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Rotterdam - protest against the lockdown.

Police in the Netherlands have warned of 'days or weeks of unrest' as a result of new curfew measures, imposed on the country for the first since it was occupied by the Nazis.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned rioters will be treated like 'criminals'.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of the Bilderberg Group. Reportedly, as a child, Regina Louf visited his yacht Jumbo VI. Regina Louf was one of the child victims of the Dutroux pedophile gang.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was a member of the "Reiter-SS", a mounted unit of the SS and had joined the Nazi party before the war.[10] He later also joined the National Socialist Motor Corps.

Ten of the UK's top exerts in child health say anxiety, self harma nd suicidal thoughts have reached frightening levels among children.

In Las Vegas, during the school closures, 18 children have taken their own lives.


'Begin researching for yourself why you fear a virus with a 99% survival rate while national annual death rates have remained the same. 

'Think beyond media’s inflated statistics intended to terrify you.'

By Cathy O'Brienhttps://trance-formation.com/common-senses/

'Fatal erroneous predictions, numerous unclarified contradictions about his doctoral thesis, a hastily developed “PCR corona test” with fundamental scientific flaws and an unsuspected swamp of financial entanglements take away all credibility from Christian Drosten!'


The UK's Operation Moonshot: What do the leaked documents say? 

“Opening up the economy” and allowing the population to “return to something closer to normality” would cost “over £100bn to deliver.”



A French court will on Monday hear a case against more than a dozen multinationals, accused by a French-Vietnamese woman of causing grievous harm to her and others by selling the Agent Orange defoliant to the US government which used it to devastating effect in the Vietnam War.



In 1992, Jo Biden wrote - 

'American hegemony might be a pleasant idea, but is it economically, politically or even militarily wise? 

'Bristling with weapons, we would continue our economic decline, while rising industrial and financial giants in Europe and Asia viewed our military pretensions with indifference or contempt.'


World Economic Forum says we need to address the psychological aspects of "world's biggest experiment"

'Clashes broke out and arrests were made in three Israeli cities as police moved in to shut down yeshiva religious schools that opened for students despite the coronavirus lockdown.'

Israeli police commander indicted for assault on youngster during protest against Covid restrictions

People who have received a Covid-19 vaccine could still pass the virus on to others and should continue following lockdown rules, England's deputy chief medical officer has warned.

MADRID (Reuters) - A woman believed by her family to have died from the coronavirus surprised her relatives by returning to her care home nine days after they were told she had been buried, a newspaper reported on Sunday.




Governments save money if old people die off early.

Unknown commented on "COVID CRAZY WORLD - THE GREAT REOPENING - 30 Jan"

Take into consideration: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/government-saves-600m-state-pension-payments-covid-deaths-surge/

'Donald Trump was a nepotistic narcissist with a history of bankruptcies, known for tax fraud and partying with pedophiles, who openly bragged about sexual assault...

“Qanon” is Propaganda, and we know who's responsible 

'Psy Group is an Israeli company founded by Joel Zamel, which specialised in online perception management, through social media manipulation, influence campaigns, opposition research, honey traps, as well as clandestine on-the-ground activities.

'In April 2016, during the Republican primaries, Trump Campaign offical Rick Gates asked Psy Group for a proposal...

'#Pizzagate wasn’t their only trick....


'People like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, William Binney, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steel, (and/or Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino, and Brad Parscale), drawing on strategies outlined by Jeff Giesea, Chuck Johnson, and Micheal Aquino, used companies like Psy-Group, WikiStrat, Black Cube, and Cambridge Analytica, to develop a strategy to drive support for Donald Trump as the avatar for their fascist/nationalist agenda.'

“Qanon” is Propaganda, and we know who's responsible 


181 dead USA covid vaccine recipients in two weeks, 7,844 other adverse reactions.


Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!


Farhang F. Namdar
Netherlands; Anti-lockdown protestors burn down a COVID testing center.

Amsterdam - anti lockdown

The people tearing down the surveillance Cameras, brings joy like no other. The Tipping Point is upon us. Long Live Freedom

Denmark - Effigy of Danish Prime Minister.

Flag of Denmark
Anti Lockdown. More image's coming in, stunning would be an understatement. These scenes make my heart sing. Long Live the People
Collision symbol

"This test [PCR] should be trashed immediately, worldwide, and it should be considered a criminal act for anyone to be sent to quarantine because this test was positive". -- Acclaimed microbiologist, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.

'The U.S. state has a secretive plan in place to shut down the internet and mobile phone systems, or portions thereof. 

'This plan, known as SOP 303, enables the shutdown and restoration process for use by commercial and private wireless networks during a self-defined ‘national crisis’.'

'Google censorship now effectively blocks access to at least 20 progressive websites. 

'It does so by ensuring that users searching for information will not find those progressive sites because their links are placed very far down the search result on a second, third, or even fifth search page. 

'Progressive sites have thereby lost 30, 40, even75% of their previous important traffic flow from Google.'


Vienna Austria
Flag of Latvia
Saturday. Anti Lockdown, one word, EPIC. Long Live Freedom
Collision symbol
Fisted hand

Across the U.S., more than 800 hospitals - 40 percent of all rural hospitals in the country - are either at immediate or high risk of closure.


4h Israel Anti Lockdown, more clips coming in. It would seem the world is finally rising, there may be some hope 

Reader--"Thousands of restaurants, clubs and hotels are boycotting lockdown and are opening one after another, this is true rebellion against government policy facebook.com/hashtag/otwier

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·13h Ed Hendrie 

The Elderly Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine are Dropping Like Flies 

The Elderly Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine are Dropping Like Flies

Officials in the state of Saxony have already approved plans to hold quarantine-breakers in a fenced-off section of a refugee camp, the Telegraph said.

A top Russian scientist who was working on a Covid-19 vaccine has been found dead in suspicious circumstances in St Petersburg, adding one more to the list of people engaged in coronavirus research dropping dead mysteriously.

Alexander 'Sasha' Kagansky, 45,was reported to have fallen in his underwear from a 14th floor window of a high rise flat - and was found with stab wounds...



A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it.


A person who received a COVID-19 vaccine died hours after receiving the dose, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.


'And another one bites the dust....'



LIVE in Toronto: Anti-lockdown protestors start exercising in front of the police to avoid being ticketed, since exercise has been deemed essential under the current lockdown restrictions.

London, 23 January 2021. 

Britons "ignored the government's 'stay at home' message as they formed huge queues for coffees and flocked to parks as the sun came out."


London, 23 January 2021

England 23 January 2021

'The claim that BBC bosses are allegedly covering up the numerous lies told by Boris Johnson was reported by respected journalist, Peter Oborne, in an article for The Guardian.'

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.

'The Calgary-based Friends of Science Society has issued a press release calling on Harvard University to stop working with Bill Gates to “chemtrail” the sky in an attempt to block out the sun. 

'Doing this presents serious atmospheric risks, not to mention unintended consequences that could result in an extinction-level event (ELE).

'Researchers Roger Pielke Jr. and Justin Ritchie found that Gates’ projections are all wrong to begin with, and there is no actual climate emergency

'Further, the originator of the project to blast chemicals into the sky, Prof. David Keith, has openly admitted that “many thousands will die” from the experiment.'


Allergic reactions at one San Diego site led the state to shelf 330,000 vaccine doses.

And again the number 33 pops up: 



ON July 26, 1963, scientists carried out a military trial on civilians by releasing a plague-like virus on the London Underground.


"In Japan, 'COVID-19' accounted for only 0.3 percent of all deaths. There were seven times as many suicides (23,749) and 41 times as many flu and pneumonia deaths (141,664). Japan was also one of the countries without excess mortality caused by 'COVID-19'."


'Carbon nanotubes have turned up in the lungs of children living in Paris – the first time they have been detected in humans.'


Long-term pulmonary exposure to multi-walled carbon nanotubes promotes breast cancer metastatic cascades



'Halfway through this winter of Covid, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year.' 



During the COVID Lockdown, vaccine rates dropped - so did the number of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome deaths.


Ex-marine describes his disappointment with Trump.

"Trump inflamed our passions and then set us up as dupes."

To all those struggling businesses who can’t see a way out, join the #TheGreatReopening on 30th January and take back control of your livelihood.




USA, 1930s.

Under the cover of a public health emergency, governments around the globe have imposed a litany of authoritarian measures to curb freedom.

A study published in Oxford University’s Journal of Law and Biosciences explores how these restrictions are leading the world down a path of totalitarian rule.



“Monsanto writes agricultural and food policy; ExxonMobil writes energy and foreign policy and Goldman Sachs writes financial policy for the federal government.”[xii]



'Covid has permitted an allegedly Conservative Government to create a punishment culture.'


Purple suit and pearls worn by Kamala Harris at inauguration are IDENTICAL to outfit worn by Lisa in 2000 Simpsons episode when she became President.

Right On Cue For Biden, WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives

'Decades of research has determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is biologically harmful. 

'Children seem to be particularly vulnerable to it.

'Common sources of RF radiation include “Smart” and/or wireless technology: cell phones, cell towers, personal and “Smart” home appliances, devices and, wearables (see 12), utility “Smart” meters (electric, gas, and water), WiFi routers, and more.'


At the World Economic Forum’s 2016 meeting, panelists suggest that different ways of scanning the brain and brain mapping could be incorporated into the legal system and used by lawyers as part of trials, including against you.



Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil: NHS Surgeon Fired for Revealing COVID-19 Is Not A Real Disease & Mere Cover for a Transhumanizing, Sterilizing GMO Vaccine

Koch’s Postulates for Viruses apparently define what constitutes an infectious disease and COVID-19 fulfils none of them: the ability to observe, isolate, culture, re-infect, using the supposed virus or infectious agent causing the disease.


The US still has troops in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba. 

In January 2020, Iraq Voted to Expel US Troops, but US troops are still there. 

Trump assassinated Qasem Soleimani, Iran's military leader.

Soleimani was on a peace mission in Iraq invited by the Iraq prime minister.

Trump had an economic blockade on Iran.

Unknown commented-

Biden already back-tracking from promises to actually help people ... suddenly raising the minimum wage for poor US working people is 'not a priority' 

But stupid war against Venezuela and conflict with China are being escalated by Biden neo-cons.

Unknown commented -

"Literally one hour after Biden takes the oath, the WHO admits that PCR testing at high amplification rates alters the predictive value of the tests and results in a huge number of false positives


"Now that globalists have cemented their victory across the West, suddenly it is mainstream and ok to say that "as many as 90% of COVID-19 tests were not indicative of active illness ...

"They were picking up viral debris incapable of causing infection or being transmitted because the cycle threshold (Ct) of the PCR testing amplified the sample too many times" 


Unknown commented -

This is also how China had its 'great victory' against covid ... they simply stopped a lot of testing, and re-calibrated whatever tests they did do.

But they were happy to get the whole thing launched, and help the Western oligarchs to set in motion huge damage to Western societies, and the crushing of anti-globalist opposition ... that suited China just fine.


Free marijuana ... to induce young people to get the vaccine jab.


'A growing groundswell of youth unrest, tapping into a well of economic frustration, is sweeping Tunisia and worrying its leadership all the way to the top. 

'It is the country that triggered the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions.

'A third of the North African nation’s young people are unemployed — and many are angry about their stagnant fortunes. 

'For the fourth consecutive day, they have taken to the streets in violent demonstrations across the country of 11.7 million - from the capital of Tunis, to the cities of Kasserine, Gafsa, Sousse and Monastir.'

'Tunisia's’s lockdown restrictions and a nightly curfew since October to contain the spread of COVID-19 has exacerbated tensions.

'The pandemic has especially hurt Tunisia’s key tourism sector, once powered by its beautiful historic cities and white sandy beaches.

'Flights have been grounded and potential tourists face lockdowns at home and a general reluctance to travel.'


US military in Wuhan, China.

'America’s debt has more than doubled over the past ten years, skyrocketing from $13 trillion to more than $27 trillion over just two presidential administrations. 

'And, despite successive presidents’ promises to “wind down” conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the defense budget has only gone in one direction - up.

'The dysfunctional budgeting process was on full display during the last week of 2020 when lawmakers crammed through a $740 billion defense funding deal as part of a massive $2.3 trillion spending bonanza.'


Unknown commented on "COVID CONFLICT"

This morning I received an email from my Medicare provider in regards to the Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines" (DNA disrupters), being available to me and requiring that I make an appointment to receive mine. 

My return response to my doctor was this; "I have decided to decline vaccination. Thank you." 

I also downloaded the PDF they supplied on both "vaccines" and the first two paragraphs on both are very telling.

"The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine  may prevent you from getting COVID-19. 

"There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19." 

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Xi Jinping Opens WEF In Davos, Pledges Support For The “Great Reset”


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If there was nothing to hide, would it not make more sense for these scientists to reveal the real percentage of the vaccine's effectiveness instead of being furious?

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Not "the chosen ones" after all?

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How many?


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«Vaxxie» - now the vaccination selfie is going around the world Looking proudly into the camera after the vaccination: “Vaxxie”, the vaccination selfie, is trending online. Tips are given on how best to look into the camera after the prick. Link is in German:


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The full show here:


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DEAR AAANGIR ! Would you pls provide a link/or source of this vid up there in your post where Spanish lass talks about 10 steps of genocide ?!?

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Kudos to the "troll":


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Chief epidemiologist of Chinese CDC admits: ‘They didn’t isolate the virus’. No – they have never seen the alleged ‘virus’ code or isolated ‘it’ from other genetic material, bacteria and toxins in a laboratory – instead they created a computer-generated fiction to terrify the world into accepting fascism


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‘Build back better’ = the ‘Great Reset’ and watch all these politicians and Cult-gofers worldwide parroting their master’s voice


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'Common sources of RF radiation include “Smart” and/or wireless technology: cell phones, cell towers, personal and “Smart” home appliances, devices and, wearables (see 1, 2), utility “Smart” meters (electric, gas, and water), WiFi routers, and more.'

I would include energy saving bulbs in this list

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