Wednesday 21 February 2024

Hang on! The U.S. government is POISONING American cities with Fluoride?...


  1. Skeletal fluorosis is a chronic metabolic bone and joint disease caused by ingesting large amounts of fluoride either through water or from foods. Fluoride is a CUMULATIVE toxin which can alter accretion and resorption of bone tissue. It also affects the homeostasis of bone mineral metabolism.

    The total quantity of ingested fluoride is the single most important factor which determines the course of the disease which is characterised by immobilisation of joints of the axial skeleton and of the major joints of the extremities. A combination of osteosclerosis, osteomalacia and osteoporosis of varying degrees as well as exostosis formation characterises the bone lesions.

    Hyperparathyroidism is also observed with associated characteristic bone changes. Severe crippling forms of skeletal fluorosis are also seen in children too. Increased metabolic turnover of the bone, impaired bone collagen synthesis and increased avidity for calcium are features in fluoride toxicity. Osteosclerosis is also found when small doses of fluoride are ingested over a long period of time during which calcium intakes are apparently normal.  Alterations in hormones concerned with bone mineral metabolism are seen in fluorosis. The kidneys are the primary organ of excretion for fluorides. Age, sex, calcium intake in the diet, dose and duration of fluoride intake and renal efficiency in fluoride handling are the factors which influence the outcome.

    Elevated urinary fluoride and increased bone fluoride content are indicators of fluoride toxicity. Fluorosis is also 100% preventable  No effective therapeutic agent is available which can cure fluorosis, however, removing it from the water supply would be a good start.  Industrial fluorosis is on the increase on a planer basis. Bone density measurement is a tool for early diagnosis.  Anyone over 50 suffering a bone break or fracture in the UK would often be offered a Dexa scan to determine bone density as a contributing factor.

  2. There are many applied uses for fluoride related products (to benefit your teeth and oral health).

    Tap water



    Car air-conditioning units


    Shaving foam

    Razor lubrastrips


    Fluoxetine (Prozac)

    Takeaway coffee cups


    Clearly all of the above (although not exhaustive) is great for fixing your teeth.





  7. Keir Starmer 'threatened Lindsay Hoyle's job' before Gaza motion rule change

    Labour Party leader ‘used threat and blackmail’ against the Speaker of the House of Commons

    ‘Thuggery, blackmail and an assault on the democratic system’

    “Labour pressured Lindsay Hoyle to break with conventions governing the UK constitution and allow their amendment on the SNP’s Gaza motion to be debated, according to reports.

    “The BBC's Nicholas Watt reported that Labour figures had admitted that Hoyle was pressured to change the rules …

    “Ordinarily, an opposition party like Labour would not be allowed to table an amendment to another opposition party’s motion put forward on an opposition day, like the SNP’s had been.

    “But Hoyle allowed Keir Starmer’s party to do so, sparking fury and accusations of a “nakedly political favour” for the Labour party he used to represent.

    “Watt, Newsnight's political editor, wrote: ‘Senior Labour figures tell me @CommonsSpeaker was left in no doubt that Labour would bring him down after the General Election unless he called Labour’s Gaza amendment’ …

    “SNP MP Philippa Whitford said: ‘So threat and blackmail used to change normal rules on the SNP opposition day debate! Nice!’ …

    “The National’s Owen Jones wrote: ‘If this was Boris Johnson behaving like this, quite rightly, “centrist” commentators would be howling in outrage.

    “‘They’d call it thuggery, blackmail and an assault on the democratic system.

    “‘Let’s see how they respond to this, shall we!’ …”

  8. SNP’s Stephen Flynn calls for investigation into what transpired in private meeting between Sir Keir Starmer and House Speaker ahead of Gaza vote

    “Mr Flynn told the PA news agency: ‘Every single member of Parliament knows that (Sir) Lindsay Hoyle was meeting with Sir Keir Starmer and Alan Campbell, the Labour chief whip, before a decision was taken today.

    “‘Indeed it was suggested to me that was a reason the Speaker was jumping in and out of the Speaker’s chair in advance of proceedings, which will obviously all be on camera for everyone to reflect upon.

    “‘I think we probably need a wee bit of an investigation into what has happened here, and all those individuals who have been involved …’”

  9. UK High Court hears of CIA plot to poison Julian Assange

    Mark Summers KC describes ‘compelling evidence’ of extralegal CIA plan

    One of Julian Assange's barristers, Mark Summers KC, “on Tuesday told the [High Court] there were several ‘red flags’ the previous judge should have considered, including a ‘truly breathtaking’ CIA plot to poison or kidnap his client.

    “The barrister pointed out that, while the plan was presented as evidence at the time of Assange's hearing in January 2021, more details had emerged in a news story published by Yahoo later that year.

    “‘Whatever her reasons for not considering the evidence of the plot to kidnap or poison the defendant, there is compelling evidence now in existence that the plot was real,’ Summers KC told the court.

    “The lawyer told the court that the news story had detailed how ‘murderous sketches, plans and options’ were requested by, and presented to, then-US president Donald Trump in 2017 …

    “Outside court, Stella Assange described her husband as a political prisoner whose life was at risk.

    "’He should never be extradited to the United States,’ she said.

    "’He would never be safe. The United States plotted to murder my husband …’”

  10. Nicholas Watt, Political Editor BBC Newsnight

    Senior Labour figures tell me @CommonsSpeaker was left in no doubt that Labour would bring him down after the general election unless he called Labour’s Gaza amendment

  11. @AnneMacRae4


    @UKLabour totally corrupted with Zionism and now the HoC. Zionism is being embedded in every institution in the country. We’ll be goose stepping soon.