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Dr. Vernon Coleman

A young Dr. Vernon Coleman on ITV regional news - July 1981

Vernon Coleman

Whilst working for The Sunday People, Coleman wrote that if children diagnosed with autism were "stuck up to their necks in a vat full of warm sewage for 10 hours they would soon learn some manners"

- and that diagnoses of hyperactivity and autism were "misused by middle-class, aspirational parents to excuse the behaviour of their obnoxious children."[28]

Following the article, autism charities received phone calls from distressed parents.

The Chairman of the East Anglian Autistic Support Trust, Owen Spencer-Thomas, whose elder son has severe autism, condemned Coleman's remarks as "irresponsible, medically unsound and deeply hurtful" to families that had a child with autism. Spencer-Thomas challenged Coleman to spend 24 hours caring for his son in the presence of fully trained carers who understood the effects of autism.

Coleman declined and refused to withdraw his remarks leading to an investigation by the Press Complaints Committee.[29] During his time at the paper, Coleman was again censured by the Press Complaints Commission for making misleading medical claims.[5][30]

Coleman became a self-published author in 2004 after Alice's Diary, a book about his cat, was turned down by traditional publishers.[30][8]

AIDS denial

Writing for The Sun newspaper in 1989, Coleman denied that AIDS was a significant risk to the heterosexual community.[31]

He later claimed AIDS is a hoax, writing, "it is now my considered view that the disease we know as AIDS probably doesn't exist and has never existed".[32]

Such claims have been rejected by the medical community.[33]

On 17 November 1989, The Sun published an article under the headline "Straight sex cannot give you AIDS—official", claiming "the killer disease AIDS can only be caught by homosexuals, bisexuals, junkies or anyone who has received a tainted blood transfusion".

The following day, Coleman supported The Sun's claims with an article under the headline "AIDS—The hoax of the century", similarly claiming AIDS was not a significant risk to heterosexuals, that medical companies, doctors and condom manufacturers were conspiring to scare the public and had vested interests in profiteering from public service announcements, and that moral campaigners were attempting to frighten young people into celibacy to establish traditional family values. Coleman also claimed gay activists were "worried that once it was widely known that AIDS was not a major threat to heterosexuals, then funds for AIDS research would fall".[34][31]

Journalist David Randall argued in The Universal Journalist that the story was one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice in recent history.[35]


At 25 May 2024 at 06:33 , Blogger Kitty Kat said...

But he is correct about confidentiality. He is correct about discrimination against people with a mental condition such as depression. A mental illness is held against people with it by employers and society in general. Doctors sould protect privacy.

At 25 May 2024 at 06:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coleman is right about the covid scam. But wrong about his autism comments, although he was young when he said it. Autism is from vaccines.

At 25 May 2024 at 16:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always multiple sides to the same autism coin. An idiot savant autist adult male assaulted and battered me during my attempt to examine him in response to an “urgent consult”. By “urgent” the referring physician meant he was too afraid to examine the eyeball because the the idiot savant was too dangerous, combative, assaultive. In the immediate aftermath of the battering, the idiot savant’s mother brought a challenge to my professional standing and medical license through Washington States Medical Quality Assurance Commission and a particular University of Washington medical center located in Renton terminated me without cause and without due process amidst the MQAC investigation.
My former employer, their disability carrier and WA LNI fought my injury claim in continuum for the past 7+ years only to find on the MRI exam they opposed herniated discs and severe cervical spinal stenosis at several levels. Their employee health nurse fabricated events, testimony and documents on a man she acknowledged at trial that she never met AND the BIIA (Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals) found this same cunt RN the most truthful witness. The judge cited this cunt’s testimony about places I’ve never been and doctors I never met in places the doctor examiner never existed.
So yeah, the autists have it bad. I guess it all depends on the identity of the autist’s mother.

Nobody yet, neither the WA state LNI, BIIA judge, WA State Superior Court judge, The MQAC, UW Medicine nor the pediatric ophthalmologist from The Medical Commission determinedthe cause of the autist’s eye injury.
Who do you think is the most likely culprit, mom or caregiver grandma?
Would you pay $10,000 for this idiot savant’s artwork?
What do you think was the outcome of the idiot savant’s prosecution for felony assault? Assault on a court employee or hospital caregiver is class C felony in Washington state.


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