Saturday 2 March 2024



'To watch him choke on the smoke of his own flesh to scream “Free Palestine” until he no longer can, to watch him stand at attention, silent, before finally collapsing, only his charred leg visible onscreen — and then to try to ethically and comprehensively report what is clearly a major breaking story, absent institutional support to help gather, process, and publish information.'

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Aaron Bushnell: US airman dies after setting himself on fire ...

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  1. "only his charred leg visible onscreen"

    Yeah there was a reason for that.

    Still 100% Fake.

  2. I find the actions of Aaron Bushnell very confusing. The problem (as I see it) with what is happening in Gaza (and in Ukraine) is that people are being slaughtered completely senselessly.
    I cannot understand how adding to the total of senseless premature violent deaths improves anything.
    But the thing that really bothers me is that he was a member of the US air-force.
    This fellow has voluntarily joined an organisation that has committed some of the worst massacres in recorded history. Massacres that dwarf even what the depraved Zionist scum are committing in Gaza.
    How does someone who cares so much about innocent lives join an organisation that has murdered tens of thousands of civilians in a single day on numerous occasions? (Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki) just to name the most obvious examples)
    I haven't even watched the footage so I am not about to claim that it was fake.
    It would however be easy to send someone in a fire resistant suit and have them really set fire to themselves and it would look very real.
    The US is a direct participant in the massacre of Gaza, (like the UK they are flying surveillance drones over Gaza and feeding the intelligence to the Israelis) , and leaving aside the immolation, there is clearly a ridiculous effort underway by the US to distance themselves from the crimes of their ally.
    What a preposterous sight to see them dropping aid to the people being bombed with weapons they provided to their ally that enjoys their 100% diplomatic protection!
    I guess that it is a small positive thing that the US is trying to distance themselves from it but they cannot, they are 100% complicit, they are involved and they belong alongside the Israelis in the dock and no amount of publicity stunts change that.

  3. Anonymous: I have viewed the footage & it is real. He is a whistle blower who knew full well the US military deals severely with them as a deterrent to others. Julian Assange has now been threatened with the Death Penalty. Aaron Bushnell was a Snr. Airman with Classified Security Clearance. He was a cyber defence operations specialist with 531st Intelligence Squadron @ joint base San Antonio. He was assigned to the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance wing @ Fort Meade, Maryland. Quote: "“He told me on Saturday that we have troops in those tunnels, that it’s US soldiers participating in the killings,’’ the friend claimed. The friend went on to suggest that Aaron had stated US had troops on the ground, who were killing large numbers of Palestinians. The friend believes these claims may be true as Aaron’s job was to process intelligence data and some of that was linked to Gaza conflict. “One of the things he told me is that coming across his desk … was the US military was involved in the genocides going on in Palestine,’’ an unnamed friend was quoted by The Post. " Aaron Bushnell helped Feed the Poor in his community. He was an empathetic gay person. He was not as nasty propagandists portray 'A Chinese loving Communist' HE SAW US TROOPS COMMITTING GENOCIDE IN GAZA - a fact kept from the people all around the world." Either they killed him or he killed himself.

    1. Julian Assange????

      Empathetic gay????


      He was a Dev Ops and Network Engineer. That isn't intel. That's infrastructure. A Network Engineer in cyber security doesn't handle intel. I think you might be confused. I too watched the Burning Bush and it screams AI fake.

      A dedicated individual who managed to forget about all the other genocides the US committed.

      Yeah right.