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Many Nazis went to Australia after World War II.

Reportedly, the Sydney area has a major child abuse ring, made up of Nazis, Catholics, policemen, academics, politicians, the CIA and others.

Thousands of Nazi war criminals were knowingly offered asylum in Australia.

This is documented in the book, Sanctuary! Nazi Fugitives in Australia and various newspaper articles.






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James R commented 

James Corbett video. His point is, we know that the official story of 911 is a lie, that we can agree upon so it is a mistake to get bogged down arguing about the finer details of the operation and he applies the same reasoning regarding Covid. We know that the whole thing is a scam being used to press an agenda of technocratic tyranny and social control and we should focus on opposing that agenda rather than debating whether viruses are real etc. 

Slovenia corona protest


"The abuse was orchestrated by a former Whitlam Government Education Minister Kim Edward Beazley, a police commissioner, an Australian sporting icon, a Sydney University lecturer and a prominent screen actor."

The top Nazis were pedophiles and many Nazis went to Australia after World War II.

Reportedly, the Sydney area has a major paedophile ring, made up of Nazis, Catholics, policemen, academics, politicians, the CIA and others.

Thousands of Nazi war criminals were knowingly offered asylum in Australia.

This is documented in the book, Sanctuary! Nazi Fugitives in Australia and various newspaper articles.

Australian Nazis. "The ring which abused Fiona included police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors, including a local Engadine GP named Doctor Mark."

Fiona Barnett's family, who had Nazi connections, moved to Australia.

A 1951 marriage certificate records that Fiona's grandmother Helena married a Nazi called  Peter Holowczak in Australia.

Peter Holowczak sexually assaulted Fiona from her earliest years until age 12.

Trapped inside Australia’s vast child abuse network (Part 1) 

Hitler preferred boys.

Peter used to entertain young Fiona with stories about the 'olden days' in Poland when he killed Jews for a living in a death camp.

Peter and Helena often took Fiona to be sexually abused by members of the Nazi community who had settled in an area south of Sydney which ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong.

These Nazis "practised the mystery religion that underpinned Nazism."

Peter and Helena Holowczak gave Fiona over to a national child sex trafficking ring when she was preschool age.

The ring included police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors, including a local Engadine GP named Doctor Mark.

The CIA's John Gittinger. It is the security services which protect the pedophile rings. The CIA used child abuse and Satanism to control governments.

The network also involved former CIA and U.S. military psychologist Dr John W. Gittinger, the developer of the Personality Assessment System.

Dr. John Gittinger raped and abused Fiona.

This child trafficking ring also engaged in other crimes including gun and drug trafficking.

Fiona witnessed child sex trafficking between Sydney, Wollongong, Bathurst, and Canberra.

Bathurst City Hall - "a traditional venue for paedophile orgies during the 1970s and 1980s."

Crimes were committed in the Engadine BoysTown chapel

Holsworthy military barracks

Regina Coeli Memorial Catholic church

St John’s College Catholic Chapel at Sydney University; 

The Caltex oil refinery in Kurnell; 

Garrawarra Cemetery

Bathurst City Hall

And in many of the national parks located between Sydney and Wollongong.

Fiona witnessed multiple acts of child abduction, drugging, child sexual assault, torture and murder.

Members of the paedophile ring were sexually aroused by necrophilia, bestiality and sadism.

The ring also contained a large number of female perpetrators.

At age of 15 years, Fiona witnessed the wife of an Engadine police officer lure a 15-year-old boy into her car at Cronulla Beach.

The boy was murdered.

Alleged crime scene: Garrawarra Cemetery near Waterfall.

At age eight years, Fiona suffocated while being abused.

She lost consciousness and awoke in the Sutherland Hospital.

A female nurse told her that her mother was present.

It was not her mother. It was the Engadine policeman’s wife.

Dr Mark got the hospital staff to release Fiona into his care.

Bathurst car race 1985

In 1985, Fiona witnessed approximately 10 children raped and murdered in Bathurst, during the weekend of the Bathurst car race.

Some of these children were victims of kidnappings.

Other children were born unregistered so that they could be used as sex slaves.


"The abuse was orchestrated by a former Whitlam Government Education Minister Kim Beazley, a police commissioner, an Australian sporting icon, a Sydney University lecturer and a prominent screen actor."

The prominent screen actor raped Fiona in front of a large crowd that included numerous priests and police.

From the age of 16 years Fiona began disclosing the abuse to health professionals.

None of them reported the allegations to the police.

David Campbell,  discredited former Police Minister. LAND OF CHILD ABUSING POLICE, CLERGY AND POLITICIANS.

Fiona feared reporting the abuse to the New South Wales police because policemen were among the perpetrators.

Fiona had witnessed people being tortured and murdered for disclosing - or for trying to leave - the paedophile ring.

Bathhurst, near Sydney.

In 2008, there was  publicity surrounding abuse at the private Catholic boarding school Saint Stanislaus College in Bathurst, NSW.

After reading this in the Herald Sun (August 27, 2008) Fiona felt it would be safe to report her experiences to the New South Wales (NSW) police and be taken seriously.

Fiona contacted the NSW police and the detective in charge of the St Stanislaus, Bathurst case, Justin Hadley.

Fiona briefly described to Hadley the crimes she had witnessed in 1985 in the Bathurst City Hall and he asked her to go to her local police station.

Alleged site of paedophile sex orgies at the Bathurst City Hall

Tweed Heads police refused to take Fiona's formal statement.

They mocked her witness testimony, and sent me home.

She never heard from them again about this matter.

Tor Nielson

Tor Nielsen had provided similar information to the NSW Police.

Nielsen reported witnessing 60 children being raped in the same Bathurst location Fiona had named.

Nielson also noted that St Stanislaus College has accommodated the NSW police during the Bathurst car races for many decades.

Paul Evans, convicted Engadine BoysTown paedophile priest; relative of Regina Coeli founding priest.

Tor Nielsen’s testimony was detailed on his website ‘The Catholic Cover-up’.

The Catholic Church forced him to to remove the site just prior to the announcement of the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Blood tests revealed that Nielsen was drugged with a substance that induced psychosis.

Nielsen alleges that the drugs were administered by corrupt NSW health practitioners.

The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the charges against St Stanislaus' staff and priests.

Maltese children sent to 'child abuse' children's homes in Australia.(State Library of Western Australia, The Battye Library 005086D.) (310 Maltese child migrants were sent to Australia?)

Multiple victims then came forward.

The authorities were forced to bring charges against certain St Stanislaus staff.

However, Tor Nielsen's lawyer mysteriously fell out of an 18-story window after Nielson publicly exposed the Bathurst paedophile ring.

Lawyer Frederick Jordon Chambers, a former St Stanislaus student, was due to testify at one of the College’s paedophile trials.

Before he could appear, he was found dead.

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst 

Fiona wrote to the NSW police minister and to the NSW police commissioner.

The police commissioner essentially dismissed her complaint.

This is in spite of the fact that the testimony of Tor Nielsen and Fiona tallied with other reports of victims abused at Engadine BoysTown and Bathurst.

In her letters to the NSW police minister and commissioner, Fiona requested that her witness testimony be written down and supplied to the taskforce assigned to investigate the Engadine BoysTown paedophile ring.

Boys Town Engadine, re-named Dunlea Centre

In 2013, Fiona tried to contact  Justin Hadley, the Bathurst detective in charge of the St Stanislaus operation.

Hadley’s colleague told Fiona that it was too late for her information to be provided to police or to benefit the Bathurst victims. 

Fiona left a message for Hadley to contact her, but he never did.

Alleged crime scene: St John Bosco Catholic Church, adjacent to Engadine BoysTown

Following Fiona's publication of her first article regarding a northern NSW paedophile ring, she received several threats. 

Wollongong City Council was referred to in the Wood Royal Commission investigation into the NSW Police Service.

 Two former Wollongong Lord Mayors, Tony Bevan and Frank Arkell, reportedly ran a paedophile ring in the 1960s to 1990s. 

The ring involved child sex trafficking between Wollongong and Sydney.

This was the same child trafficking ring that Fiona witnessed as a child.

Both mayors were ritually murdered.

Wollongong Mayors Tony Bevan and Frank Arkell: alleged child sex traffickers. Both were brutally murdered.

Ring banner featuring trade mark eagle, allegedly erected at major paedophile gatherings including Regina Coeli Catholic Church and Bathurst City Hall stage.



  2. There was a reasonable turn out at Regent's Park in London today. A sizeable crowd were up at the North end of the park at Gloucester Gate.

    As an observer, anyone attending these events need to know a couple of things about the Policing and tactics being used (at the moment).

    From what I could see, The Police (obviously) had a large visual presence both ouwith the protest and also mingling in the crowd.

    In no particular order, the Police had their helicopter overhead - clearly no expenses spared. They had a number of Road Policing with ANPR vehicles (for number plate recognition). They had TSG vehicles with officers keeping a slightly lowered presence, regular plod doing the mingling but and perhaps most worrying of all, they had unmarked vans with telescopic poles that were using facial recognition cameras.

    A very well oiled Intel gathering event. I suspect they would have had undercover officers in the crowd also gathering Intel too.

    A reminder wherever you are, if attending these events, plod will be using Intel gathered and matching it to known databases.

    You will end up being Cross-referenced with all known images from Facebook etc. Wear a hat or glasses (seriously). You will end up on a watch list with a threat lever score otherwise.

    Nevertheless, good turn out in London.

    Peace to the humans.




















  21. Japanese TV hosts doctor telling of ivermectin success with covid

    Dr Kazuhiro Nagao answered questions on Japanese television, coming out against vaccines and talking about how he has used ivermectin as an early treatment for over 500 covid patients with a practically 100% success rate.

    The genuinely interested journalist asks if anyone became worse after the ivermectin intervention. Answer - none.

    English subtitles in this 2 minute clip

    The open-mindedness of the Japanese on this is impressive

  22. Monica Lewinsky: 'I was made a scapegoat to protect Bill Clinton'

    Slightly more honest translation:

    "The Mossad orchestrated impeachment spectacle in which I played the role of man-eating intern was an extended demonstration (mostly for the benefit of Washington Beltway insiders, whom we like to keep terrified and on their toes) of the Cabal's ability to regime change any given U.S. administration or part thereof - from the President on down - at any given time of our choosing.

    "There's a reason why we select the sleaziest, most opportunistic and readily compromisable individuals for the top corporate, banking, pop cultural, media, civil service and legislative jobs in the country. Any country.

    "You citizens think you're just unlucky to be be saddled with one grasping, sleazy, gurning incompetent after another. Well you are unlucky - only, it's not random bad luck. It's very coordinated on our part. Democracy? Don't make me laugh.

    "Welcome to democracy Mossad style. Heads we win - tails you lose.

    "We owned Clinton, we owned W, we owned Obama, we owned Trump, and we own Biden.

    "Thank you for your time and buy my book. They promised me riches."

  23. Trinidad-born pop mega-star Nicki Minaj may be the most powerful covid vaccine sceptic in the world right now

    Some of Minaj's music videos have literally over 1 billion views, and she has over 22 million Twitter followers

    These followers are now aware of Minaj's questions and problems with the vax ... and they see how savagely Minaj has been attacked by media and the powers that be, merely for asking questions and relating what she has heard from family

    Nicki Minaj, known hitherto for sexy glamour as a performer, has defended herself with intelligence and bravery against an ugly swarm of attacks and smears

    From family in Trinidad, Minaj heard the story of a man with physical and sexual difficulties after vaccination, and she urged enquiry into what is going on with these vaxes ... Minaj has been under fire ever since, and her relatives were harassed and menaced by media figures

    Minaj is facing down the world's powerful forces with courage and style, her name and career being threatened

    Video discusses the goings on, and shows some of how Nicki Minaj is responding to the attacks, along with some good images of her - 20 minutes

    1. Nicki Minaj is having a major impact, making the establishment quite nervous

      The way they attack her is unconscionable ... but she has the strength of Joan of Arc

      Tho the establishment poses as 'anti-racist', the worst racism you see, is when the establishment starts hating a 'person of colour' who opposes establishment agendas

      Nice meme going around - photo of Nicki Minaj hugging a child, caption: 'Nicki standing up for the unvaxed ... and censored people across the world'