Sunday 19 May 2024

Digitised on the cheap

  Blackrock, linked to Rishi Sunak
by Elle Hunt

'Last year British taxpayers spent 800 years waiting to speak to the tax people HMRC. This is the price of a world digitised on the cheap...'

Rubbish music, chatbots and online queues: welcome

'In taking stock of how we spend our days, no one likes to think of all the hours we’ve spent on the phone to the tax office. Yet that and other necessary administrative evils are increasingly taking up our precious time.

'Taxpayers spent an accumulated total of almost 800 years on hold on the phone with HM Revenue & Customs last year, according to the National Audit Office, the government’s spending watchdog...'

Rubbish music, chatbots and online queues: welcome

'A few days ago, a straightforward trip to the bank to deposit some cash into my account saw me referred from the ATM to the teller, defeating the point of having ATMs in the first place...'

Rubbish music, chatbots and online queues: welcome

'Yesterday I spent 40 minutes on hold on the phone trying to cancel a subscription that took five minutes to sign up to, and which promised I could cancel “anytime”...
'Just this morning, I spent another 40 minutes “chatting” with representatives from BT after my billing history had vanished from my online account. Somehow my login details had come mysteriously untethered from the record of my very real (and steadily increasing) payments.'...
'Yes, security is important – but do I need three separate codes texted to me just to access my broadband bills? ...

Rubbish music, chatbots and online queues: welcome

Linda Raine - Linda Raine

I have contacted your bank 3 times by telephone to advise you thatyou keep sending me someone else’s details via email.
I do not bank with you and never have.
Bank of Scotland
Hi Linda, I'm Lynne. I'm sorry to read your message and that this hasn't been resolved. We are unable to arrange for someone to call you. 

GMail doesn't sync with "new" Outlook 

Reddit · r/Office365


More than 6,000 UK bank branches now gone in nine years

Gross Glockner in Austria.

Log into Gab ?
Increasingly, people read 

- 'Invalid Email or password'.

Increasingly people are avoiding the internet


"You only have 1 try left to log on. If we can't verify you after 5 tries, you'll need to reset your log-on details and try again."

I have been to my bank so many times to ask them to allow me into my account. 

Come on Bank of Scotland. 

"At worst, the bank was dangerously out-of-control and riddled with fraud and alleged criminality, having been pump-primed by its management to deliver maximum short-term profits growth and maximum rewards for executives, irrespective of whether its lending was reckless or whether the bank had a chance of surviving long term — or whether its shareholders, creditors, depositors, customers and staff got burnt."

The Worst Bank in the World?

 Ian Fraser
 22 Jun 2012

'I am unable to log into my Bank of Scotland account.

'Several times I have had to go to my local branch to point this out and get this sorted.'



"Island banks being closed....dress it up as you like the actions of BoS are a national disgrace...profit before people...

Donna Melvin
Here I am again, after many hours of trying to resolve FOUR open complaints with you, stretching over FIVE years. Back on the phone on hold.....

18 Nov 2021 — Three of the UK's largest banks are having problems with their online banking, with thousands of people unable to access their accounts. Lloyds, ...

Bank of Scotland

X · BankofScotland
1 year ago

We know some of our customers are having issues logging onto Internet and Mobile Banking at the moment. We're sorry for this and we're ...

28 Apr 2023 — CUSTOMERS of Bank of Scotland have been reporting issues with their app and online banking 


We've been doing a little survey on TECH - eg internet banking, Google, Facebook, Gab, phones etc.

I have surveyed UK people of various ages

My impression is that internet banking is a nightmare for most people. 

One gets continually blocked and shut off fom one's bank. Our advice - avoid internet banking, especially Bank of Scotland (Lloyds).

GAB is too difficult to sign up to.

More and more people are leaving Facebook after getting cut off too many times .

Google only seems to be for adverts for sometimes duff products


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Two points: a) 14 years ago Blackwater was renamed Xe Services - all branches operate under that name. Also b) Flight 77 did NOT smash into the Pentagon on 9/11 - it was a Raytheon A3 Sky Warrior wheel base that was found in the wreckage of the Pentagon. "Raytheon’s Top People Tied to the Global Hawk Remote-Controlled UAV Aircraft Systems, All Died on 9/11

Alexandra BruceWhat this piece is generally positing is that it was a decommissioned, retrofitted Douglas A3 Skywarrior attack jet, armed with a missile, which impacted with the Pentagon on 9/11 – and that coincidentally, 5 top officials and engineers from Raytheon happened to be on 3 of the 4 doomed flights and were killed, on that day." see


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