Sunday 10 May 2015


'Britain's Obama', spooky Chuka Umunna (right), with his pal Peter Mandelson, a friend of the Rothschilds.

After the May 2015 UK election, we learn that Chuka Umunna might become the leader of the UK's Labour Party.

Chuka Umunna is ordained by the top Jew Peter Mandelson as next Labour leader.

Chuka's father was a Nigerian. His mother is the daughter of an officer of MI5.

Derek Laud or Chuka Umunna?

Chuka used the name Harrison when writing on a social network website.

On this site he came across as being a 'champagne socialist'.

Chuka Umunna is being groomed by the Jews to become Britain's Obama. / Internet secrets of 'jetrosexual' Chuka Umunna

Chuka with Will Smith

Chuka Harrison Umunna comes from Streatham and currently he is is the Member of Parliament for Streatham.

In 1981, the police reportedly seized the top UK politician Sir Cyril Smith at a child sex orgy in Streatham, in London.

Reportedly, an officer in UK intelligence and two senior police officers were part of this child abuse ring.

Boys from care homes were being provided for child sex parties.

Cyril Smith .

Chuka's mother Patricia is the daughter of Sir Helenus Milmo, QC, former High Court judge, who formed part of the prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trials.

Helenus Milmo was an officer in MI5 at a time when it was under the influence of Lord Victor Rothschild.

Helenus Milmo worked for Kim Philby, an MI5 traitor who was very close to Rothschild.

Milmo was selected to investigate Philby in 1951.

Milmo "failed to elicit definitive answers". [3]


Chuka Umunna accepted a £20,000 gift from a gambling executive.[33]

Chuka Umunna has received the endorsement of Tony Blair.

Janan Ganesh of the Financial Times described Chuka as "the man Tories fear most".[40]


  1. Chuka and his gf, Alice Sullivan. Couldnt find any info on her background, but she looks Jewish

    1. She is definitely the wife of the swearing Scottish cook who would not be enjoying success in the media if she wasn't.
      Just as a matter of interest the wife of the Botswana president is also Jewish....
      The richest morons in Britain today the Beckheims...squeaky voiced David has some vague jewish ancestry his loopy wife is the real deal.(she apparently has some hebrew lettering printed on her somewhere...(tattoo).
      Most if not all ex sports stars who become permanent fixtures on TV...commenting etc...are Jews.Makes sense since "the media" is a Jews even includes David Levi Attenborough.



  4. I wasn't all that keen on the white supremacist site. Although i often complain about mass immigration here, racism is a horrible thing. And antisemitism is a horrible thing too. Most Jews are good people, but their rulers are monsters like our rulers tend to be.

    Howard Zing was a Jew and what a fantastic guy he was?. And then there's Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, Norman Finkelstine, Miko Pelod, and many more. These guys are some of the most progressive people around, and they are on our side.

    1. It is called Free Speech.

      Yeah Mr GCHQ Man you remember that thing we used to have before you and your pals tried to Satanize the country.

      You say "Progressive". You mean "Regressive".

      You say Noam Chomsky is a "fantastic guy". Really?

      I don't remember him telling everybody the truth about 9/11.

      People are already making their own minds up and running to truth.

    2. We are not stopping you from partaking in the argument.

      But we are winning the argument.

      Stop trying to turn things into black vs white. Or 'progressive' vs 'conservative'. Let us just stick to truth vs lies.

      Israel and Chomsky do not speak truth therefore they promote lies.

      PS I note that there was no denial of the reference to GCHQ. lol.

  5. These jews cannot by jewish law be on our side. Rothschilds mossad tells each synagogue what to say to its members on Saturn's day ( Saturday ) each and every jew must help and obey mossad, in giving info in to the synagogue in the 3 ways of, economic supremacy, intellectual supremacy and military supremacy, this may mean giving up a passport for copying right through to telling the sexual habits of a minister., any jew who does not is written out and loses family and friends, there is a jewish saxophonist who has given our people so much info on this at his own cost, we should listen to him and ban these anti-British practices by law

    1. Many Jews are secular. Antisemitism will only turn moderate Jews against us. If we want a peaceful world there can no racism if any kind.

    2. You're missing the point. Very PC.

    3. Israeli Rabbi calls for Genocide of Whites and enforcement of Noahide Laws:

      Rising Racism and EXTREMISM in Israel ignored in UK and USA:

      Israeli Police protect ‘Death to the Arabs’ March in Jerusalem

      Imagine the Metropolitan Police protecting a march of this kind…

  6. Chuka Umunna: PWC’s useful idiot?


  7. Chuka Umunna: PWC’s useful idiot?


  8. Chuka Umunna and Mandy are making me Chuka Uppa