Thursday 6 April 2023

Daniel Greenberg


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Meet Daniel Greenberg: The orthodox Jew policing Parliament

“Two of Mr Greenberg’s children live in Israel, and he and his wife own a home in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem.” **

“Greenberg’s remit extends from advising members on registering interests to investigating alleged code of conduct breaches. He also oversees investigations into complaints made against MPs …

“… [An] article he wrote … during Covid [condemned] Charedim [strictly Orthodox Jews] for breaching lockdown restrictions and [called] for the wider community to ‘disown them’ …

“I’ve worked in proximity to Westminster and Whitehall for years, and while there are plenty of Jews in public life, it remains rare to encounter someone wearing a kippah, let alone a kippah and tzitzit …”


Anonymous -

Daniel Greenberg was appointed to Companion of the Order of the Bath in 2021.

We associate the Order of the Bath with Lord Louis Mountbatten, Lord Edwin Bramall, Heath Cabinet Secretary John Hunt - Baron Hunt of Tanworth, and General Sir Frank Edward Kitson.

@Ciabaudo: “Sir Frank Edward Kitson was Director of Stowe School from December 1991 until June 1993. He was also educated there before joining the military and rising to Commander-in-Chief UK Land Forces, a rank also held by Edwin Bramall … I find it almost inconceivable that Kitson was unaware of McGrath and Kincora”.

Sir Keir Starmer was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in 2014.


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