Wednesday 4 January 2023


Kevin McCarthy (right) and Frank Luntz (left)

Anonymous comments on 'MARRIED BI-GAY ?':

Interesting affair going on in USA regarding electing the House Speaker ... 

Nothing can happen in Congress until that choice is made there, and there is no time limit. 

First occasion in literally 100 years, since 1923, it was not decided on the first vote. 

In 1855, it took 133 successive ballots. 

There are about 20 Republican rebels impeding McCarthy, people especially incensed about Ukraine war funding ... 

Interesting times, when you need to go to the 'right wing' to find anti-war people, whilst the 'left' is all lined up for it. 

Rep. McCarthy's 'likely gay room-mate' mentioned above, top political consultant Frank Luntz, is very Jewish, advising Israel on how to do propaganda better, and noted for suggesting 'climate change' in place of 'global warming'.


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