That's an interesting piece: "Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic ... He doesn’t believe that Schwab himself is the one making these decisions but is merely a facilitator."

      So we are still left wondering 'WHO' is behind the scenes, as in that famous confrontation between French-Jewish journalist Claude Posternak and Général Dominique Delawarde, the General talking about powerful elites, and Posternak aggressively insisted on 'QUI?' - WHO? - are these elites

      The General responded by saying it was 'the community you know well' and now being 'investigated' for that remark

      People now even being prosecuted in France for 'anti-semitism' just by holding up a sign saying 'QUI?' - as here in this photo in a French covid-pass protest:


      Re that Schwab 'school' - a set of occasional seminars over a time period - Well over 1,000 'alumni' are listed on the site of the 'Young Global Leaders' of the Schwab's World Economic Forum

      It seems similar to when you see lists of Bilderberg or Davos attendees ... some of the people are obvious big choices, others seem minor 'mechanics' of the global system

      Using the search function there for 'Public Figures' turned up the following:

      Emmanuel Macron, President of France
      Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium
      Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland
      Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand
      Leo Varadkar, former Prime Minister of Ireland

      Pete Buttigieg, US Transportation Secretary and Presidential candidate
      Tulsi Gabbard, US Congresswoman and Presidential candidate
      UK Lord Gadhia of Northwood
      Annalena Baerbock, Green Party leader, Germany
      Wyclef Jean, Haiti Ambassador-at-Large and popular rapper, famous for his 2006 'Hips Don't Lie' with Colombian pop star Shakira

  7. Dr. Peter McCullough: The COVID shot is a form of ‘bioterrorism,’ its spike protein is ‘pathogenic’

  8. Fauci approved AIDS drugs toxic for adults to be tested on orphans, foster kids, RFK Jr. says in new book

    1. The questers for truth who carry the name
      Spacebusters on their banner argue that
      Fauci, his station, functioning and accomplishments
      is informed by project MK Naomi.

      Fauxi's stature and reputation are then also
      visible indications of the power and planning
      of this project. It's success.

      Biowarfare against communities (AIDS) and
      now all of the population.

  9. Pfizer’s Clinical Trial data strongly indicates their Covid-19 Vaccine causes the recipient to develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

  10. British Medical Journal Editor, Peter Doshi, Speaks Out

  11. Why does the CDC put this on one of its pages?
    To scare? does the vaccine cause zombie effects?


  13. Dr. Mark Bailey & Dr. John Bevan-Smith | The COVID-19 Fraud and War on Humanity

  14. CDC Admits No Record Of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19

  15. I am inclined to preconceive of the interview
    just being selfpromotion by Ms. Arcuri, but anyhoo.
    Jennifer Arcuri interviewed by James Dellingpole:

  16. That other less often mentioned Mandela effect:
    immense corruption.
    Lots of Building Back Better went on in South Africa.
    Very specific and itemised Building Back Better even,
    but so far lacking in quality. And quantity.


      The other Mandela Affect. Have the world believe you were a political prisoner.

      Reality being just another fraud.

    2. Bigots usually say that …..but hey whatever floats your boat🙄😡

    3. Or, we could take the high road and consider
      the kneejerk bigot comment as perfectly natural
      even though a conditioned response.

      And at the same time consider the shenanigans
      in play at Guantanamo Bay.
      Robben Island - Guantanamo Bay...
      Just islands, isolated locations where nothing
      ever goes on.

    4. @Dont You.

      Are you suggesting that Mishko is a bigot because of the 'building back better' assertion?

      Or are you suggesting I'm a bigot for showing a picture of the real Mandela?

      Perhaps their is another Mandela Affect. Its called denial.

  17. Regarding the war crimes comitted by the Netherlands
    against Indonesia after WW2 there still some
    don't ask don't tell in play.

    Case in point: Poncke Princen.
    Dutch soldier who deserted his regiment in Indonesia
    and joined the resistance.
    Hated by dutch veterans of that period to this very day.

    A statue to honor his exploits would go against the grain
    of everything that government is and does. first glance his wiki page could suggest
    some likeness to Lawrence Of Arabia, but this
    does not provide info to confirm this image.
    (Oh wiki, please never stop serving astro-turf
    as the authoritative source to go to)
    (this one in dutch, no transcript)

  18. Hunter Biden Seemingly Acknowledged Joe Has Dementia in Texts Sent to Psychiatrist