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Southwest Scotland, near the military base at Dundrennan, has a high rate of certain cancers.

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CND condemns the UK decision to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine

‘DU shells have already been implicated in thousands of deaths from cancer’

“The UK government is sending depleted uranium shells for use in the Challenger 2 tanks gifted to Ukraine, a move CND has condemned … [On] impact, toxic or radioactive dust can be released and subsequently inhaled. 

"DU shells were used extensively by the US and British in Iraq in 1991 and 2003, as well as in the Balkans during the 1990s. 

"It is thought that the extensive use of these shells is responsible for the sharp rise in the incidence rate of some cancers like breast cancer or lymphoma in the areas they were used.

“Other illnesses linked to DU include kidney failure, nervous system disorders, lung disease and reproductive problems … [A] lack of reliable data on exposure to DU means no large-scale study on its true impact exists.

“CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: ‘Like in Iraq, the addition of depleted uranium ammunition into this conflict will only increase the long-term suffering of [civilians] …. DU shells have already been implicated in thousands of unnecessary deaths from cancer and other serious illnesses …’”


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I just found your blog again. So glad. You have just been added to my not so insignificant BlogRoll ~ immediately. It has been a few years; I hope all is well with you.


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