Thursday 28 March 2024

Moscow attack video


At 28 March 2024 at 12:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patsies and not the actual 'terrorists'

The US-gov-supported media 'Radio Free Europe', is broadcasting how the alleged Tajik 'terrorists' in Russia seem to be simple, gentle people ... and thus perhaps 'patsies' whilst the real culprits are still at large. RT reviews that material here

Tho this is broadcast by the US gov media, to stoke tensions inside Russia, many Russians agree there is much suspicious

Even Australian-Jewish Moscow journalist John Helmer, closely linked to Russian officials, writes of how the alleged 'terrorists' seem un-connected to radical Islam or religious ideology

Tho Helmer supports the offical Russian story these Tajiks 'did it for money' ... which many Russians and others find laughable. The alleged 'payment' was 500,000 rubles, not much more than about $5000, when basic low salary in Russia is equivalent of about $1000 per month, illegals in Russia earning this as well

Even stupid people have seen news and fictional films about 'terror attacks', and realise the possibility of escape alive is slim

And yet these 'ignorant' people accomplished a huge amount of professional-level damage and killing in a mere matter of minutes

The Russian 'story' is that these Tajiks - mostly not speaking Russian - 'agreed' for a tiny amount of funds from some anonymous person, to go into the heart of Moscow and kill over a hundred people, trusting an 'escape' plan?

It was perhaps easy for Russian security services, to grab several not-legally-in-Russia Tajiks, and threaten both them and their families with death, unless they 'confessed' to crimes linking with Ukraine ... and then find some 'cyber' evidence etc


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