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Thursday, 26 March 2015


In 2013, the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, a former critic of Putin, was found dead at his home in the UK.

Sergei Sokolov (above) was Boris Berezovsky's head of security.

According to Sokolov, Berezovsky was murdered by the Western security services because he was about to hand Putin the evidence of a plot involving leading oligarchs to topple Putin in a coup.


Sokolov, the head of a top Moscow private security agency, says Berozovsky (above) had opened negotiations with Putin on allowing him back to Russia.

According to Sokolov: 'Boris was killed only because he possessed information which he was going to share with Putin.

'I am absolutely sure that Boris had video and audio evidence about certain oligarchs who offered to organise a coup in the country, promising him to be seen as being at the head of the attack.

'Berezovsky planned to come back to his motherland with this sensational material.'


In its Dec. 30, 1996 issue, Forbes Magazine accused Berezovsky of having numerous mafia connections. "The role of Boris Berezovsky, in the Beslan massacre has never been made clear - but there is a growing belief that Litvinenko's silence was sought by people other than Putin..." Matrioshka - The Russian enigma

Sokolov says: 'I knew that Boris was in close relations with MI6, Mossad and the CIA.

'When he became dangerous for their recruited residents such as Russian politicians and oligarchs, the Western secret services decided to get rid of him.

'Berezovsky's murder was prepared for several months. It was a brilliant operation by the secret services.

'You decide: Berezovsky had a house .... round the clock security, CCTV cameras around the house. A fly would not make it.

'And on the day of his death all the security guards vanished, CCTV cameras were switched off for some reason, although they are placed every 100 metres.

'It is likely that not only MI6 took part in this operation but also CIA. There were people around Boris who were recruited by these secret services, including some of his guards.'

It was Berezovsky's personal guard and driver Avi Navam who found his Berezovsky in a locked bathroom.

Photo: On 23 March 2013, the 'Jewish Mafia Godfather' Boris Berezovsky was found dead at his home in Surrey. Reportedly, Boris Berezovsky, and his colleague Alexander Litvinenko, had links to the weapons smuggling Russian-Israeli Mafia. U.S. link to Litvinenko affair. Reportedly, Berezovsky had links to Neil Bush and Tony Blair and the Beslan massacre.

It was claimed that Berezovsky hanged himself because he had lost a lot of money following a  £3 billion high court battle against Roman Abramovich.

The coroner Peter Bedford said that he could not prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Berezovsky either took his own life or was unlawfully killed.

Sokolov says: 'Let me assure you, Boris was not a poor man... At the moment of his death he had about $1 billion dollars in his bank accounts.

According to Sokolov, Berezovsky had good health, mentally and physically, and had a string of young lovers.

John le Carré, who was once a British spy, wrote 'Our Kind of Traitor'. The key character is Dima, who launders money for the Jewish Russian mafia. Dima wants to retire to Britain. He wants Britain's MI6 to arrange asylum in exchange for evidence incriminating his fellow bad guys who occupy top positions in Britain, Europe and America.

Sokolov says that in the 1990s, Berezovsky had ordered him to spy on Boris Nemtsov.

Nemtsov was reportedly killed in Moscow on 27 February 2015.

He admitted to a Moscow newspaper that he had installed listening equipment in the politician's flat during the Yeltsin era.

'Berezovsky ordered us to follow Nemtsov,' he said. "We followed his movements plus installed recording equipment in his flat.

'Some part of compromising materials Berezovsky showed to Boris Yeltsin, something used for other purposes.'

Sokolov told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: 'Nemtsov collected beautiful women.

Sokolov said: "Western secret services are the beneficiaries of Nemtsov's death.

'From the point of view how it was planned, it is very much like CIA operation.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Boris, former girlfriend Elena and their children. Boris Berezovsky is still alive? Russian politician Viatcheslav Nikonov says that Berezovsky is probably not dead. "I have doubts," said Nikonov. Imprensa russa tenta explicar morte de magnata Berezovski

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    1. Iranian journalists among Germanwings crash victims


      DerGolem 17 hours ago
      It is very telling that the pilot's names have not been released. More "Manchurian Candidate" ISIS tools I suspect. The world is being forced into eternal war. The globalists will run the whole world from Tel Aviv.
      Reply 5
      nickita » DerGolem 16 hours ago
      something fishy is going on - its a trend now for passenger planes to disappear and find no clue as to the cause- weird!

      Fire - Land 17 hours ago
      Lost of sudden Altitude , No CVR , no Blackbox, Fighter Jet of Army around and no bodies to be found and identifeid - any rest of human bodies are eaten by wolfs which are from Italy . Controled Crash and eviden cleansing - MH 317 is repeated - Ther were no russian Seperatis envolved, whoels is in question, ISIL IDF khazar international Mafia ! Master crime peaces !




    5. Boris is alive and well in ISISraHELL

      1. Is(is) Ra El - pagan gods of Egypt

    6. Flashback
      Report: Russian intelligence suspects US hand in SuperJet ...
      Report: Russian intelligence suspects US hand in SuperJet crash
      csmonitor icon Editors' Picks
      Although aviation experts dismissed Russian intelligence's suspicions of a US hand in the May 9 plane crash in Indonesia, the many unanswered questions about the crash fuel conspiracy theories.
      By Fred Weir, Correspondent MAY 24, 2012
      Ruslan Krivobok/RIA-Novosti/AP/FileView Caption
      MOSCOW — Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, suspects that US-inspired industrial espionage may have caused the May 9 crash in Indonesia of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 – Russia's only hopeful entry in the civilian aviation market – according to Moscow's leading tabloid newspaper, the usually reliable and officially connected Komsomolskaya Pravda.
      Although aviation experts dismissed Russian intelligence's suspicions of a US hand in the May 9 plane crash in Indonesia, the many unanswered questions about the crash fuel conspiracy theories.


    8. - Pax talmudica: 17H40: Crash de la Germanwings: Pour les lecteurs assidus du blog, je vous informais de la provenance d'informations nous venant de Toulouse, confirmant que des plans militaires francais etaient etablis pour abattre tout avion, hijacke/pirate electroniquement depuis le sud de la Mediterranee vers la France. Des personels experimentes de la region nous avaient contacte pour confirmer nos informations et nous prevenir que la copie du MH370, stationnee a Tarbes-Lourdes, aurait pu servir aux services franco-israeliens dans le cadre de leur 11 septembre sur le sud de la France. Un des exercices des pilotes de l'armee francaise etait d'abattre un avion commercial, pirate electroniquement, tentant de s'abattre sur la centrale nucleaire du Tricastin. Souvenez-vous de cela au mois de Mars-Avril 2014. Comme le MH370, pas d'appels au secours, l'avion descend a 1000 m, sous une meteo claire et ensoleillee, et puis disparait. C'est le meme modus operandi. L'avion se plante dans les Alpes cette fois. Plusieurs scenarios se dessinent. L'avion est pirate avant de penetrer sur le sol francais et les pirates veulent le planter sur un objectif strategique important (centrales electriques, petro-chimiques ou nucleaires ou des charges explosives, tetes nucleaires US, sont deja placees en sous-sols, un 11 septembre bis, un Fukushima bis), et une autre equipe 'allemande' a tente de reprendre le controle de l'appareil depuis une base militaire de l'OTAN. L'avion a ete sabote, l'aviation francaise a pu l'abattre ou il a ete decide de le planter en haut lieu! Mon telephone etait injoinable ce jour, alors que plusieurs personnes m'ont appele, je comprend mieux pourquoi ...

    9. Booz Allen Statement on Germanwings Airliner Crash

      March 25, 2015
      Statement issued by Betty Thompson, Booz Allen Executive Vice President and Chief Personnel Officer:

      "Booz Allen and our employees are mourning the sudden and shocking death of Yvonne Selke, an employee of nearly 23 years, and her daughter, Emily, in the Germanwings airliner crash in the French Alps this week. Yvonne was a wonderful co-worker and a dedicated employee who spent her career with the firm supporting the mission of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. We are in contact with her family to provide comfort and support, and are providing support options to her co-workers, as well."


    10. Found the Cockpit Voice Recorder but the casing had been compromised.

      Could not find the other flight data recorders.

      White House comments almost immediately after the crash that terrorism did not appear to

      be a factor.

      Does not appear very clean.


      The Germanwings Airbus Crossed CERN And Powered Down

    12. Remember the intense electromagnetic power of the CERN SUPER COLLIDER will effect computers and magnetic devices on the airbus and could have caused the crash. They were flying near the collider which was on at the time.

      Maybe the large Hadron Collider/CERN particle collider is to blame.? How does the French President know there is no survivors? Maybe it was shot down. Maybe they know that it is a false flag and that nobody could have survived this.

    13. Boris Berezovsky... This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Abramovich and the family name is Berezovsky.

      Russian oligarch Abramovich wins multibillion-dollar London court battle.
      Fellow tycoon Berezovsky loses huge case against Chelsea owner over oil wealth:

      'One person whose name keeps popping up for sabotaging the Chechen resistance for his personal gains, is – Russian multi-billionaire Jewish media tycon and politician Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (born 1946), a critic of Russia’s ironman Vladmir Putin.'

      Alleged 2007 plot: In June 2007 Berezovsky said he fled Britain on the advice of Scotland Yard, amid reports that he was the target of an assassination attempt by a suspected Russian hitman.

      Alleged 2003 plot: According to Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) agent in London was preparing to assassinate Berezovsky with a binary weapon in September 2003.

      Russian-Jewish oligarch was hanged, autopsy finds -

    14. Erst vor wenigen Wochen – im Januar 2015 − drangen bei einem Germanwings-Flug von Lissabon nach Köln hochtoxische Dämpfe in das Cockpit ein − warum schweigen unsere Medien dazu? Warum lassen sie nur Sicherheits- und Luftfahrtexperten zu Worte kommen, die ständig gebetsmühlenartig wiederholen, es gäbe keine Sicherheitsprobleme? Vor wenigen Monaten berichtete auch die Deutsche Welle über Nervengifte in diesen Flugzeugen. Und auch im Februar 2015 musste eine Germanwings-Maschine in Lyon notlande

      Here we have a screen capture, provided by a reader, that was taken at 10:44:36. It includes a large amount of the information I have above, INCLUDING THE FIGHTER JET ESCORTS:

    16. Black box memory card stolen from crash site of Germanwings jetliner? Plausible cover-up theories now taking shape

    17. Nach Berichten der New York Times wurde auch der Flugschreiber gefunden. Er ist neben dem Stimmenrekorder der 2. wichtige Bestandteil der Blackbox der Flieger, die wichtige Flugdaten aufzeichnen. Allerdings sei der Datenrekorder manipuliert vorgefunden worden und die Speicherkarte sei ( womöglich über Nacht) aus dem Datenrekorder bzw Datenschreiber herausgerissen worden. Sie sei jedenfalls demnach von Unbekannten nach dem Absturz entnommen und entfernt worden.

      ..official said, by the discovery that the second black box, which was found on Wednesday, was severely damaged, and its memory card dislodged and missing.

      ..The official said that workers on the scene had found the casing of the second black box, the flight data recorder, which investigators had hoped would provide significant information about the flight, including its speed, altitude and direction. But he said that the crash had severely damaged the box, and that the vital memory chip inside it had been dislodged.

      1. I'm not into this 'fake' 'conspiracy' intrigue, first of all because the many victims involved. But the fact that something was "dislodged and missing", if true, is strange.

    18. An intentional pilot initiated crash is the only way out for the liars

      UPDATE: Cockpit lock out story is a LIE. The manual override that keeps the cockpit door locked only lasts 5 minutes, per TV reports. That would leave 3 to 5 minutes to storm the cockpit and take at least some evasive or corrective action.

    19. ok what you have to remember is that jewish lawyers left loopholes when they drew up the documents which allowed fellow jews to steal millions from th russian peoples in utility scams, putin wanted the money repaid, because they were all mafia jews, lord levy told tony blair that new labour was to offer these jews safe haven in England and in return they would invest their money here which they did not do it was all sent offshore through 2 companies in the city. these men are involved in much crime here in the uk and should never have been allowed in, they are traitors to Russia and did not help us in any way

    20. From a message board


      In the 1990's this creep was living in a Hungarian castle, in luxury. He was
      guarded by women trained in marshall arts, dressed in gold colored uniforms,
      until one day Hungarian border guards discovered two suitcase nukes, in a
      car belonging to Mogilevich's associates. Needless to say Semyon did not
      even pack his bags, he just disappeared together with his women guards. He
      turned up in Israel, where he built a huge mansion in Netanyah, where
      majority of residents are ex Russian KGB agents, and Russian is spoken
      everywhere. This is also the place where other gangsters abide, such as
      Nevzlin brothers, who are frequently visited by the big shots of Jewish
      Mafia such as Victor Bout, Boris Berezovsky, Mark Rich and Gusinski.

      Today this Mafia is engaged in the largest arms and dope dealing system
      known to man. Victor Bout operates dozens of cargo airplanes from Sharjah,
      They deliver the arms to both sides in the Sudanese conflict as well as
      Somalia and the Horn of Africa. If it was not for theirgreed for money the
      wars in Africa would have petered out long ago.

      MONEY FILLS HIS COFFERS.!topic/soc.culture.canada/OL6HDLD3uV4