Sunday 24 March 2024

Kate - Nostradamus - Russia - Hodge

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“[Nostradamus said]: ‘A man who never expected to become king will assume the throne. Three beautiful children are born near the coast. They will ruin people when they [come of age]. They will change the kingdom and you will no longer see it grow.’

“[Mhoni Vidente said:] ‘The vision I have is that [Catherine] has already passed away. And the person who is in her place is a double ... Kate died in January … [The] woman they are preparing will come to the open in the month of June’”


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DAILY TELEGRAPH: ‘Wild conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton are being spread by Russia and China’

The Telegraph, which is thought to be aligned with the security services, reports the alleged claims without identifying any of the supposed ‘sources’ who purportedly raised them.

China, Russia and Iran are fuelling disinformation about the Princess of Wales to destabilise the nation, Whitehall sources believe.

“Senior Government figures fear that hostile states are behind the spread of wild conspiracy theories and online rumours surrounding the Princess’s health …

“A government source told The Telegraph: ‘Part of the modus operandi of hostile states is to destabilise things – whether that is undermining the legitimacy of our elections or other institutions’ …

“The Defending Democracy Taskforce, which is chaired by Tom Tugendhat, the security minister, and includes members of the security services as well as Home Office and science department officials, focuses on the role of rogue state actors in spreading disinformation …

“One area under consideration is boosting the role of fact-checking organisations …

“Another option being studied by the taskforce is whether social media companies can contain the speed at which disinformation is shared on their platforms …

“Palace sources have spoken of hopes that the social media giants might use the furore to tighten up systems …

“A government spokesman said: ‘… When fully implemented, under the Online Safety Act, platforms will be required to swiftly remove illegal misinformation and disinformation …’”


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Zionist ‘children’s champion’ Margaret Hodge slams George Galloway over Kate Middleton comments

* Margaret Hodge is Tony Blair’s former Children’s Minister who led Islington during the Islington Council pedophilia and child trafficking scandal; whose second husband Henry Hodge was a member of the executive of the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was affiliated with the Paedophile Information Exchange which encouraged pedophiles to patronise the Elm Guest House; whose nephew Philip Edmonds was staying with his sons at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz at precisely the time Madeleine McCann was abducted (abruptly flying out within hours of the news of her disappearance without checking out); and whose sister was working in Tavistock Square when a bus in the Square was blown up by a suicide bomber during the 7/7 attacks of 2005.

“Labour's Dame Margaret Hodge said: ‘[George Galloway’s] comments are abhorrent. Perpetuating such vile conspiracy theories is disgraceful …’”

“Mr Galloway … [had written] online: ‘… There’ve been three faked photos and millions of rumours … Is she dead …?’

“[He added]: ‘It’s clearly not Kate Middleton in the Sun video’ … ‘It’s a woman 20 years younger … Kate hasn’t been seen in public since Christmas Day,…’”


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