Wednesday 15 March 2023

'Celebrities take adrenochrome.'


Gérard Fauré. Gérard Fauré was born in 1946 in Fez, Morocco, to a Berber mother, and a father working as a physician in the French army.

Anonymous -

A guest on French TV show says that Celine Dion and other celebrities take adrenochrome

It is rumored that “global elites” torture children to harvest the chemical adrenochrome from their blood, which they then inject in order to stay healthy and young.

In 2016, Gérard Fauré “started publishing [books] that claimed to unveil the secrets of people he used to deal with – mainly in politics and showbusiness. 

The charges include massive consumption of drugs (mainly cocaine), sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, child molestation, child trafficking, murders, and assassinations …


“[In an interview on the French TV show ‘TPMP’] Fauré claimed that several celebrities consume adrenochrome on a regular basis and named Celine Dion … In recent months, Fauré stated that Dion’s … degenerative illness was due to her abusive consumption of adrenochrome.

“When asked … where these sacrificed children come from, Fauré answered that they’re mainly kidnapped. 

"He stated that over 58,000 children are kidnapped in France every year and that only two-thirds are found. Later, Fauré stated that he testified in a case where a woman was looking to sell her daughter to an adrenochrome lab in Dijon …

“[He alleged] that Yves St-Laurent and other people in the fashion industry were pedo criminals.

“When Fauré mentioned the name of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the interview was cut short …”


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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas adreno scene.


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