Saturday 21 June 2014


Allegedly Elliot Rodger stabbed to death his three roommates - James Hong, David Wang and George Chen - in their apartment.

The victims' parents have told the Washington Post that they visited the crime scene and saw no blood on the walls or ceiling.

They say that they are frustrated by authorities' handling of the case.

It seems unlikely that the slightly built Elliot Rodger would have been able to overpower the three. 


  1. of course, it was just a damm hoax

  2. Thanks for this post.
    Let me help and add this. For some reason there stops being any mention of the Virgin Killer living in an independent living facility, even in the alternative media. The last I could find was 27 May. No blood yes, three young men killed by 1 mentally ill kid in a space of a 6 ft by 5 ft? And with a knife, hammer, and machete? Duke Nukem wasn't bad ass enough to do that. Then changes weapon of choice to a couple of guns to shoot at women?

    Now look at the connections between UC Santa Barbara and the Independent Living Institute. Well it shouldn't be hard. There are only two employees at the Independent Living Institute Santa Barbara and one of them is also an instructor at UCSB.

    Why do all the recent reports mention lease and apartment managers. Who assigns the residents? If three young college really did slaughtered, the parents aren't doing a very good job of raising a stink.