Wednesday 26 July 2017


Donald Trump is trying to win the support of the fundamentalists by banning transgender people from the military.

Until 1948, there was racial segregation in the United States Armed Forces.

Trump is linked to a number of transgender people.

Trump's close friend Giuliani has dressed up as a woman.

Trump's very close friend Roy Cohn had sex with transgender people.

Transgender Jenna Talackova was in Trump's 2012 Miss Universe pageant.

Jenna Talackova's father is Czech [3]

Ivanka Trump's mother, Ivana Trump, is Czech.


Jenna Talackova.

Can you tell which is which?

Jeffrey Epstein likes boys?

Donald Trump's close friend Jeffrey Epstein 'had sex with transgender Maximillian Cordero'?

"Maximilia Cordero stepped forward ... with a lawsuit claiming she'd engaged in 'bizarre and unnatural sex acts' with Epstein while in her teens..."

Maximilia was born Maximillian Cordero in 1983, records show."

NY Post

"You have a tight butt like a baby," Jeffrey Epstein allegedly cooed to the teenaged Maximilian Cordero.

J Edgar Hoover liked to wear a dress.

FBI chief exposed as a secret transvestite.

The typical extreme right-winger in the USA is secretly interested in transgender activity.

Susan L. Rosenstiel said that, in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where J Edgar Hoover was dressed as a woman.

Hoover was calling himself "Mary" and was wearing a dress and high heels.

According to Rosentiel:

Hoover "was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces and lace stockings and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had makeup on and false eyelashes."

The right-wing 'transgender' Cardinal Spellman was known as Franny.

(Cardinal Spellman)

Transgender people can be cute?

Andreja Pejić (above) is transgender.

14-year-old Yoshi Chayada is transgender.

Philippines celebrity Kevin Balot is transgender.

Glamour model Amelia Maltepe, born into a strict Muslim family, is transgender.

Glamour model Amelia Maltepe

Jazz Jennings is transgender.

Jazz Jennings.

Geena Rocero is transgender.


"North American Indian tribes traditionally have been tolerant of cross-gendereds, known as Two-Spirits. 

"Many African tribes have worshiped intersexual deities, and male-to-female shamans have been documented in South America."

"In Renaissance England female roles in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporary playwrights were played by cross-dressing men or boys."


Some people just look cute?

Cindy Crawford's son Presley Gerber.

Presley Gerber with Harry Styles.

Looks familiar.

Justin Bieber.

Jennifer Laude (above right) was a 26-year-old Filipino transgender.

In 2014, she was murdered by U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jairn Michael Rose testified that Pemberton admitted choking Laude.

Pemberton, in court, admitted that he choked Jennifer Laude.

Some macho right-wing Americans just love to have sex with people like Jennifer, but, when things go wrong, they get scared and become violent.


If you come across a 'Christian' homophobe, you can be pretty certain that they are gay?

And you can be pretty sure that they do not understand God's world?

The above is a 'genderfluid' lioness.

Clown anemonefish all start out as male, but, some change sex and become female.

Parrotfish have the sex organs of both sexes. 

Hawkfish can change from female to male and back again.

Male cuttlefish can be transgender. Male garter snakes can be transgender. Female spotted hyenas have a pseudo penis. Male African bat gugs can develop 'female' sex organs....

Gender-Altering Animals.

Homophobes and Republicans are mainly gay?


Should we follow the teachings of the Old Testament?

If we did, "polygamy would be legal, and forbidden would be things like wearing mixed fabrics, eating pork and seeding lawns with a variety of grasses - and the Christian day of worship would be Saturday, not Sunday.

"And if the parents of a new bride could not, upon her husband's request, prove that she’s a virgin, then that bride would have to be stoned to death."

Not Condemning Homosexuality.

The King James Bible could be called the Queen James Bible.

"While riding through the bustling streets of London from 1603 to 1621, one was liable to hear the shout 'Long live Queen James!'"

When James was aged 14, he fell in love with a man called Esmé Stuart.

Queen James and His Courtiers.


  1. Gordon Duff of VeteransToday says the Trump vs anti-Trump controversies, are a distraction from the US Pentagon military complex actually running what is left of USA government ... and that the US Pentagon may be about to unleash horrendous wars at several points across the globe. Duff writes:

    « When Trump chose his transition team, he sent a retired general named Jerry Boykin into the Pentagon with full authority to make any changes. We are told Boykin built a duplicate command structure than now sets US foreign policy, based on Christian prophesy and “end times” theology, forms of religious extremism that make ISIS and the Taliban seem mild in comparison. »

    Duff has been very anti-Trump, but sees positive importance in the 'Fake News!" theme Trump has propagated:

    « With few quality journalists & most press outlets controlled by powerful corporate interests, the pin Trump stuck into the “fake news” balloon, exposing what has been going on for many years as “what it is,” made up lies & garbage, opened a door. »

    We are perhaps in a moment where the Yank Americans, for all their faults & weaknesses, are becoming the most revolutionary people in the developed world, precisely because of this 'Fake News!' meme ... Uniquely in the developed world, Yank USA people are under constant barrage by media telling them that evil forces have been lying to them ... Even though the 'evil forces' may have been mis-identified, the larger theme of 'Fake News!' nonetheless has created consequences which are perhaps unstoppable ... and which may not be controllable by the oligarchs

  2. This ban is not for real, u have to be sure of that. Its just dust in sheeple's eyes.