Thursday 9 March 2023


Ken McCallum, who led the MI5 response to the Skripal event.

'It is the perfect example of a modern propaganda narrative.

'Convoluted, contradictory, and physically impossible.

The Skripal Case 5 Years On: BS then, BS now...

'It twines together familiar cliches.

'The disputed and ever-evolving timeline, the timely bystander who happens to be a military officer, and the luckily timed “exercise” just prior.

'These are all items on the “false flag” checklist since at least 9/11, if not before.

The Skripal Case 5 Years On: BS then, BS now...

Bystander who happens to be a military officer

'There are further details that render the story a true farce, and an obvious psy-op.

'Reports that Skripal’s house was purchased for him by MI6 mean the idea there wasn’t constant surveillance of it absurd. 

'If the “assassins” ever went to that house, there would be film of it.

The Skripal Case 5 Years On: BS then, BS now...

'The UK government issued censorship orders (“D notices”) for any mention of Pablo Miller, an MI6 agent, Skripal’s handler and neighbor.

'Early reports that the Skripals were suffering from a fentanyl overdose were redacted after the fact.

'In the years since the Skripal “attack” rolled out “Novichok” has been allegedly used again, this time on Alexei Navalny.

'He didn’t die either...

'Now that Russia has shown they are willing to play along with globalist narratives, it may be time to “resolve” the Skripal issue.'


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