Tuesday 20 June 2023

Russia is ready to attack those bases.

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President Putin speaks publicly of readiness for direct war with NATO in Europe - if attacks on Russian forces originate in a base in Poland, Romania or Germany, Russia is ready to attack those bases, as journalist John Helmer reports:


There is a great potential here for a false flag. Russians can claim an airplane came from Poland to attack Russia or Russian forces ... NATO can deny it. Whose 'surveillance' to believe?

To this day, some still argue whether Germany staged a 'false flag' attack by Poles against Germans in August of 1939 ... or whether Poles staged a provocation to incite a war desired by Britain and others ... leading to the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939.


From the official Kremlin website, Vladimir Putin speaking and answering questions in St Petersburg, Friday 16 June 2023:


President Putin:

"Of course, NATO is becoming involved in the war in Ukraine. There are deliveries of military hardware, heavy equipment. Now they are considering supplies of aircraft as well. ... The tanks are burning; including the Leopards ... It is now confirmed that 30 percent of supplied heavy armoured equipment [by NATO] has been destroyed.

The F-16s [fighter jet planes] will be burning too [when delivered by NATO], no doubt about it.

But if they are located at air bases outside Ukraine and are used in hostilities, we will have to think about how and where we can hit the resources that are used against us in the hostilities. There is a serious danger of NATO’s further involvement in this armed conflict."


Other remarks of Putin at the above event:

"The war in Ukraine, in its southeastern parts, was started by the Kiev regime with the support of its Western sponsors in 2014. People try to avoid this subject in the West. But I have to say that aviation, tanks and artillery were used against Donbass. What was that if not a war? It is a war. And it has been going almost for nine years now. Then our so-called partners, our counter-partners publicly refused to settle the conflict peacefully. This forced us to use our Armed Forces in an attempt to put an end to this conflict."

"Well, the Poles have their own goals; they dream of retaking Western Ukraine. And, apparently, they are gradually moving towards this goal."

"It is certainly theoretically possible to use nuclear weapons. For Russia, it is possible if there is a threat to our territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty, an existential threat to the Russian state.

We have more such nuclear weapons than NATO countries. They know about it and never stop trying to persuade us to start nuclear reduction talks. Like hell we will, right?"



At 20 June 2023 at 20:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the source of the Rothschild quote on Putin being NWO traitor? Like to share it, but cant w/out source

At 20 June 2023 at 21:19 , Blogger Anon said...

Can't find any original source on Putin NWO traitor. - Aangirfan


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