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Is Israel wrecking the USA?

Is Israel wrecking the USA?

Unknown commented on "‘Israel wants to resettle Palestinians in Egypt’"

Reportedly the bribe being offered Egypt by the West in exchange for accepting all surviving Gazans into the Sinai, is payoff cancellation of all of Egypt's crushing IMF loans

But even with Egypt's President Al-Sisi being himself of Jewish heritage -

Al-Sisi is not taking the deal, under heavy pressure from the Russia-China-Iran alliance, who have now taken control of international shipping in the region ... and who can thus destroy Egypt's Suez Canal income if they wish to do so. And Al-Sisi might not even be able to maintain power if he became the hated villain of Gaza defeat.

As John Helmer reports, ships with Chinese, Russian etc cargoes are sailing freely thru the Red Sea / Arabia / Iran region on the short route, safe passage co-ordinated with the Houthis and Iran 

... while Anglo-US-European cargo ships are forced to take the long route around Africa, hugely increasing consumer costs in the UK, US, Europe & Israel. Also, Chinese, Iranian and Indian warships are on the scene with Russian warships nearby

Tom Luongo writes about how history has quite shifted thanks to these Houthi actions against Israel-supporting powers - 200 years of British-USA sea shipping dominance is coming to an end.

Luongo sees that a key function of Israel had been to stoke conflicts to enable Anglo sea dominance in shipping in the region ... but the Chinese and Russians have patched up intra-Muslim rifts such as between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Syria, Turkey and others, and most everyone is seeing they will be better off under more 'neutral' dominance of the East

Luongo further writes on how the Chinese-led future is being further sealed, by the slow end of the dollar as a US debt & sanctions tool, being led by the Chinese, and this has been going on for 10 years.

First with Russia in 2014 and now with countries like Indonesia, China is offering 'dollars' to pay off debt pressures, with loans of Chinese yuan that can be repaid later. The Chinese recently opened a 'swap line' for Saudi Arabia, to end their link to the dollar and replace it with a Chinese currency link.

As the Chinese successfully argue, at least with debt in yuan you only need to worry about trying to earn money ... there are no 'sanctions' problems as so many countries have if they are using 'dollars' ... better to start avoiding currencies from 'sanctioning' nations like the USA, UK & EU ... this of course means increasingly hard times in the West


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‘I intend to be the first Jewish American president’, says contender for Democratic nomination

Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips says Biden ‘cannot win’ against Trump

“‘I intend to be the first Jewish American president in our history’, [says Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips] …

“To get anywhere near the presidency, Phillips would need to overcome a Democratic party already working hard to re-elect its incumbent president …

“Given the president’s age, though, staying in the race longer could be a hedge in case something were to happen to Biden.”

“‘You can’t win a national election with 33% approval numbers’, Phillips said …

“‘And I don’t understand why I’m the only one out of 250-some Democrats in Congress to simply say the quiet part out loud: he cannot win the next election …’”

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Dr John Campbell.

Sobering look at excess deaths in several countries including the UK.

Huge numbers of deaths. Data collected from OECD.

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