Monday, 7 May 2018


The Trump regime hired an Israeli spy firm to carry out 'dirty ops' on the Iran nuclear deal.

In May 2017, the Trump regime contacted Israeli private investigators to 'get dirt' on Ben Rhodes and Colin Kahl, who helped negotiate the Iran deal.

Trump aides hired Israeli spy firm to get dirt on Obama's Iran deal ...

Operatives from the Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube used false identities to track and dig up dirt - even sexual blackmail material - on Obama officials behind the Iran deal.

Dr. Jill Stein🌻

Dr. Jill Stein 🌻‏Verified account @DrJillStein May 3

Let's get this straight: Israel accused Iran of
having a secret nuclear weapons program.  

Israel has a secret nuclear weapons program.

Iran complies with all treaties and inspections.  

Israel complies with none.  


  1. But muh holocaust! This cant go on, we'll lose all those sweet gibs from our Western lackeys.


  3. Germans now hiding victims from Jewish-incited forces who seek to imprison German citizens where they may die

    89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel is right now being hunted by German police at the behest of Jewish groups, because she did not show up at the prison a few days ago, to serve a two-year-jail sentence for questioning the official narrative of the Jewish killings in World War II

    The 'International Auschwitz Committee' says German police should use 'high pressure' to find this elderly woman and imprison her

    And yet Jews who speak like this claim they do not understand why people develop antipathy to Jews ... It is in fact the International Auschwitz Committee which is 'inciting anti-semitism', as they inspire Germans to hide elderly people from Jews 'like Anne Frank was hidden from Germans'

    However much Ursula Haverbeck might be in error in her historical opinions, this is appalling and shocking treatment of a grandmotherly woman soon to be 90 years of age ... sending her very possibly to death for her ideas regarding an era for which she is a living personal witness (Haverbeck was born in 1928, and will turn age 90 this 8 November)

    This reminds of the case of a World War II Jewish witness, a rabbi's son, who was with the Russian advance troops who liberated places like Auschwitz, Joseph Ginzburg - Joseph G Burg, direct interrogator of Auschwitz etc survivors... Burg said the Holocaust was an exaggeration, a fraud fabricated by Zionists, he wrote books on this, & had many of those books burned by the modern West German government ... tho the old Bonn regime never had the stomach to jail rabbi's son Joseph Ginzburg (1908-90), despite his holocaust denial

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    May 07, 2018

  5. Netanyahu puts wrong foot forward by serving Japan’s Abe dessert in a shoe


  6. 'Black Cube' First Denies, Then Obfuscates, Then Admits Spying On Iran Deal Negotiators

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