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Constantine “recalled attending parties with Ghislaine Maxwell in her 20s, when Constantine was the long-term girlfriend of Viscount David Linley, the son of Princess Margaret.

“Maxwell was last year sentenced to 20 years in prison for procuring teenage girls for the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to abuse.

“‘To have known someone or met someone, and then to wind the movie forward and for this [to be] happening is really shocking,’ she told Radio Times. ‘She seemed like a sweet person, and quite insecure, but there’s almost a sense of guilt in a way. It’s like: “Did I miss something?” But, no, there was nothing.’”

Maxwell and Constantine

At 14 November 2022 at 20:45 , Anonymous said...

August 15, 1999

The Mail on Sunday reports that Peter Mandelson's Notting Hill home sits *directly above* a flat co-owned by Ghislaine Maxwell's friend Susannah Constantine, the TV presenter who used to socialize with Prince Andrew.

Harvey Proctor - spook?

At 14 November 2022 at 20:49 , Anonymous said...

Susannah Constantine -

Pals include Prince Andrew, the Duchess of Rutland (whose spouse is Ghislaine's ex lover), & GHISLAINE

SC grew up on the Rutlands’ estate

The Rutlands rent to Harvey Proctor & used to employ him

Susannah co-owned the Notting Hill flat *directly below* Peter Mandelson's.

At 14 November 2022 at 20:50 , Anonymous said...

See the photo of Constantine with Ghislaine, and the one of Constantine giving her support to the NSPCC.

Mandelson, boy, Epstein.

At 14 November 2022 at 21:00 , Anonymous said...

Also the photo of Constantine with the Duchess of Rutland whose husband dated Ghislaine (see photo of the front page of The People) and who rents to Harvey Proctor and for a long time employed him.

Her protestations of blissful ignorance notwithstanding, Susannah Constantine was for years operating in awfully close proximity to the Ghislaine Maxwell—Prince Andrew—Peter Mandelson—Harvey Proctor—Duke and Duchess of Rutland—NSPCC abuse milieux. Startlingly close.

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