Tuesday 8 November 2022


Coroner says he has seen 'no evidence' Archie Battersbee, 12, took part in an online challenge

The full inquest, due to take place February 7 2023, will not have a jury.


Archie - posh suit and posh 'hotel'

Friend of Archie.

'A group of charity workers were subjected to a campaign of threats and intimidation after they uncovered a child abuse network operating from Southend in the 1980s.'

New true crime podcast to investigate Essex paedophile ring ...

'The Teflon Paedo': How Essex Police informant Dennis King ...

'A man who claims to have seen an ex-Tory MP strangle a boy during years of sustained sexual abuse by a VIP paedophile ring has been described as a credible witness by Scotland Yard, as detectives revealed they are investigating three potential child murders.'

Met backs claim that VIP abuse ring killed three boys - Daily Mail


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Between 1981 and 1985 Geoffrey Dickens campaigned against a child abuse ring he claimed to have uncovered.[7]

In 1981, Dickens in the House of Commons accused Sir Peter Hayman, the former senior MI6 operative, of being a paedophile, using parliamentary privilege. Dickens further questioned why Hayman had not been jailed after it was discovered he had left a package containing child pornography on a bus.[7]

In 1983, Dickens claimed there was a paedophile network involving "big, big names – people in positions of power, influence and responsibility"


  1. Next month?


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  5. What now for Prince Andrew as his sex case accuser Virginia Roberts admits she 'may have made a mistake' in claiming she slept with US lawyer Alan Dershowitz?


    Ah, some of the first hazy outlines of (what may be) a final, ultimate, coverup begin to emerge?

    In order to eventually arrive at the ‘public rehabilitation’ of Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and others (Ghislaine Maxwell?) — the script calls for a ‘surprise’ ‘villain’ to slowly, and-oh-so-plausibly, begin emerging in the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell saga.

    Step forward, Virginia Giuffre.

    One suspects it may be Virginia’s fate to be gradually Carl Beech-ified in the public arena.

    A virgin sacrifice, metaphorically speaking.

    Courtesy of helpful hacks and ‘prominent public figures’ in the service of the globalist Zionist pedocracy.