Saturday, 4 February 2023


Herbert Kickl

Anonymous comment on NATO Expansion 

War bringing radical change in Central Europe / Eastern EU

In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) - "the only major party against sanctions on Russia and against Covid-19 lockdowns" - has surged to 1st place in national polling, plus winning in local elections, under leader Herbert Kickl.

The party is demanding Austria return to a policy of neutrality, and have a national referendum on sanctions and the war.

Photo of Austria's new far-right star leader hailing the crowd:

In Hungary the popular Ukraine-war-avoiding Viktor Orbán, has undertaken a massive sudden purge of high-ranking military officers, pushing many into early retirement. Speculation is widespread that the government acted pre-emptively to block pro-NATO, pro-EU military officers, who might be tempted to join a coup in order to force Hungary into the war.

In Poland - the EU country with the strongest anti-Russia sentiment - support for the Ukraine war is rapidly collapsing there as well. In recent public polling:

- 34 percent of Poles now believe that Poland should stop supplying arms to Ukraine

- 34 percent of Poles believe 'conspiracy theories' that the war is a liberal plot by Western elites, the same ones that 'planned the covid pandemic'

- 41 percent of Poles now feel that Ukraine refugees are in fact economic migrants

- 40 percent of Poles, agreed that Poland is undergoing a process of ‘Ukrainisation' which is destroying Poland's culture and society

Polish media is gaslighting Polish citizens over these attitudes, claiming that Poles oppose the war because of duping by 'Kremlin propaganda'


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