Thursday 15 February 2024

What if the Exodus from Egypt was a fake story?


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An interesting idea, is that some of Jewish-Abrahamic religion goes back to an earlier 'original model' of tyranny, 'Plato's Republic' ... which some including Karl Popper have argued, may be one of the most destructive writings of history

Readers are often shocked to find that the Socrates-Plato 'ideal society' was one where elite rulers controlled history itself, and past culture was 'erased', Orwell-style, unless it suited present totalitarian goals. Family life also was subsumed to the control of a Sparta-like totalitarian state. It is not a pleasant picture.

Elites determine what is 'good' ... and what is censored and banned. Was Plato the original 'Klaus Schwab'?

Abrahamics can be seen as partly following this model, with the creations of the Jewish scriptutres, Christianity, and Islam. Past culture is wiped out ruthlessly, in service to the 'one true god'. The militant Jewish conquest state of the Bible written down in roughly the 200s BCE, is essentially another 'Sparta' as Plato much admired. Christian Crusades and Islamic conquests are other iterations.

This 'Platonic tyranny' theme was a focus by Karl Popper, and more recently by Slavland Chronicles, who writes:

"Figures like Socrates, Plato, and later still, Aristotle ... these men were the Bolsheviks or Jacobins or Cromwellians of their time.

In fact, all subsequent revolutions have followed the archetypical example of the Thirty Tyrants government in Athens.

Karl Popper explores this topic to make the argument that Communism is a Platonic conspiracy. [But] By blaming Plato for everything, Popper was trying to get the learned rabbis Marx, Lenin and Trotsky off the hook.

There was no one more smitten with Plato’s work than the Chosen people, who literally based their new religion and political identity on Plato and his glowing accounts of Sparta."

Zionism today, can be seen as another iteration of this, a ruthless self-justifying 'Sparta'


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