Friday 14 June 2024

Kids groomed for work as drug mules


Children as young as 12 groomed for work as drug mules. › crime › 

Children as young as 12 are being groomed to work as drug mules by dealers in almost 100 gang operations in the West Midlands.

UK gangs target younger children to use as drug mules

Thousands of children used as drug mules by 'county lines ...

Thousands of children used as drug mules by 'county lines ...

The Independent

"The coercion of children into drug dealing is traumatic and puts them at great risk - they are often forced to carry drugs inside their bodies, ...


At 14 June 2024 at 04:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pigs in masks raiding a couple of houses, grabbing a few bags of weed in their highly publicised raid 'picking off' a few clowns 'doing drugs'. Drugs warrants are almost exclusively executed first thing in the morning and have a 'shelf life of 28 days' - because of the nature of user/dealers.

Added to that a packaged narrative from a fairy story of rape exploitation and violence. Where's the evidence though???? A guy in a mask talking to someone.

Show me 1 street corner with a trafficked North African child dealing coke. County lines is just another pile of tripe in the fake story if street narcotics.

The article in The Guardian was describing thousands of children being trafficked to fill a role of street dealers in the cocaine industry in the UK.

As a regular visitor to Edinburgh, Glasgow and London I've only ever come across a few 'Roadmen' selling in Camden High Street whom we're all locals. No North African kids I'm afraid. The Roadmen would f##£ them up in 2 seconds.

Street dealing does exist as does many others foms of dealing, however, saying something exists and having actual proof is two different things.

Street dealing is nigh on impossible as is running around county lines because of the inherent risk. CCTV, ANPR phone packet data etc makes it almost impossible to deal drugs openly the UK. Not that easy in a surveillance state.

As for the fictional video - makes a great 'straight to TV' unverifiable docudrama. Buzzwords like county lines modern day slavery, victim hood. Nice!


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