Saturday 23 October 2021


'Google generates hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue a year by selling ads that appear along with its search results, in addition to ads that appear on sites across the internet.

'And as the primary gateway for users surfing the web, a suit alleges, Google has comprehensively - and purposely - limited the ability of other companies to reach consumers.

'The company has used its monopoly to benefit itself, while simultaneously harming consumers, advertisers, publishers and the free market.

Yuri Milner

'Yuri Milner, 56 never fled the Soviet Union - his parents still live in Moscow. 

' It was revealed through leaked documents that Russia’s government funded substantive stakes in Twitter and Facebook that were for a time held by Yuri Milner's company, DST Global. 

'In 2013, Milner joined Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sergey Brin and 23andme’s Anne Wojcicki in establishing the multi-million dollar Breakthrough prize for scientists.'

Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding

Triangle Tattoos…

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson with Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

Harold Wilson was the UK Labour Party prime minister at the time of the Vietnam war. 

Wilson refused to send any troops, other than the SAS, to Vietnam.

The central London offices of Prime Minister Harold Wilson were broken into in 1974. Stolen documents from the burglary went on sale to the foreign press. The police and public were not told about the burglary. Harold Wilson resigned in 1976. (Oldfield, by Martin Pearce / dailymail.)

Marcia Falkender. Born Marcia Field, there is an unconfirmed rumour that her mother was an illegitimate daughter of King Edward VII.[3]

'Michael Cockerell reports on the ferocious feuding among the key members of Harold Wilson’s kitchen cabinet: on the one side was the hugely influential Marcia Falkender, and on the other his Press secretary Joe Haines and LSE academic Bernard Donoughue.

'‘The PM was becoming ill with the tension, and his personal doctor, Joe Stone, was always on call.

'‘Joe Stone said: “I could dispose of Marcia. I’m her doctor. And I would write the death certificate.” ’ The spin doctors declined the offer.'

The proposal to bump off Harold Wilson's right hand woman, Marcia Falkender

UK Conservative leader Edward Heath, Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, Labour leader Harold Wilson. 

It has been widely reported that Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe used rent boys (boy prostitutes). In the case of Harold Wilson: "the centre of his extra-curricular activity was the local branch of the Boy Scouts." Harold Wilson

Wilson's secretary Marcia Williams (Falkender) told two journalists that if the Fourth Man (in the KGB/Rothschild spy ring) was identified "the entire fabric of the establishment would collapse". "But of course, Sir Anthony Blunt, Keeper of the Queen's Pictures, was duly identified." 



  1. PATH is an international organization with roots in 70 different countries aiming to accelerate the development of affordable and life-saving vaccines that fight illnesses disproportionately burdening people living in low resource settings.

    Human trials for NDV-HXP-S began in April 2020 in Vietnam at the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals, in Thailand at the Government Pharmaceutical Organization and are expected to start soon in Brazil at Butantan Institute. Mexico-based pharmaceutical company Avi-mex plans to test the intranasal spray version of the vaccine.

    Headshot of Jason McLellan May 14, 2021 (KXAN Photo/Ashley Miznazi)
    Headshot of Jason McLellan May 14, 2021 (KXAN Photo/Ashley Miznazi)
    The development of vaccines is being driven by the countries’ manufacturers. PATH participates as a facilitator and technical advisor, hosting weekly meetings with their partners at Mount Sinai, Vietnam and Brazil.

    PATH said each country runs their trial slightly differently, but Innis leverages working with multiple organizations.

    “In a very unusual move, they’ve agreed to be completely transparent with each other and they share their process,” Innis said. “We’re a resource for them, but it’s their program and it’s their vaccine. And that’s what makes this very special.”

    The Government Pharmaceutical Organization in Thailand is on track to report initial data in August.

    “It is a hope and a new capability for Thailand to produce vaccines on their own,” said Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, in the Phase 1 press release.

    Jory Goldsmith, Ching-Lin Hsieh, Jason McLellan and Daniel Wrapp of the McLellan lab at UT that worked to develop the NDV-HXP-S vaccine (KXAN Photo/Ashley Miznazi)
    Jory Goldsmith, Ching-Lin Hsieh, Jason McLellan and Daniel Wrapp of the McLellan lab at UT that worked to develop the NDV-HXP-S vaccine (KXAN Photo/Ashley Miznazi)
    Innis said PATH’s goal is to measure NDV-HXP-S vaccine efficacy in the last quarter of the year and get the vaccines approved by the FDA equivalents in their countries. PATH’s second goal is to feed the production into a WHO-backed effort, COVAX, that aims to give every country fair vaccine access.

    “It’s really up to the countries now to carry it out and see. But I think it’s off to a good start.” McLellan said.

    For the McLellan lab, the work is not over.

    “We’re working on pathogens right now people have probably never heard of. Maybe it’s not helpful, or maybe that’s the next outbreak,” McLellan said. “We just have to increase our general knowledge and be prepared.”



  4. J K Rowling has a nice tattoo on her wrist.

    It says Solve et Coagula. Sadly for J K Rowling it is not very original.

    The original is on The Baphomet. J K appears to be lacking originality in this case.

  5. Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition

  6. Official gov statistics now confirm the anecdotal evidence -

    Young and vaccinated people are suddenly dying at huge rates across the USA and Western Europe, a few months after they were vaccinated, but officials do not wish to enquire as to why

    German gov stats show 'an excess mortality rate of 10 percent above the mean' right now, and specifically NOT 'covid deaths' which they say are down ... Similarly in heavily-vaxed Spain

    Almost no mention of this in major media, excepting once again Tucker Carlson, who hosted banned-from-Twitter science writer Alex Berenson, talking about 'unexplained' excess mortality raging across the USA and Western Europe, proven by UK and Germany statistics as above

    Berenson noted the huge new high number of cardiovascular deaths of people under age 50, officially a 'mystery' buried under a "highly aggressive effort to prevent people from talking about this" ... hiding how the sudden spike in deaths of young vaxed people, might have "something to do with the mass vaccination campaign"

    Tucker Carlson clip with Alex Berenson, 3min20

    There are endless individual stories of 'mysterious sudden deaths' of the young and vaccinated; a collection of media screenshots is gathered here: