Tuesday 27 June 2023

Albania - Tirana - Crime


"Perhaps Tirana is more than just a crime syndicate hotspot ..."

 Anonymous -

Why Edinburgh?

Why not you might say. 

It appears Edinburgh needs 3 flights per week to Tirana starting mid December. 

Is it just me that finds an obscure backwater in a corner of Southern Europe suddenly needs 3 flights per week?

(Further to my earlier comment on Wizz Air from Edinburgh to Tirana, Ryanair are adding 2 more flights to Tirana. Therefore we now have 5 flights per week from 2 different carriers. Because that makes sense - right?)

Clearly December isn't a good time to trial obscure routes to nowhere. Not a huge demand to head off to Tirana all the way through winter, you might think. However, Wizz Air disagree. They think it's a great time to trial this endeavour.

I wonder what Wizz Air know that we evidently don't. Wizz Air offer a few routes to Poland from Edinburgh and I imagine they would be popular with tourists and ex-pats, however, Tirana????

Not to be outdone though, apparently Liverpool needs 4 flights per week to Tirana also. 

Perhaps there are business, cultural or touristic ties I don't know of, however, forgive me for thinking that there may be some sinister Kalergi styled agenda or underhanded reason for this new adventure.

Maybe we could ask the newly appointed Privacy Council member, Humza Yousuf for an explanation. Given his new role as King Charles 3rd advisor in Scotland, he might know. 

Perhaps Tirana is more than just a crime syndicate hotspot and we should all be thinking of next year's summer holidays because it may very well be our last, should the climate emergency (communism) become our new reality.


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