Thursday 23 February 2023

Rick Steves' Cruising the Mediterranean


At 23 February 2023 at 07:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

From cruising in the Med to liquifying the dead.

At 23 February 2023 at 08:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As ex-president Tronald Dump makes his new bid for President 2024, his new Dajjal (Anti Christ) like appearance with the 'one eyed' symbolism should be welcomed by all.

Love him or loathe him....... you can't ignore him. Tronald should be judged on his merits when he was President.

Operation Warp Speed.

Single handedly saved America from Covid and delivered a 'Safe and Effective' vaccine program. This should go down in history as Tronalds' greatest ever achievement.

Building The Wall.

America is now safer than ever. After Tronald built his wall, the illegal immigrants literally turned around and went home. Nobody secured the Southern border like Tronald.

Arresting and Jailing Hillary

Hillary is now in a supermax serving 333 years for murder, embezzlement, fraud, child trafficking and being married to Bill. This single act of heroism by Tronald has seen crime figures in the US plummet.

Draining the Swamp

Tronald stuck to his pre-election pledge to drain the swamp. Washington DC is now like a ghost town. There is virtually no one left. Once the Americans realise Washington isn't actually part of America in the same way the City of London isn't part of England or the Vatican isn't part of Italy they will ask themselves if any would like to visit Boston for afternoon tea.

Endorsement of Fauci

An apple a day isn't nearly enough to keep this monster away. Tronalds' favourite doctor and snake oil salesman managed to genocide the American people in slow motion. The acceptable face of witchcraft and sorcery is likely to be responsible for more 'plausibly denied' deaths than all of history combined. A genuine achievement of epic proportions.

Obama and NWO

Like Killary, Obomber has a resume matched by very few . Some have suggested Obomber should be in supermax with his partner in crime. As for arresting the NWO, as Tronald is the NWO I doubt he will hand himself in any time soon.


Tronald claims in his new video that there would not be any war in Ukraine if he was in charge. Jared Kushner doesn't agree on this matter (he, like Bibi) is on the steering group of Project Ukraine. Ukraine or New Israel as its called is currently being flattened by Tronalds mate Putin with the help of NATO. The ground needs physically cleared before the Khazars can move back in. Using 20th century weaponary proves useful for 'ground clearance' work.

Julian Assange

Like Tronalds Antichrist appearance and Assanges fake martyrdom, many believe Assange should be freed. Tronald could have done more in this regard. Under closer inspection Jimmy Wales of Wiki is a WEF stooge and Assanges fake martyrdom is nothing more than a pantomime for clowns.

Last but not least Jeffrey Epstein.

Many thought Epstein was a pedophile and child trafficker and abhorrent. Perhaps, however, to Tronald they were 'best buds'. "A swell guy" according to Tronald. Just because Jeffrey likes kids doesn't mean he is a pedo.

No doubt Tronald will be re-elected. His fake assassination in office will be the justification for the well planned US civil war 2.0.

The president elect.

At 23 February 2023 at 12:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant.Makes me want to buy a yacht or even go on a boat or maybe a cruise around.

At 23 February 2023 at 16:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elton John: ‘I’ll be there for the people of Ukraine’


According to Ken Lennox, who was senior photographer at the then Robert Maxwell-owned Daily Mirror, guests at one of Elton John’s birthday parties included Ghislaine Maxwell and her father.

The year of the birthday party is not stated and indeed the year in which Elton John first met the Maxwells is unknown. Nevertheless, the facts do seem to confirm that the three have been at least mutually acquainted.

In 1987, Elton John and Robert Maxwell had an agreement whereby Mr. John agreed to sell his shares in Watford Football Club to Mr. Maxwell. The deal ultimately fell through.

In 1984, Robert Maxwell chaired an NSPCC Media Committee, and the same charity would later attract the interest of Elton John, who supported the NSPCC ‘Full Stop’ campaign.

The ‘Full Stop’ milieu included Peter Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Richard Branson, Jemma Kidd, Lady Victoria Hervey, Allegra Hicks, Naomi Campbell and Flavio Briatore, as well as Ghislaine herself, who was photographed attending an NSPCC fundraiser in 2004.

Elton John and Robert Maxwell also used the same lawyer at different times: George Carman QC.

At other times Carman advised Greville Janner and Jimmy Savile.

In an unproven allegation wholly denied by Elton John’s lawyers, teenager Stephen Hardy (‘Graham X’) told The Sun newspaper that he had supplied Elton John and Billy Gaff (the former manager of Rod Stewart) with 10 teenage boys for an alleged sexual abuse and cocaine party that he claimed took place at Gaff's home in Finchampstead in 1986.

The Metropolitan Police responded by saying that the force was ready to interview Graham X, and asked that The Sun supply them with his identity or that Graham X contact them. The Sun's then legal manager, Henry Douglas, indicated that the newspaper would probably make Graham X's statements available to detectives. Whether or not this happened is unknown.

Separately, a client of the late Surrey-based psychiatrist, Dr Joan Coleman, stated to the psychiatrist that Elton John’s details appeared on a list of financial contributors to a group allegedly involved in crimes extending to sexual abuse and worse. Dr. Coleman’s published case notes and the allegations documented therein have not been tested in a courtroom: rather, they reflect wholly unproven allegations and Mr. John is innocent of any crime until and unless proven otherwise. The alleged list was reportedly on a laptop owned by Hambro's Mark Davis.

Separately, an unnamed 19-year-old complainant told The Sun that, in the early 1980s, Elton John and a man understood to be John's then-partner, Vance Buck, had raped him as an underage youth after plying him with cocaine. The alleged incident reportedly took place in Elton's home (‘Woodside’j near Windsor Castle.

The problem with allegations made to the press instead of to police and lacking in much or any corroborating evidence, is that they are very difficult to prove or disprove. Elton John is properly assumed to be innocent because he never been charged with, much less found guilty of, any sex crime.

At 23 February 2023 at 21:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Blair and William Hague join forces to peddle a mandatory ‘digital ID’ on the phone of every Briton

If realised, the Blair and Hague plan would be “one of the biggest assaults on privacy ever seen in the UK”

“The former prime minister has joined ex-Tory leader William Hague in calling for the Government to introduce an ID card that people can have on their phones.

“This would hold details such as their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status …

“In an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today programme … Sir Tony highlighted how countries 'as small as Estonia and as large as India' are moving towards digital IDs …

“Big Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo said: ‘… A sprawling digital identity system of the type described by Sir Tony and Lord Hague … would be one of the biggest assaults on privacy ever seen in the UK.'”


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