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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Fauci | Trailer | National Geographic

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  2. Tens of thousands of nurses and other healthcare workers are being fired for refusing vaccination, in France, in New York State USA, in Qu├ębec, Australia and elsewhere

    Clearly these health care workers are terrified of what they have seen, given how these are some of the best jobs in many locales, often highly-paid, especially in the USA

    At the same time, these health care workers who 'expose' the vaccine associations with death and serious injury - as with the Australian nurses' stories on the other thread -

    This makes one wonder why these health care workers went along with everything, up until the time they themselves were told to be vaxed

    Is this a bit like concentration camp guards, some of whom are still being prosecuted currently, for their work in the 1940s? The excuses are the same:
    - I needed a job, I needed to support my family
    - I was following instructions and orders
    - Authorities said it was all the right thing to do


    Hospitals are the best venue in which to kill people 'legally' and with cover. Mostly, you cannot question the 'experts' as to the rationale of how and why death occurred.

    Ventilators are also execution machines. You turn a dial up for more pressure, lungs are destroyed, a person is dead. In some places 86% of those on ventilators died.

    It seems as many say now, try to avoid going to hospital, you risk death going in.


    The response of governments to losing tens of thousands of nurses, is to move in the military and use their medic cadres to help run the hospitals, France is doing this, New York State is doing with their 'National Guard', and so on.

    Obviously a rough and inadequate replacement for normal care and for decades expertise dismissed.

    As Henry Makow's site notes:

    "Despite the fact that lockdowns were officially intended to to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, governments and hospitals have decided that further increasing the chronic shortage of healthcare workers is a good idea.

    There is a massive backlog of surgeries and other procedures that were postponed due to lockdowns ... Firing unvaccinated healthcare workers at a time like this doesn't make any sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

    the only logical alternative is that they are intentionally creating a crisis that will cause the already fragile healthcare system to collapse"




  6. In todays' broadcast of UK Column news: Telegram smeared
    in The Independant with the support of Hope Not Hate,
    intersectional ideology and the Antisemitism Policy Trust.





  11. YouTube Bans Anti-Covid Vaccine Videos After Misinformation Spreads To Vaccines In General