Wednesday 15 March 2023

GB News' Liam Halligan explains what the Chancellor's Spring Budget mean...


At 15 March 2023 at 21:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Kennedy Jr. links Anthony Fauci to the creation of Covid-19

- ‘Fauci began developing bioweapons for the Pentagon in 2002’
- ‘300 top scientists warned Obama in 2014 that Fauci’s highly dangerous bioweapons experiments risked a pandemic’
- ‘Following a 2014 moratorium on his experiments ordered by Obama, Fauci moved them to Wuhan, out of sight’
- ‘Fauci used American taxpayer dollars to fund the Chinese bioweapons research that created Covid-19’

“Beginning in 2002, Anthony Fauci got a 68% raise from the Pentagon for doing bioweapons development … [and] started doing all of [these ‘gain-of-function’ experiments]. In 2014, three [bugs] escaped … from different labs in the US. Congress held hearings on it. Everybody was angry, and 300 top scientists sent letters to Obama saying you got to shut down Fauci because he is going to create a pandemic. *

“So, Obama ordered a moratorium, and at that time Fauci had eighteen different gain-of-function experiments … around the US. He instead moved his stuff offshore to Wuhan, where he could do it out of sight … with the same people he was funding here, Ralph Baric and Peter Dazak … **

“Fauci funded the study that taught the Chinese military scientists … cutting-edge technology for building weapons of mass destruction. In other words, the study for how to create the clones and how to create a spike protein that could attach to a human lung and transplant it onto a coronavirus.

“[Fauci] also funded, through Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, a technique … for hiding human tampering on that virus after you've done it. Fauci gave Baric $212 million, and Baric developed [the] technique … Baric taught that to Shi Zhengli, the Chinese bat lady.

“USAID gave ten times what Fauci gave. The DOD was there [also]… Eco-Health Alliance [as well]. [“USAID and Eco-Health Alliance are CIA front groups”] ***

“The CIA modeled this outbreak in 2019 twice, the second time at Event 201 … Avril Haines co-hosted it with Bill Gates, and the head of the Chinese CDC, George Gao, was there. The virus was already circulating in Wuhan, nobody knew it, but George Gao had to know … [He] was the head of the Chinese CDC and their number one expert on coronaviruses.

“He comes to New York in October of 2019 and sits down with Avril Haines, the former director of the CIA, today the Director of National Intelligence … and they do a four-part simulation, and the fourth part is George Gao and Avril Haines talking about how do we get social media to censor people if they say this is from a lab leak.”


At 15 March 2023 at 21:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*The 300 scientists included four Nobel Laureates and scientists from Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, Yale, MIT, UCLA, Oxford and Princeton:

** “In October 2014 Obama announced a pause on Fauci's dangerous gain-of-function experiments … [So], Fauci, USAID (CIA), DOD, and other US government agencies worked with Dr. Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance and Dr. Ralph Baric to transfer Fauci's coronavirus research to Dr. Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. There is a well-documented scientific paper trail of Fauci funding Dr. Baric's bioweapons research and that knowledge being transferred to Dr. Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan lab.”

*** “The NIH ‘funded work similar to Baric’s at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which soon used its own reverse-genetics technology to make numerous coronavirus chimeras … The Chinese work was carried out at [a dangerously low] biosafety level’ … That’s why Senator Rand Paul accused Fauci of funding ‘supervirus’ research in the US and ‘making a huge mistake’ by trading the know-how to China.

“Fauci denied the accusation … But even Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director, told Congress … that he believes Fauci used American taxpayer dollars [from NIH, the State Department, USAID, and DOD] to fund the bioweapons research that created Covid-19.”

At 15 March 2023 at 21:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above is taken from Robert Kennedy Jr.’s recent interview with Jimmy Dore.


At 15 March 2023 at 21:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CIA is connected to 2001 anthrax attacks, says Robert Kennedy Jr.

‘Anthrax that was mailed to the two senators attempting to block the Patriot Act came from the CIA lab in Fort Detrick’

“The anthrax attacks … occurred just one week after the September 11th terror attacks in 2001. [They] consisted of anthrax being sent through the US Postal Service via letters and delivered to several news organizations, [as well as] Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Tom Daschle.

“[According to Robert Kennedy Jr.] the letters were sent to [Leahy and Daschle] because they were trying to block the Patriot Act …”

Robert Kennedy Jr.:

"By the time they figured it out, they had already passed the Patriot Act, and we were in a trillion-dollar war in Iraq … The FBI said it was Ames anthrax, and the only place that it could have come from was the CIA lab in Fort Detrick.

“It's clear that somebody associated with the Pentagon or the CIA had something to do with that anthrax because nobody had access except those groups."

At 15 March 2023 at 22:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MP and American cardiologist call on the UK Parliament to hold the US government accountable for violation of the Biological Weapons Treaty

“UK Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen and Dr. Richard Fleming have jointly called on the UK Houses of Parliament to hold the USA government accountable for their violation of the Biological Conventions Weapons Treaty resulting in the Covid pandemic and unprecedented use of experimental genetic vaccines.

“In a press release dated 13 March 2023, Mr. Bridgen and Dr. Fleming – a Physicist, Internist, Cardiologist and Nuclear Cardiologist – encouraged the US Congress to investigate the US funding of Covid and highlighted that British citizens were paying the price for the US biological viral weapon and genetic vaccine programme funded by the US NIAID and Department of Defence …

“‘The world death count from the viral bioweapon is over 6.7 million, including more than 203,000 deaths in the UK … [There] have been more than 2,400 deaths in the UK following the use of the genetic vaccine products, which are copies of the US biological viral bioweapon,’ the statement said.

“The statement also noted that there have been 1.6 million adverse effects reported to the Yellow Card system after being injected with the genetic vaccines. It continued:

“‘We call upon the Houses of Parliament to demand accountability on the part of the US Government for their violation of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty resulting in the Covid pandemic and unprecedented use of experimental genetic vaccines that turn red blood cells grey and cause blood to clot upon contact, thus causing heart damage including prion disease (amyloidosis) and myocarditis, strokes, cancer, miscarriages and death’ …

“The press release follows a tweet from Mr. Bridgen on Sunday where he confirmed that during his visit to Washington DC at the end of last year he was ‘informed that the US DoD were responsible for both the virus and the vaccines. Fort Detrick was named. Also, a facility in Canada.  By the end of the month, I expect to see the start of criminal proceedings against the many politicians and officials who are responsible around the world.’”


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