Friday 1 May 2015

Boyd Bushman - Antigravity - UFOs





  3. Hello Aangirfan, very pleased to see you embrace this story.
    The Hunt for Zero Point.
    This is a great source on the subject of anti-gravity, it is written by Nick Cook who was an Aerospace journalist at Jane's Defense at the time. It is a history of the anti gravity program in the US and observes that the program seemed to achieve success in the late 1950s and then go-completely black,These were the triangles that hundreds saw in Belgium in around 1990. They were not aliens, they were real "secret team" aircraft.
    All the people who saw it say stuff like "It couldn't belong to humans" but they have no idea actually what humans have and they are trained whenever they see a "spacecraft" to immediately imagine it is aliens from another planet, almost all the actual craft belong to the shadow government it seems, though there are a lot of other strange things.