Friday 26 May 2023

The Daily Mail on Brittan, Proctor, Hanley, Oldfield ...

According to the latest article in the Daily Mail - 


Certain top people accused of child abuse are actually innocent.

Among those accused by child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech / 'Nick' were Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the late Lord Brittan and former Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

Those he named as 'abusers' also included former prime minister Sir Edward Heath, late Labour MP Greville Janner, TV star Jimmy Savile, and security chiefs Sir Michael Hanley and Sir Maurice Oldfield, who were the heads of MI5 and MI6 respectively.

 Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald described Carl Beech's claims as 'credible and true'.

Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor was accused by Carl Beech of child murder and sex abuse.

Mark Watts, the co-ordinator of the FOIA Centre and former chief investigative reporter on Sunday Business, writes:

“In his summary of [barrister Collingwood Thompson’s] submissions to the court, the judge records:

“‘… One witness says he discovered a big envelope containing Polaroid photos of boys … “including lots of kids about 11-12 years old” …

Witness 15 states that, when aged 14, he was painfully “slippered” before being made to engage in anal intercourse … The defence wish to cross-examine MR PROCTOR about each of these alleged activities …’

Thompson went on to 2015, and the Met’s search of Proctor’s home under Operation Midland. He said that the prosecution had recently disclosed to the defence the schedule of items seized in the property search …

“The judge summarised Thompson’s submissions on the list of seized items in these terms:

“‘Those items on the list about which they particularly wish to question him are (DCJ/21) a school uniform and children’s underwear (aged 13-14yrs) bloodstained, (DCJ/22) school blazer, (DCJ /23) schoolwear stained …’”

Anonymous -

Harvey Proctor’s former employer, David Granby (now David Manners), 11th Duke of Rutland is a former lover of Ghislaine Maxwell whose sons attended Stowe School where a man alleges he was sexually abused by VIPs.

David Granby/Manners, 11th Duke of Rutland, is listed in the black book of Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein.

Stowe School’s ‘headmaster’, Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner, is the son of Ghislaine’s father’s business partner.

VIP guests at Stowe School during Dr. Wallersteiner’s headship have included Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour, Howard Lutnick, as well as Lutnick’s very close personal friend Sarah Ferguson, who was so close to Jeffrey Epstein that she’s admitted to having ‘borrowed’ money from him.

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe.

Stowe School alumni include business tycoon Richard Branson, who publicly endorsed Ghislaine’s allegedly fake charity, TerraMar. Branson owns a private Caribbean island neighbouring Epstein’s.

UK prosecutors moved to prosecute a former ‘headmaster’ of Stowe School for paedophilia offences.

Dr. Wallersteiner’s immediate predecessor, Jeremy Nichols, was friends with 'serial paedophile' (and friend of Prince Charles), Bishop Peter Ball.


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Christine Anderson MEP: It's about totalitarian control

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Christine Anderson MEP: “You cannot comply your way out of tyranny”


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