Saturday 30 September 2023

Patrick Wintour, the Guardian, Ukraine

'Wintour's second wife is Rachel Sylvester, a journalist for The Times.[7]'

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James Bond and the merchants of death and tyranny

In a new article decorated with a laughable ‘James Bond-style’ illustration of Russians looking villainous contrasted with a ‘matinee idol’ Zelensky (imagined as a soulful hybrid of George Michael and Jesus of Nazareth) Patrick Wintour, the Guardian’s ‘resident asset of the Intelligence agencies’, crows that:

- “The EU has committed more than €5bn (£4.3bn) in military assistance to Ukraine” … “the first time that European institutions have directly provided [a state with] military assistance, including lethal aid”

- “As many as 500,000 [have been] killed or wounded”

- A formal decision to open membership negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova is now due in December”

- “The rationale for a new wave of European integration looks increasingly hard to question [sic]”

All this triumphalism notwithstanding, Mr Wintour worries on behalf of certain Intelligence agencies, or a faction thereof, that the carnage and killing might end too soon — jeopardising plans for a continental EU Superstate in lockstep with Langley and Tel Aviv, and reducing profits for the ‘death industry’.

He writes:

“Is the EU truly willing to keep the war at the top of its agenda … Is it serious about its promise [threat] of EU enlargement to the east … Can the EU truly become more sovereign …?”


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