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Source – “…I’m absolutely terrified that the combination of vaccine passports and top-up vaccines is going to lead to mass depopulation, deliberate execution, potentially of billions of people. ~ Michael Yeadon, Ph.D. 

Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation? By Dr. Joseph Mercola Dr. Michael Yeardon Interview: From Dr. Joseph Mercola Since COVID-19
Muhammad Shehada @muhammadshehad2


To boost approval ratings, #Israel’s gov is planning a major military operation! Very telling when bombing & killing Palestinians & Arabs is a mainstream popular policy to stay in power.


At 9 April 2023 at 10:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Yeadon strikes me as being the ‘real deal’ and a decent person (if he’s a liar, he deserves an Oscar for the quality of his acting. But again, I personally suspect he is sincere.)

Still, I would find it reassuring if Mr. Yeadon could help us to fully trust him by telling us a little more about his background as the adopted son of a Jewish couple.

Specifically, who were Mr. Yeadon’s biological parents (occupations, nationalities, and social backgrounds, if known) and what happened to them? What were the reasons behind Michael being put up for adoption?

And the same general details in respect of Michael’s adoptive parents. What were his adoptive parents’ occupations, nationalities, and social backgrounds?

Were they observant Jews or non-observant Jews? How often did they attend synagogue? What were their political views, especially with regard to Jewish matters and the state of Israel? Was Michael Yeadon himself raised Jewish? What are Mr. Yeadon’s views on Jewish matters, the Jewish state, and Zionism?

If Mr. Yeadon could shed a little light on these matters in future interviews, I believe he could convince even more people to listen to and believe all that he has to say.

I realise that it’s not Mr. Yeadon’s job or duty to persuade people of his sincerity — he appears to have already done a great deal to ‘get the word out’ about the dangers of the covid jabs and boosters.

Nevertheless, since Mr. Yeadon seems to be a man with a good heart and conscience, he ought not to mind taking this additional step that would make it possible for more members of the public to listen to him and heed his warnings.

Some may still be hesitant to follow Mr. Yeadon’s advice because they feel they don’t know enough about background to fully trust him. There’s a sense that he knows a little more than he’s been willing to disclose thus far, and divulging a few more facts about his background could help the public to understand how he reached his conclusions.

Again, I personally suspect he is telling the truth and that he is sincere. I just want to know more about his adoptive parents, his childhood and teenage influences including possible trips to Israel, experiences with Judaism and his Jewish role-models, etc. etc. etc.


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