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The Wolfowitz Doctrine - the same people who created the Iraq War out of nothing, who got the West into the Afghanistan quagmire, and who backed Islamist fanatics in Syria ...

PETER HITCHENS: Who decided to send the SAS to Ukraine? What are they doing there? What would happen were they to be killed by Russian forces, or captured by them?


At 16 April 2023 at 05:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would happen were they to be killed by Russian forces, or captured by them?

If captured they would be betrayed by the political vermin in Whitehall (a direct written order) and left to die in a hole despite an extraction team being ready to go whilst duplicitous messages claiming "we are doing everything possible to extract them would be simultaneously broadcast by the BBC to their families and the nation.

Based upon a true story ref "Telephone Engineers"

At 16 April 2023 at 05:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser (seen here as an Obergruppenfuhrer while commanding the Das Reich division in Russia winter 1941) was unquestionably the ablest military commander in the Waffen SS. After the war he sought to reestablish the reputation of the SS and claimed that the foreign units of the SS were really the precursors of the NATO army."

Taken from pages 24/25 of 'Waffen SS at War' by A. J. Barker, Ian Allen Ltd., 1982, ISBN 0 7110 1099 4

At 16 April 2023 at 08:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spooky Prigozhin on Ukraine war, & Russian & Western deep states

Yevgeny Prigozhin is Russia's hugely popular commander of the Wagner mercenary group, regarded as the most effective Russians in combat in Ukraine

A rough but intelligent man, imprisoned in the past himself, Prigozhin makes use of ruthless convicts from Russian prisons in Ukraine, who are given pardons by Putin after they fight for Wagner for 6 months, as well as privately-paid recruits

Hugely critical of Russian oligarchs and leadership, Prigozhin yet survives, indulged by Putin despite his sharp words

photo of Prigozhin today

long ago - younger Putin with George W Bush at table, Prigozhin standing behind Bush

Henry Makow summarises a remarkable web posting of Prigozhin, who critiques 'deep states' inside both Russia and the West

Prigozhin says that deep states in both Russia and the West, are both making the war go very slowly, tho there is a huge amount of killing ... Prigozhin says Zelensky is sending wave after wave of Ukrainians to be killed by Russian artillery - Russia having much more ammunition - for very little reason:

"Every day before reaching the front line, Ukraine soldiers die by the hundreds, littering the road of death & surrounding fields with thousands of corpses & hundreds of burnt-out armored vehicles, going to the slaughter," says Prigozhin.

Prigozhin says the Russian side of the war is hindered by Russian globalist oligarchs and their hangers-on in Russian bureaucracy, who always hope to make 'deals' with the West, and go back to old ways

And Prigozhin says that the USA repeatedly orders Ukraine to hold back, even tho Zelensky has 200,000 troops ready to go on the offensive.

Prigozhin says that USA neo-cons rightfully fear an awakening of Russian patriotism that would crush the pro-Western 5th column inside Russia ... America prefers a slow process in which Russia is internally sabotaged, its globalists pushing for 'deals', its ethnic groups and minorities getting restive, Russia weakening from the inside

Prigozhin advises that Putin should just 'declare victory' given the destruction in Ukraine and the loss of nearly half its population since 1991, and for now, just try to consolidate what it holds ... whilst waiting for the next round of major war

Prigozhin original, machine translated
Makow summary, lower down in this article

Internal problems in Russia - which Prigozhin warns is the real goal of the USA - seem indeed to be happening, despite the 'sanctions' failure.
Chechens and others whom Russia has crushed and dominated in the past, now see their opening ... ethnic warlords are often in areas with significant deposits of minerals, oil and gas. Rolo Slavskiy writes:
'Russia is Experiencing a Wave of Muslim Terror On a Scale That We've Never Seen Before'


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