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Lord Janner. dailymail

1. Greville Janner, a top Jewish politician, used his Bournemouth holiday home to 'entertain' teenage boys.

This is according to former neighbours, one of whom said: "I last saw him in 2014. He seemed exactly the same; no difference to his health."

The holiday home is in a block of flats in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England.

Former Bournemouth mayor Anne Filer, who is a top local Jew, said she never heard even a 'whisper' of concerns about Janner's behaviour.

Savile in Bournemouth

Jimmy Savile had a holiday home in Bournemouth, a major centre of child abuse.


Mark Eadie

Mark Eadie, a child star in the BBC's Grange Hill, was the victim of  Rupert Massey, a showbiz lawyer, who lived in Bournemouth.

Mark, aged 14, was invited to Massey's home in Bournemouth.

In 1999, Massey was jailed for assaults on boys in the 1970s and 1980s.


Hampstead - home to Lord Greville Janner

2. Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse.

The company owns a number of luxury properties.


Janner is Lord Janner of Braunstone .

3. A former alleged child victim of Janner says he was sexually abused by Janner at a working men's club.

The man said Janner befriended him when he was eight.

Janner allegedly began sexually assaulting him in a 'secret room' at the club.

The alleged victim says the abuse continued until he was aged 11.

Michael Hirst - Chief Constable of Leicestershire for much of the 1980s. He became a director of the private security company Group 4.

4. Reportedly, according to a legal dossier which has been uncovered:

Janner was protected by his local police chief Michael Hirts, a fellow Freemason.

Police detectives falsified criminal evidence in an effort to protect Janner.

Janner sent thugs to the homes of witnesses, to scare them.

Janner got officials in his city of Leicester to shred documents relating to his alleged child abuse.

The police chief organised a campaign to destroy the reputation of a whistle-blower.

The above information comes from a legal dossier containing letters, affidavits, witness statements and court papers.


In the town of Coalville, Janner set up young gay lads with flats, 'and then called round for payment in kind'.

At Leicester's Holiday Inn, the management 'closed the swimming pool to hotel guests, allowing Janner to swim in the pool with a young boy'.

In London, the police in Notting Hill have 'a file relating to Janner and young boys'.

In 1991, an alleged victim went to the Edinburgh police and 'made allegations of being buggered by Greville Janner while … on holiday for two weeks in Scotland alone with Janner'.

Lord Carey, previously Archbishop of Canterbury, with Janner

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Greville Janner, Paul Boateng, David Blane and Michael Jackson.

Allegedly, top UK politician Greville Janner, who lives in Hampstead, was one of the key figures in a child abuse ring with links to the CIA and its friends.

Greville Janner was reportedly part of the child abuse ring that operated at the Dolphin Square flats in London, and elsewhere.

Janner was investigated over alleged membership of Westminster child abuse ring

This ring was involved in the torture, rape and murder of children.

A dossier about Janner is among 114 files on child sex abuse that have gone missing from government files.

Janner is a friend of the Rothschilds and is not to be prosecuted.

Greville Janner hosted at least four private banquets as well as dinners and afternoon teas at the House of Lords after being diagnosed with alleged Alzheimer's.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has admitted that having dementia is 'not a bar' to being prosecuted.

Read more: Lord Janner's child sex abuse police cover up revealed in new evidence

Greville Janner

Frank Beck ran The Beeches children's care home in Leicester, where a young teenager called Hamish Baillie was a resident. 

The UK politician Lord Greville Janner was a frequent visitor to The Beeches.

Hamish Baillie believes that Janner was 'steered' in his direction by Frank Beck.


Hamish Baillie. dailymail

Janner turned up seven times at the games arcade frequented by Hamish Baillie in Leicester.

Janner sometimes referred to "a hotel where they could go for steak and whisky".

While playing in Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire, Hamish Baillie was approached by Greville Janner.

Baillie says of Janner: "He abused me. It was indecent touching but he wanted it to go further … It lasted ... 30 minutes."


The top UK politician Greville Janner was reportedly part of the child abuse ring that operated at the Dolphin Square flats in London.

This ring was involved in the torture, rape and murder of children.

The child abuse survivor known as Nick claims that Janner ­raped him at several locations in London ­between 1979 and 1982.

VIP paedophile probe: Lord Janner was investigated over alleged membership of Westminster child abuse ring.

The London police spent six months investigating Janner's reported attendance at London child abuse parties.


The notorious Crown Prosecution Service has admitted that Leicestershire police have enough evidence to charge Janner on 22 counts of ­sexually abusing boys.

But, the Crown Prosecution Service has declared that Janner, a top Jew, will not be prosecuted because of his age.

There is a belief that the UK security services and the UK elite are continuing to protect the child abuse rings organised for top people.


Leopold de Rothschild and Lord Janner.

Lord Janner is Jewish.

The Criminal Justice System in England is increasingly run by Jews.

For example, Lord Neuberger is the President of the Supreme Court.

There would appear to be a cover-up.

Keith Vaz (left)

Let's look at some of Greville Janner's friends.

1. Keith Vaz, chairman of Parliament's home affairs committee was among the senior Members of Parliament who defended Janner against child sex abuse allegations.

Keith Vaz is best friends with Stephen Purdew. Vaz attended Stephen Purdew's wedding along with Purdew's very good friend Jimmy Savile.

The UK Member of Parliament Keith Vaz was once a solicitor working for the notorious local government councils in Richmond and Islington.

Both these councils were deeply involved in child abuse scandals.

British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould (centre)

2. Adam Werritty's friend and long term contactthe British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, accompanied Greville Janner to visit a kindergarten in Israel in 2012, which was named in Janner's honour.

Werritty’s Chum Matthew Gould Took Janner to Kindergarten

Liam Fox was UK Defence Minister, until he was pushed out on 14 October 2011. Liam Fox's very close friend is Adam Werritty. Officially, Werritty does not work for the UK government.

Liam Fox quit the government when details emerged of the business and intelligence interests of Werritty's financial backers, some of whom have links to Israel.

On 16 October 2011, The Independent reports on Werritty's ties to MI6, Mossad, defence contractors and Iran's opposition

Lord Carlile (Alex Carlile).

3. Lord Carlile, a top Jew and former Member of Parliament, has praised Lord Janner's 'integrity'.

Greville Janner: Keith Vaz was among MPs who defended Labour peer against child sex abuse allegations.

Alex Carlile is the son of Polish Jewish immigrants.

Lord Carlile has been the 'independent' reviewer of Britain's anti-terrorist laws.

Greville Janner.

Greville Janner is the son of Barnett Janner, Baron Janner, a Jew from Lithuania.

The family of Sir Leon Brittan were also Jews from Lithuania.

Greville Janner

Barnett Janner worked alongside Baron Elie de Rothschild in promoting the cause of Israel.


Greville Janner went to Bishop's College School, in Canada, along with Leo Rothschild and two of the Bronfmans.


Greville Janner.

Greville Janner won a Fulbright and Smith-Mundt scholarship to study at Harvard Law School.

Greville Janner is a close friend of Yuri Geller, who has links to the CIA.

In the above photo we see Yuri Geller, David Blane, Michael Jackson, Greville Janner and Paul Boateng.


Greville Janner and family.

In 1947, Greville Janner visited the liberated Nazi camp at Bergen-Belsen.

Greville Janner .

Janner said: "I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children's Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles...

"Every Friday I had Shabbat dinner with the children in the Kinderheim.

"I stayed there on Shabbat and played with the children, worked with the children... and then on Sundays I taught English in the school... 

"When I was demobilised out of the army, the children from the Kinderheim had gone to Israel ... and we kept in touch. 

"I went over to Israel and I stayed with them in the Kinderheim ...I stayed with the children..."

Greville Janner .

Werritty’s Chum Matthew Gould Took Janner to Kindergarten.

Greville Janner.

Greville Janner lives in HAMPSTEAD

Greville Janner.

The police are considering challenging the ruling not to charge Greville Janner over child abuse allegations.

Janner (right)

Lord Greville Janner, a top British Jew, "will not face prosecution despite credible evidence against him of historic child sex offences."


Reportedly, Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, will say it is not in the public interest to put Janner (86) on trial because of his age and alleged advanced dementia.

Janner, former Member of Parliament for Leicester West, allegedly raped young boys from care homes in the 1970s.

Janner has taken a keen interest in schools, boy scouts and children's homes.

The police have interviewed more than 20 men who say they were abused, "but have been unable to speak to Lord Janner because of his poor health".

Mick Creedon, who now runs Derbyshire Police, said he was once ordered to limit his inquiries into Lord Janner despite 'credible evidence' against him.


Alison Saunders (above) is the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Sir Allan Green (above) is a former Director of Public Prosecutions.

Sir Allan resigned in 1991 after he was caught reportedly kerb-crawling (for prostitutes) in the King's Cross district of London. 

In 1993, Lady Green's dead body was found in a bedroom at her home in Maida Vale, north-west London.

Keir Starmer (above) is a former Director of Public Prosecutions.

Starmer decided not to prosecute Simon Harwood, a British policeman, who was filmed hitting an innocent man called Ian Tomlinson. 

Ian Tomlinson died.

Barbara Mills (above) is a former Director of Public Prosecutions.

Her brother-in-law David Mills set up a company whose directors included a Mr Dell'Utri who acted 'as the intermediary between Silvio Berlusconi's political party and the mafia'.



There is a belief that many of Britain's top people are controlled by child abuse rings run by the CIA, Mossad and MI5.

In the 1990s, Labour Member of the UK Parliament Andrew Faulds was in possession of a leaflet entitled 'Concerned Leicester Parents' and a booklet on 'How people in high places covered-up for a Parliamentary paedophile'.

The documents describe 'allegations of sexual abuse against a child' by the Labour Party's Greville Janner (above photo).

Lord Janner was Member of Parliament for Leicester, he was president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, he is vice-president of the World Jewish Congress and he is friend of the CIA's Yuri Geller.

Janner has been protected by the top people.

Ratcliffe Road Children's Home - Leicester, England

In 1991, Frank Beck, who worked at the Leicester homes, was found guilty of 17 counts of sexual abuse of children in his care. 

Beck argued that he was being prosecuted to divert attention from Janner and other very top child abusers. 

Beck died mysteriously in prison in 1994.

At Beck's trial, four witnesses gave evidence that Greville Janner had pursued a sexual relationship with a teenage boy who lived at one of Beck's care homes.

The teenage 'victim', speaking under oath, said that Janner had sexually abused him repeatedly between the ages of 13 and 15.

A dossier on the 'Establishment paedophile ring', handed to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983, went missing.

At his trial, Beck stated that: "One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner".

Shortly afterwards, the notorious Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, said that "for lack of evidence" Janner would not be prosecuted.

Janner was alleged to have been acquainted with a young boy called Paul Winston.

Paul Winston, who was thirteen when he and Janner first met, was able to describe Janner's home, the hotel rooms they had shared, and Janner's habits and person in detail.

Soon after the non-prosecutuion of Janner, The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, was arrested for 'kerb-crawling' in Kings Cross.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Uri Geller and Lord Greville Janner, former President of the Board of British Jews, vice president of the World Jewish Congress, and member of the Boy Scouts AssociationGreville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

In court, Paul Winston, who was an adult at the time of Frank Beck’s trial, stood up for Frank Beck.

Several other witnesses also supported Beck and confirmed his anti-Janner testimony.

Paul Winston said that Beck had counselled him over his relationship with Janner, and had brought the affair to an end.

Paul Winston gave evidence that he had been invited to Janner’s home and had slept with Janner.

Paul Winston testified that, over the next two years, he was regularly sodomised by Janner.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Janner and Jackson

Frank Beck discovered what had been going on after Winston was put into his care.

Beck 'immediately informed his bosses at Leicester Social Services'.

Janner was never brought to court, nor called upon to testify.

Frank Beck died suddenly of a 'heart attack', just before his appeal was due to begin.

Beck had two main solicitors.

One was killed in a road accident, and the other 'has been subjected to police harassment'.

Cliff Richard with Yuri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.

Frank Beck was a resident of Braunstone in Leicester.

When Janner became a Lord in 1997, he took the title, Lord Janner of Braunstone.

The man responsible for ennobling Greville Janner was Tony Blair.

More here: Case of Lord Greville Janner


Uri Geller has seemingly been a spy for Mossad and the CIA.

Uri Geller psychic spy? The spoon-bender's secret life as a Mossad and CIA spy

A new film, The Secret Life Of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy?, offers evidence of Geller's involvement in spying.

Has Uri Geller been involved in mind-control - with Obama, Michael Jackson and Jimmy Savile?

Geller with Michael Jackson, who is reported to have been mind-controlled.

"On camera and in interview, Geller still remains coy about his espionage activities."

But, Geller admits that his handlers once asked him to use telepathy to stop a pig's heart.

"I tried to execute missions that were positive," Geller claims.

Uri Geller psychic spy? The spoon-bender's secret life as a Mossad and CIA spy

Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to Mossad.

The new film relies on testimony from high-level officials involved in recruiting and using Geller.

These include scientists from The Stanford Research Institute as well as top CIA operatives.

Among those interviewed are former CIA officer Kit Green, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and retired US army colonel John Alexander (of The Men Who Stared At Goats fame).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks of his many years of friendship with Geller.

Uri Geller psychic spy? The spoon-bender's secret life as a Mossad and CIA spy


Ex Scotland Yard cop claims he had to release men who were 'part of MP Cyril Smith's paedophile ring'

UPDATE: False Flag is Starting



    1. helenpender.blogspot.com4 May 2015 at 18:58

      We shouldn't even be faced with Conservative, Labour or Liberal candidates in this election - just the tip of the iceberg but 3 good reasons not to vote ~Tory, Labour or Lib Dem: Sir Leon, Lord Brittan; Greville, Lord Janner and Cyril Smith.

      Yet MPs chose to reject John Mann's Private Members Bill suspending the Official Secrets Act for witnesses who held evidence of child abuse. Look up Exaro News John Mann voting record. How did your MP vote - if they voted no this is your chance to boot them out of office.

  2. Victor Ostrovsky, who wrote the book, The Other Side of Deception, describes how the Mossad can murder a person and make it look like it was caused by a heart attack. Fortunately the victim is put to sleep first with a cocktail of drugs.

    1. The mob hitman Richard Kuklinsky used cyanide, it causes a heart attack and is only detectable if you test for it specifically.



  5. Weird concept of purity.... when raping children

  6. Janner is the VP of the World Jewish Congress yet reported to be incapacitated by senility. Just more cognitive dissonance conditioning for the hoi polloi.

  7. Greville Janner was Leo de Rothschild's classmate at Bishop's College School in Canada

  8. Am surprised they haven't said he passed away due to cancer.

  9. If Janner's got dementia why is he still Chairman of the Holocaust "Education" Trust which brainwashes our children at the taxpayer's expense. Wikipedia "The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) is a British charity, based in London, whose aim is to "educate young people of every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today.Its Chairman is Greville Janner and it' President is Stephen Rubin. One of the Trust's main achievements was ensuring that the Holocaust formed part of the National Curriculum for history, as it continues to do so.

    It was founded by Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees in 1988, and is a registered charity in England & Wales and in Scotland. Its current Chief Executive is Karen Pollock, who was awarded an MBE for her services to Holocaust education in 2012. As part of the Ambassador programme, a cohort of 25 Regional Ambassadors (coinciding with the charity's 25th anniversary) were appointed to help strengthen the now 20,000 strong Ambassador community by providing an Ambassador representative for each region in addition to the Trust's Ambassador Outreach Officer." Much more at

  10. Vinnell Arabia has been hacked.

    Vinnell Arabia is the leader in U.S. military doctrine-based training, logistics, and support services inside Saudi Arabia.

    Vinnell Arabia is a registered Saudi Arabian Joint Venture LLC, owned by Arab Builders for Trading and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

    The authors of the leak state that the docs - once inspected - offer an insight into the escalation that lead to the Yemeni crisis.

    Arab 'hacktivists' have shared the leaked info, where you can read reports starting from 2012:

    "PGM Staff Meeting Topics
    Unit Training Division (UTD): ISOTST conducted tactical Military Police training for two Central Region brigades... J. Williams, Unit Training Division Manager, lists the needs, as Personnel Shortage, ENG Demolition Kits."

    The contractors also provide:

    "Civil Effects Cell to plan and execute Full Spectrum Operations"

    Another docx (11FEB13) gives an idea of the money involved... It appears that this Vinnell Arabia was preparing to something big from the 2012 with more support, better training and tens of millions of USD funnelled into the Military apparatus.

    Docs retrieved are linked here:


  12. Brilliant work.
    The cover-ups are becoming more blatant but thanks to people like you the public are no longer fooled.

  13. Point of accuracy:
    Barbara Mills QC DPP was never married to David Mills (Silvio Berlusconi connection) but instead was married (till her death in 2011) to John Mills - chairman of JML Direct (John Mill Ltd) - brother of David Mills. David Mills himself, was married to Tessa Jowell MP.

  14. Been to Craig Murray's blog lately? He has three posts all on Greville Jenner. With this and his coverage of MI5 involvement in the anti-indepence movement Murray remains a chap worth paying attention to.

  15. "Greville Janner won a Fulbright and Smith-Mundt scholarship to study at Harvard Law School."

    Fulbright Scholarship is an elite CIA program for life, not an open academic program. Google it, much is on the web.


  16. charles drake nspcc hush up trust16 April 2015 at 21:29

    Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up HQ Version!

    Correspondent. Belgium's X Files. An Olenka Frenkiel investigation. Part 1.

    The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) is a British charity, based in London, whose aim is to "educate young people of every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today." It was founded by Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees and in Scotland.

    In his meeting with Shimon Peres on Wednesday, Lord Greville Janner was speaking as founder of the Commonwealth Jewish Council. But for the children he had entertained earlier in an Ashkelon bomb shelter, his standing with the International Brotherhood of Magicians proved far more interesting.

    In 1947, Lord Janner visited the liberated Nazi camp at Bergen-Belsen. His visit and interaction with the survivors there prompted him to become the youngest British War Crimes Investigator. Here, he tells the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust about the impact this had on his life, both personally and professionally.

  17. Greville Janner frequented the Jewish youth Brady Club and played in their band the Brady Ramblers

    Elsie Janner was a Juvenile Court Magistrate,905392&hl=en

    Janner's mother Elsie Janner was President of the Brady Club

    Janner's father Barnett played piano at the Brady Club

    1980 Duke of Edinburgh visits the Brady Club

    In 1981, the Brady Club was located at 192-196 Hanbury Street Islington

  18. The Jewish Monthly, Volume 3, Issues 5-12
    Anglo-Jewish Association, 1949

    [Page 478]
    Greville Janner won an exhibition in History to Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he is now studying law. He served in the Forces and was stationed in Germany for two years, where he spent most of his spare time at the D.P. Camp at Belsen, working mainly with the children. He is 21. Recently he was one of two who broadcast to Germany, in German, in a B.B.C. young people's discussion group session, speaking on art. He has been chosen to run for Cambridge Freshmen against Ocford Freshmen in the 100 yards.

  19. Keith Vaz also worked alongside Jimmy Savile on the Tamil Conference in 2009.
    On Thursday, the delegates were addressed by distinguished speakers including American civil rights campaigner Rev. Jesse Jackson and Des Browne MP, the British Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and former defence secretary. Other guests included Lord Falconer, Siobhan McDonagh MP, Simon Hughes MP, Keith Vaz MP and Sir Jimmy Savile.

    Did they know each other through Purdew?
    How and why did Savile get on this conference board?

    Did they know each other through Purdew?

  20. Not Jews, but converts

  21. Graffiti on the Falls Rd Belfast - "When the people who make the law break the law there is no law."






  27. I wonder why these three sentences JUMPED out at me and slapped me in the face, as I would wish it would JUMP out and slap the people's faces of Hampstead, UK, London:
    (These should have been in bold to make them more slappy):

    Lord Greville Janner, a top British Jew, "will not face prosecution despite credible evidence against him of historic child sex offences."

    Janner has been protected by the top people.

    Greville Janner lives in HAMPSTEAD

    slap, slap, slap, slap...


    1. Bournemouth has the most amount of underage prostitutes in the UK and the most amount of Tory voters in one city in the UK ...any connection???

  28. Someone needs to go to and straighten out Mr. Corbett and this Keelan Balderson on their turncoat tactics claiming that the Hampstead and Hollie Grieg cases are a hoax. This Keelan Balderson reiterates all the lies Pauffley spurned, exonerates forums like Anonymous and Reddit for outing alleged criminals but chastises the process of the Hampstead case, and Corbett just sits there sucking it all up. Appalling. Next time Corbett do your own research before relying on some half rate British hack.

    "What's kind of... annoying about all of this... is that you have all these people... clinging on to the original videos that they saw on facebook and what they believed first off and they've clinged on to that the whole time, and the children have been abused, they've been violently abused, hit, hit with spoons, sort of slapped around the ear and stuff like that, and, people are ignoring that because people would rather believe these ...FRANKLY IMPOSSIBLE ALLEGATIONS... it's an especially sad situation" -Keelan Balderson Corbett concurs.

    No, sad sad day for the Corbett Report.


    1. Aangirfan and others continue to open and delve into the very open Hampstead bedtime horror story...keep it coming til London sinks under the mud again...

  29. Wow, even the alt media are readying their forks over this one, guns a blazin'. Geez people, who's side are you on?

    The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns ((#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)


  30. The Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedria Murchevet is beset by fears of a pedophile ring. Here’s what they need to consider.
    By Menachem Kaiser|April 17, 2015 12:00 AM|

  31. Someone left a turd nugget on Baldersons doorstep:
    (we will see if he allows the comment but I will record it here for posterity)

    John Cantor
    It is no wonder why it took 4 years for you to get back on the CorbettReport and I have to say what an appalling bunch of crap that was, Corbett must have been hitting the sake' when he called you for an impromptu interview. All you did was reiterate the same lies that Pauffley spurned in her 'judgement'. The police DID NOT do a thorough investigation of the premises and people named in the allegations and you are entirely discounting the fact that the 'proof' of the allegations were TWO VIDEOTAPED CHILDREN telling what has happened to them, that IS the 'evidence' you moron. You seem to have no problem with the way information and allegation is made on forums like Anonymous and Reddit but denigrate the way this process was handled. You go on to say that the children were 'horrifically abused' by Christie but in the next breath state that they were hit on the head and hands with spoons "and 'sortof' slapped around the ear and stuff like that", which is it? Did you happen to do the research that stated that even Christie admitted that he was harsh reprimanding these children after he found them abusing each other, the family dog, threatened to kill them on the orders of their father, and tried to poison them with their feces? You didn't see that part did you? Or you did and are 'ignoring it'? You state that these allegations are "frankly impossible" when it is YOUR OWN precious Greville Janner, British Labour MP, WHO LIVES IN HAMPSTEAD, is causing a stir for HIS historic child abuse allegations, along with a plethora of your other politicians, so if this is going on in the HIGHEST OFFICES IN YOUR LAND, why would it be so circumspect to believe a 'Satanic Cult' is operating in and throughout an area that has been highly steeped in Occult folklore for centuries? I guess it would also be a far stretch to suggest the over 100,000 shell corporations registered in Hampstead, UK are part of an international arms racket that is also connected to the wealthy and protected amongst Hampsteads royalty and satanic elements. Are you suggesting that no satanic cults have ever existed inside a church setting? There is SO MUCH wrong with your statements on alt news that you have forever marked your territory Mr. Balderson, and I guess, so has Corbett.

    Did you pick up your paycheck for that article yet from the home office?



    1. profvonhelsing 6 days ago
      Nice troll and shill video, how much are thy paying you sad fuckers to peddle this dis info
      · 2

      UK Callum 5 days ago
      +profvonhelsing Don't knock it, mate. MI5 are paying us a fucking fortune! And we get to shag sexy Russian spies. Go on - you should sign up. You can come off benefits AND lose your virginity! Win win!



  34. Hiding in plain sight: the Talmud and 'jews' of eastern europe (khazar) have disproportionate influence and numbers in government, banks, education and law due to their sugar daddy the Rothschilds, the world's biggest bank and warmongers.
    The Talmud permits sex with boys under 9 years and 1 day, and baby girls.
    That's why there is an incessant campaign to lower the age of consent and the Paedophile Information Exchange enjoyed popular support among Israel-Firster MPs.

  35. Is buggering young boys a hate crime ? If you think it is then report it !

    To Police Superintendent Paul Giannasi

    pictured is Janner with the UK's top hate crime witchfinding cop.

    Paul Giannasi

    Paul is a Police Superintendent working within the
    Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom. He leads a
    cross-governmental hate crime programme which
    brings all sectors of government together to coordinate
    efforts to improve the response to hate crime from
    across the criminal justice system.

    Paul is the UK National Point of Contact to the Office for
    Democratic Institutions and Human Rights on hate
    crime and has worked to share good practice within the
    OSCE region and within Africa.

    Paul is also a member of the Association of Chief Police
    Officers (ACPO) Hate Crime Group and is coordinating
    the refresh of the ACPO hate Crime Manual which will
    guide all UK police officers and partners.

  36. Not sure if anyone else has picked up on this but Janner was well enough to sign a letter on April 9th of this year...



  39. Yes BBC interview with Ricky Dearman.

  40. “It is not in the public interest to put Lord Janner on trial because of his age and advanced dementia.”
    Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions
    Strange, but I don’t recall the DPP asking me, as a member of the public, if I thought it would be in my interest to prosecute Greville Janner. In fact, I’m sure I would have shouted PROSECUTE THE BUGGER! had I been asked. Somehow, I don’t feel alone in that. So, how did that decision get made by one DPP who represents ALL our interests in this matter without consulting ANY of us?
    Perhaps we should all email/write a letter/ text Alison and tell her it most certainly is in OUR interest that she prosecute Janner before he does a Leon Brittan. I’ve just emailed Saunders stating my part of the public interest in this matter.

    DPP contact details:
    Her direct DPP email address is:
    Write to: The DPP, Rose Court, “ Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS, UK
    Tel: 020 3357 0855(direct)

    We could also let her know we didn’t give our consent to prosecute in OUR interest: Melanie Shaw; Robert Green(Scotland); Ben Fellows; Julian Assange… nor do we see it in OUR interest to prosecute Sabine, Ella, Abraham, Neelu ….the list is endless.

    Following on from that, I have emailed a statement informing Alison Saunders of the public interest in prosecuting Judge Pauffley, Detective Constable Rogers and Detective Inspector John Cannon for fraud in the Hampstead case. There’s enough evidence to prosecute, and I KNOW it is in the public interest.
    Sure, the Director of Public Prosecutions is part of the control system and believes she has the power to refuse to prosecute her friends, but maybe she can only do that if we let her. We are the public after all, and it is in OUR interest that these Satanic paedo-sadist killers are stopped, isn’t it? The DPP is just a public servant who is supposed to act in OUR interest.
    Perhaps every individual member of the public who agrees it’s in the public interest to prosecute these three criminals, ought to email/write and let the DPP know it’s in the public interest? Please feel free to copy, add to, or use parts of the statement below if you like.
    I was wondering if there might be a way of keeping score of the amount of emails/letters/SMS’s sent to the DPP informing her of our/the public’s interest? …any suggestions?

    To Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

    RE: Your decision not to prosecute Greville Janner for the sexual rape and abuse of children, as "it is not in the public interest"

    As a member of the public, I am informing you, in your public servant role as Director of Public Prosecutions,
    that it most certainly IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST to prosecute Greville Janner for these despicable crimes.
    AND I remind you that it is your duty to listen to the PUBLIC before making any decisions in their interest.

    from one of the public, and a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 20th April, 2015

    contact address email: drifloud@

  41. “It is not in the public interest to put Lord Janner on trial because of his age and advanced dementia.”
    Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

    Strange, but I don’t recall the DPP asking me, as a member of the public, if I thought it would be in my interest to prosecute Greville Janner. In fact, I’m sure I would have shouted PROSECUTE THE BUGGER! had I been asked. Somehow, I don’t feel alone in that. So, how did that decision get made by one DPP who represents ALL our interests in this matter without consulting ANY of us?
    Perhaps we should all email/write a letter/ text Alison and tell her it most certainly is in OUR interest that she prosecute Janner before he does a Leon Brittan. I’ve just emailed Saunders stating my part of the public interest in this matter.

    DPP contact details:
    Her direct DPP email address is:
    Write to: The DPP, Rose Court, “ Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS, UK
    Tel: 020 3357 0855(direct)

    1. That the public should have a say in what constitutes the public interest... What a bizarre notion!

  42. What gets me is how many of these top brass are in the British Labour party. I hadn't realised who they really were until i read this. They are all stinking rich and part of the aristocracy, No the wonder the British Labour is so useless and doesn't represent ordinary people.

    1. its important for Zionists to have a base in all parties, even UKIP has a powerful 'Friends of Israel' group and all parties including UKIP are funded by Zionist Jews



  44. its very interesting that the BBC keep asking Yuri Geller his opinion about ord Janner, according to Geller Janner was unable to recognise Geller at a part he went to '2 or 3 ' years ago and was in Gellers opinion 'unfit to face trial' to give Geller a bit of credit he did mention he is Israeli and condemned the allegations if true ( while stating that in his opinion Janner was too gaga to stand trial)
    the thing I dont get is why all these people are used to cross reference each other? Maybe the BBC would ask Lord Janner to comment on Uri Geller if Geller is accused of something. In my view the BBC are being used as a cover up

  45. Hi Aang, thanks for all the work you've done, are doing and will continue to do in the future.
    I understand you have your own sources, but has there been any evidence published, on the net or MSM, regarding Janner being the head of the child murdering Dolphin Sqr group as I have been following the case but would have missed that. I've only seen him identified as an abuser (as opposed to kiddie-killer whom (I'd like to believe, at any rate) the thoroughly apathetic, vaccinated, medicated, flurodated British public would rise up against in the time-honoured tradition of a howling, torched and pitchforked mob).

    If the public have been made aware of what you claim and have collectively looked at their shoes then I would find that rather disappointing, truth be told.

    1. The Dolphin Square group - The Mail refers to Janner being investigated in connection with this group. The Leicester child abuse case - The Mail refers to Janner and Beck as being the alleged heads of this group.

      - Aangirfan

  46. *fluoridated (above).

  47. Thanks Aang,
    I will look into these cases again with fresh eyes as to what has been reported, inferred and alluded to vis-a-vis Janner.

  48. The Rape of Justice

    The DPP's decision not to have a trial on the facts is because Janner is no longer an 'ongoing risk' to the public, but what about justice for his victims?

    1. And what about obtaining a thorough judicial compilation of the facts for the prosecution of the numerous 'authorities' who for decades have been involved in perverting the course of justice?

  49. Hi everyone. Yet another great article by this unknown reporter here. Thousand and thousand of views, daily reports about crimes ignored by media and police.

    I simply ask: even if only 1 out of 10 of these reports are true... How possibly can human beings be still - without protesting and persecuting these crimes - and accept all of this?

    I mean that abusing and killing the young is the worst crime ever done by mankind. Even the bible reports the historical fact that sacrifice of the young was a madness of the past (thousand of years ago...).

    Worst of all, these crimes seem to be a notalbe part in a wicked system that creates slaves and terrorize the feeble ones. Waking up and react to all of this seems the only sane solution in my opinion.

    A Concerned Citizen.

    1. I like the cut of your jib. "Madness of the past" is the esoteric occult power of the "elite" in the present. What is the power in human sacrifice? -THEY know. Adrenochrome? Certain organs, such as Savile was alleged to harvest, such as pineal, thyroid, pituitary, adrenals? Added potency to voodoo/vodun/Qaballa? The priests at Solomon's Temple, the rebuilding of which is the penultimate Freemason goal, THEY knew- child sacrifice was the highest form of worship there, done to enter the seventh door- today's "elite", who already have all the money, already have all the power, construct our "reality" so that humanity continues to breed, then fosters wars, poverty, drug abuse, destruction of the family, etc., all so as to create vulnerable populations upon which to feed. They have kept humanity in thrall for millennia, maybe much, much longer- when we finally learn all of their secrets, humanity will finally be free to rise above to the next plane of existence, but only when enough of us know the nature of the fight- suffice it to say that this horrendous treatment of children must be stopped once and for all, all across the globe- many are aware, the fight goes on in many countries, proving all races are capable of decency- except, to my mind at least, for one......but something tells me these are not quite fully human- perhaps Neanderthal, or whatever-but the point is to tell these tales, as Aangirfan most nobly has done- far and wide, and insist on justice, or else.....

  50. Hi aang. I'd like to point your attention on Barry Chamish and the books by Rabbi Marvin Antelman: TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE. The info these books deliver are simply stunning. I knew that in Nazi germany there were only two flags permitted to be raised: the nazi and the star of david. The Rabbi's books explain that the Labour Zionism had camps in Germany were jews learned how to live in a Kibbutz, before they travel to the soon-to-be-created israel.
    Chamish exposes the Sabbatian Frankism and how they acted in the WWII.



  51. ‘Cover-ups ?’ – Lord Greville Janner

  52. The Missing Janner File

  53. A Daily Mail article confirmed Lord Janner's crimes were known to the forces of law and order in Leicester, yet the local police chief Michael Hirst, a close friend and fellow Freemason, worked to ensure that he was never brought to justice.

    (There are many similarities in the modus operandi with the Hampstead case.)

    At one point, when the ‘untouchable’ Parliamentarian is threatened with exposure, in a messy court case, local detectives falsify criminal evidence in an effort to protect him.

    (Retractions were coerced from the Hampstead children by Barnet Police.)

    Soon afterwards, the politician sends ‘heavies’ to knock on the doors of witnesses, in the hope of intimidating them into staying silent.

    (Ten officers intimidated Ella at home forcing her to flee abroad for safety.)

    Then allies in City Hall instruct staff to shred documents that might result in his repellent activities becoming public.

    (Websites and Facebook pages of the accused deleted or altered.)

    Finally, the police chief launches an organised campaign to destroy the reputation of a brave whistle-blower who is attempting to expose the whole, stinking business.

    (There is a concerted online campaign to destroy Abraham and Ella.)

    As a result, the abuse continues unchecked, on an industrial scale. Dozens, if not scores, more vulnerable children are abused. Many still bear the scars to this day.

    (There are twenty families and their children still inside this cult.)

  54. Geller & Netanyahu

    Former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu invited me to his home for a long chat. He’s my tip to be Israel’s next leader, and his son Avner is such a bright lad that I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a political dynasty in the making.

  55. My celebrity guest on Saturday was the Magician of Westminster, Lord Greville Janner. Though he has a penchant for card tricks, Greville didn’t join the contestants on stage. Just as well — he was having so much fun, I suspect he might have won the phone-in vote!

  56. Geller is seemingly related to Sigmund Freud.

    I didn't hypnotise her - the human brain is so powerful that there's no need to trick it. We can face any fear if we believe in ourselves. And I didn't delve into her past to discover the root of her phobia - despite everything my ancestor Sigmund Freud would say, I don't believe the past is half as important as the present. What matters is what we think, feel and do right now.

    I urged Gwawr to visualise herself in the butterfly house, in the midst of butterfly clouds and feeling safe and protected. I told her to imagine every butterfly was a paper-thin wafer of motherly love. And then I invited her to take a stroll round a butterfly house with me.

    The look on her face was marvellous as Gwawr and I strolled through a forest of butterflies, with the camera crew at our elbow. Without tablets, ointments or therapies, she had cured herself with the power of her mind. The following day, when she was back on Anglesey and I was in Israel once more, she emailed to tell me: "As soon as I got home, I walked straight into the butterfly house - and I didn't even flinch!"

    That experience was fresh in my mind when I met Nikesh Arora, the head of Google in Europe, to deliver an energising talk to some of his brightest brains. Israel's high-tech industries are on a par with California, so it makes sense for Google to be recruiting in Tel Aviv.

  57. I ALMOST committed a heinous crime in the House of Lords this week — when I reached for my wallet at the end of the meal. Greville Janner, whose guest I was, reacted with horror, “Good Lord, no!” he exclaimed. “Only Lords are allowed to pay at the Lords!”
    Baroness Blatch fetched me a stern stare from down the table.
    I folded my hands meekly.
    Blatch is a great friend of Israel, and I was delighted to have the chance to thank her for speaking up so bravely for my beleaguered country in recent months — but I wouldn’t dare incur her displeasure, especially by something as serious as a breach of Parliamentary etiquette.
    The meal was superb, by the way.
    The young chef created a vegetarian platter especially for me and, of course, I repaid him by bending a selection of his kitchen cutlery.
    I’d expected nothing less than gourmet fare — the Lords have a lot more sense than the
    MPs in many departments, and one of them is definitely the cuisine.

  58. Uri Geller got his credentials at the Esalen Institute and SRI, researching 'mind-control' along with a whole bunch of other Satanic characters, like General Stubblebine and Ira Einhorn, the "psychic mafia."

  59. funny thing is growing up never liked uri geller , jimmy saville didnt know why . gut instinct?

  60. Janner family call for "Nick" to be prosecuted for perverting course of justice over Exaro "VIP paedo ring" nonsense