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Sunday, 3 October 2021



Reportedly -

Jorja Halliday (above) got ill on Friday 24 September 2021.

She took a Covid19 (lateral flow) test which did not come back as positive.

By Tuesday 'she was vomiting and unable to keep down water'.

Her heart rate was 'irregularly high'.


At Queen Alexandra Hospital she was 'intubated'. 

'Jorja died in hospital on 28 September of heart inflamation (Myocarditis).

Halliday family. 2SS9pl iSSeptermbeur 2021

Girl dies of Covid 

Kimberly Clark -

And the bloody rumours mills have been out telling people she HAD the vaccine and that's why she passed away, and now many parents have stopped their kids having the vaccine in her school. Can't believe this has happened wish I could do something to help you all x


  1. I wonder what caused the myocarditis. Did she have the j•a•b?

  2. "The Times of London reported Thursday doctors in Scotland are baffled by a 'mysterious' rise in heart attacks stemming from blocked arteries.

    Meanwhile, the paper omitted any possible links to the Covid-19 vaccine, which has been blamed for deaths linked to blood clots throughout the summer, and which doctors have warned would produce blood clots in many vaccinated people."

    "Traffic Deaths Surged Despite Americans Driving 13% Less Miles ... The numbers mark a 10.5% increase year-over-year" ... a 27% higher death rate per miles driven

    Back in June, forums were peppered with 'red deer prophecy' memes, saying that by this autumn, higher death and accident rates would start to become apparent, with increasing strange behaviour by vaccinated people ... one of the 'red deer prophecy' images:

    And also, a beautiful and unusual white deer suddenly appeared in the streets of Bootle, Merseyside ... since ancient times, the white deer has been a divine omen

    And tho Britain yet has many people who quietly understand the animals of forest and field, the police claimed they could not get help guiding the deer, and shot the animal dead

    'The Spiritual Significance of the White Stag Killed by Police in Britain'

    photo of the deer in the Bootle streets

    1. One could say that a white deer is as close to
      a unicorn as we will ever get.

      There being no option for tranquilizer darts
      for big animals is also telling about the
      human condition in Mersey (no mercy) - side.

  3. There's no such thing as Covid Myocarditis.

    It's clear she had the vaccine - being that every article says 'on the day she was meant to get the vaccine', information regarding her actually having it is conveniently hidden in the searches.

  4. On the other hand ,I do think that the possibility that she had the vaccine and as a consequence she died is more plausible than the mainstream media story

  5. COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud