Thursday 28 March 2024

Moscow concert hall - 140 confirmed dead

'The final death toll from the Moscow concert hall terrorist attack could be much higher than the 140 confirmed dead, with Russian state investigations saying they have received 143 reports about people who were missing.'


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Moscow Crocus attack 'strategy of tension'

As visible in Aangirfan's post links, Slavland Chronicles and Edward Slavsquat document the angst across Russia as ordinary Russians have questions that remain unanswered, more added here:

- Nearby police and Russian national guard seem to have been 'standing down' during the attack, with exits locked and blocked to increase death toll, 70% of victims dying from fire, toxic smoke and building collapse rather than gunfire ... some wonder about controlled demolition

- The Azeri-Jewish Crocus building owners verbally claim sprinkler systems etc were working ... but this seems missing from videos, with some Russians and even John Helmer, repeating accusations that the entire complex was built with poor materials without mandatory safety features

- John Helmer gloats that there are no large-scale anti-Muslim protests in 'non-Nazi' multi-cultural Russia
but Helmer doesn't mention such protests would be dangerous, leading to arrests and possible long prison terms ... and in fact there is much public worry on Russian social media about 'migration' (see Slavland Chronicles above), with even Russian officials promising new enforcement and review of migration laws

'Russia' and the 'West', are they really enemies? ... or is it that both 'sides' are linked to 'strategy of tension' false flags ... Russia being undermined in this case ... the West undermined in others?


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