Saturday 25 February 2023


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Many billions in profits for military armaments makers worldwide from the Ukraine conflict

Russia, Ukraine and NATO have now shot through decades-old ammunition supplies in storage, and billions are being spent replenishing them

Billions that won't be spent on health and social needs despite general economic hardship

Ideas of war have apparently changed due to what has been seen in Ukraine, the first major conflict where both militaries are fully integrated into latest surveillance and weapons technology - this is described by military analyst 'Simplicius'

One thing learned is that military fighter planes and bombers costing hundreds of millions, are not as useful against high-tech opponents ... electronic anti-aircraft defences are too capable now

And the battlefield is pushed back into a World-War-I style 'stalemate' situation, where it is very difficult to advance ... anytime you begin to move or concentrate forces, it is nearly always seen by the adversary, and can be quickly hit with artillery shells, missiles or drones ... drones being very important now

A side gains advantage in small ways ... quicker command reactions to electronic input ... very small squads moving quickly a short distance before opponent can react, and then being so close to enemy that artillery etc fire is too risky ... Russians seem to be somewhat better at this, so much higher Ukraine casualty rate

But a horrid Ukraine war with hundreds of thousands of dead or wounded, may continue for some time

China is said to be content to see the US and NATO worn down ... but also is said to have realised war with the West in the tech-surveillance age, will not be easy


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