Tuesday 22 August 2023

The return of Tony Blair

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The return of Tony Blair

“… Mr. Blair is suddenly, and rather remarkably, back in favor …

“…[When] Mr. Starmer became party leader in 2020, he initially kept Mr. Blair at arm’s length. Now, their ties are so warm that when the former prime minister recently celebrated his birthday at a London restaurant, Mr. Starmer dropped by to wish him well …

“With about 800 staff members … [the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has had] influence over the Conservative government, [Jill Rutter] said, pointing to Mr. Blair’s proposal during the coronavirus pandemic to structure its vaccine program around GIVING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE A FIRST SHOT …

“If Labour wins power, more possibilities for influence would open up for Mr. Blair …

“‘The question is whether Blair … [will] be looking to be … a power behind the throne,’ she said …”



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