Friday 18 May 2018


Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Meghan Markle and Mark Dyer.

Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Prince Harry

Mark Dyer, in the mid-Nineties, worked as an equerry to Prince Charles for 18 months.

Prince Charles appointed Dyer to keep an eye on his sons.


Mark Dyer, the ex-Welsh Guards officer, 51, has sold his pubs in Chelsea, including Sands End in Fulham, where Harry conducted his secret courtship with Meghan.


  1. Hmmmm. I would have thought it could easily have been the loveable rogue and everyone's favourite cad James Hewitt.

    James and Harry are almost like two peas in a pod. The likeness is equally there for all to see.

    Sorry Aang. This is a tricky one. I always thought it was James Hewitt. Whilst your connection is evident and plain for all to see, equally, we know definitively, that Hewitt was dining out on Princess Pie (no pun intended).

    Either way;

    It was Dad A: Jinnjur Baws Hewitt


    Dad B:

    Jinnjur Baws Dyer.

    I think we can all agree, however, it was definitely not Dad C.......

    The jug eared shrub rocketeer and Mountbattens favourite dolphin waxer.

    Anyway you bunch of cynical shysters, there is a fairy tale wedding to be had.

    Everyone's favourite white middle class Hollywood Z lister has been auditioning for the role for sometime.

    I understand that she made the shortlist beating of competition from 300 other applicants before being picked due to her well known charity work and the single freckle on her nose making her officially black.

    Peace to the humans

    1. I would suggest that Hewitt is a Red Herring, as may be Dyer (selected for equery on account of his resemblance to the royal gingerness).
      I really don't believe that the mother of the heir would be on tv announcing her infidelities etc if there wasn't another back-story to cover up. So, who's the daddy? Probably not Juan Carlos for this one, but someone along those lines.

    2. I think Markle was chosen because of her bloodline to Queen Victoria, I assume they offered Harry a few choices based on that and he chose meghan...I could be wrong but it makes the most sense.

  2. Oddities re today's mass school shooting in Santa Fe Texas - at least 10 dead -

    Apparently at least the 20th USA school shooting this year

    The alleged shooter is a young Greek-American, apparently bi-sexual or gay involved or supporting (per symbol he has worn on headband), Dimitrios Pagourtzis ... whose social media images include a 'Born to Kill' shirt, a jacket with German & USSR symbols including the German Iron Cross, and demons Baphomet and Cthulhu (latter from H P Lovecraft)

    This school shooting happened just after a US military helicopter "dropped a whole box of ammunition on an elementary school in El Paso, Texas" (RT news)

    The name of that school was Parkland Elementary School ... Parkland, Florida was the site of the 14 February 2018 school shooting allegedly by 'Nikolas Cruz'

  3. Aang, isn't the Daily Mail a most curious newspaper? This particular newspaper's editors do so love to play little games with their readers and the wider public!! :-)

    Typically, DM editors have their writers produce column inches containing massive "hints" at hidden and forbidden truths which totally contradict the "established facts" (i.e. "fools' facts") being propagandized in, and by, the same newspaper in other places.

    Oftentimes, the blatant contradictions between the stated "truths" (fool's truths) and the strongly-hinted-at refutations are contained within the SAME report or article. For example:

    (1) "Fools' facts" are trumpeted and propagandized at the start of a piece or used as its starting premise...

    (2) There then follow massive hints that the trumpeted "facts"/received wisdom is bogus, untrue rubbish. (The contradicting "hints" may take the form of photographs or illustrations, or they may take the form of quotes, incidental details, or facts quoted "as if in passing", for example).

    (3) There then follows more propagandizing of the (by now subtly but completely discredited) "established facts"...

    (4) There then follow further not-so-subtle hints that point once again to a total refutation of the aforementioned "fools' facts" and false premises...

    (5) And so on, and so on, ad infinitum. "Fact", "counter-fact", "fact", "counter-fact", with typically NO JOURNALISTIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE INCESSANT CONTRADICTIONS WHATSOEVER.

    Daily Mail reporting can be quite dizzying in its apparent illogicality, I suppose. That is, of course, the intent!

    Reader dizziness occurs unless one is cognisant of the agenda which informs the incessant *intentional* internal contradictions in most pieces of Daily Mail reporting.

    It's a game which is highly amusing to the editors and owner (and presumably some of the better-informed writers) who play it. But it is a game that serves tangible purposes for the elite:

    (1) Taunting and mocking the informed reader *who knows what the real truths are* with his or her inability to be believed or even heard. (Here you are, clever-clogs, have some real news hidden among the fake facts. But you can't prove that we said it... and if you ask us, we'll simply deny it and label you as crazy)

    (2) Mocking the ill-informed, ill educated, naive and credulous reader. For the elites, including the editors of the Daily Mail, mocking the ignorant reader and viewer is a gratifying hobby that never grows old -- even as the ignorant reader/viewer lines the pockets of the newspaper owners and media barons with gold.

    (3) Confusing fact and fiction and discombobulating readers of average intelligence with contradictory data/"facts". The net result of this? Citizen apathy develops as a response to such impenetrable, undecipherable reporting "noise".

    Voters simply GIVE UP on really caring, or at least on knowing The Real Truth. The truth becomes effectively unknowable to the common man and woman, who sink under the weight of this depressing realisation -- perhaps turning to trivia and gossip columns, or video games, instead.

    (4) Causing disquiet among some readers who feel queasy after reading the newspaper (but who can't put a finger on why). Any readers who then raise questions in an unsophisticated way, as they seek to understand their "queasiness", can be belittled and mocked as "tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists".

    For the DM intentionally *cultivates* those it terms "conspiracy theorists" -- in order to subsequently hold them up for ridicule when the time is right.

    Those branded "conspiracy theorists" then serve as a warning to any others who might dare to raise their heads above the parapet of conventional wisdom and "Establishment truths".

    Oh, the Daily Mail does love its little games!

  4. [continued...]

    The best response to this little rag is to gratefully accept the truths when they are offered (often hidden deep inside paragraphs, or hinted at rather than expressly stated, or included in quotes attributed to those the DM wants us to laugh at); scoff at the manifold lies, distortions and false premises; and simply laugh at the pathetic games played by the editors and writers in their mission to protect elite interests, discredit and mock truth-tellers, generate citizen apathy, and promote widespread ignorance and foolishness among the 99.9%.

    Of course, the Daily Mail is by no means the only media organ to play these games. But, it is perhaps the best and boldest at playing them.

    Understand what these media outlets are doing -- point out to others what they do -- and, above all, laugh at them. That really f**** them off and undermines them.

    1. I will stay on topic with your assertions and the fact that you mentioned the Daily Fail by name.

      The Daily Fail is the litmus test of all things stupid. The comic book rag with more lies than the Talmud. Half truths, distorted realities, false news and all sorts of shyte for the mainstream to pump out to the 'doughballus plancticus' to give the masses their Latin scientific name.

      I have attached a story (I hope) that was published last week that was truly mocking the afflicted and the terminally stupid.

      The article was about a robbery in some made up part of Malaysia. The poor victim sitting looking ever so sorry for herself after being stabbed in the face. Awwwwwwwww shame.

      Cruel, heartless bar-steward I hear you cry. The problem with the story was clear for all to see.

      The 1st picture of the poor unfortunate victim shows her with the knife embedded in her face on the right side of her face.

      The 2nd and subsequent picture shows the knife embedded in the left side of her face (I kid you not).

      Hollywood horror make up and a giant piss take itf there ever was one.

      Taking fake news to the ultimate level. The injury had changed sides. Luckily some of the readers had noticed, leaving comments to that effect.

      The article should be above. It will clearly show the depths the Daily Fail goes to, in order to mock it's readers.

      Peace to the humans

    2. The meedja frequently flip photos to reverse them, sometimes for aesthetic reasons, but they are also lazy about photo-editing, and seem to think the public are too dim to notice or care.

    3. Re the knife swapping sides, there's really nothing in it.

      Photo editors have forever flipped pictures when placing them in newspapers. Some photos just look more natural flipped the other way.

      But in this particular instance the difference can easily be explained by modern technology. The camera on the back of your phone takes a picture as it appears. The camera on the front of your phone flips it as it is more natural if this camera behaves like a mirror for selfies. That is why the pictures appeared flipped. The DM will have taken her selfie from her social media.

  5. I wonder if he's at the wedding?

  6. Aangirfan,

    That's all well and good, but you're clearly missing what is important here.

    And that, of course, is Meghan Markle's calligraphy.

    Here is a sample.

    An ornate, arabesque copperplate with an aesthetic rhythm of exquisitely balanced and idiosyncratic flourishes. Her handwriting is sweet poetry, of pleasing innocence, grace and harmony.

    A marriage of mind, heart and hand to create artifacts of such intense beauty. Her art a reflection of the soul.

    And she is a beautiful distillation of her European and African ancestry. She is, like us all, a work of art. A miracle.

    It's like turning air into gold.

    Whoa, I got carried away there praising another man's wife; that's his job. But she is nice, isn't she. Harry's mother would no doubt be very pleased. I wish Prince Harry and Princess Meghan every happiness.