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Spend a day volunteering to mark coronation, urges palace. 

How about volunteering with a famous royal charity called The Prince’s Trust? 

Prince Charles worked closely with Sir Harold Haywood to establish it. 

In Haywood’s previous life as chairman of the Albany Trust, he commissioned and touted a booklet that sought to normalise sex between adults and children. 

Roger Benson, the Prince’s Trust’s Director of Public Sector Operations, was later jailed for five years for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. ….. 

Savile and American Secret Servicemen.

As an alternative to The Prince’s Trust, why not volunteer with a charity much favoured by Prince Andrew and his father before him: Outward Bound

At Outward Bound Global and Outward Bound Trust, Prince Andrew was one of several benefactors enjoying a high social status. 

He was joined as a director by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild — the Henry Kissinger protege who reportedly introduced the duke to Jeffrey Epstein; and by Lady Ffion Hague — whose husband organised the alleged cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal that was the Waterhouse Inquiry. 

An earlier board member was Sir Jimmy Savile, who over 54 years raped and assaulted hundreds of children, adults, and corpses awaiting interment. Savile was close friends with Outward Bound’s then patron, Prince Philip, and the two of Philip’s sons who are known to have befriended career child traffickers. ….. 

Lastly, why not volunteer with the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)? 

Prince Andrew was one of the highest profile faces of the NSPCC’s ‘Full Stop’ campaign — along with the Clintons and the Blairs — which coincided with the reign of terror of his close friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Ghislaine was only carrying on the work of her late father, Robert Maxwell, who was Labour MP for the Buckingham constituency that includes Stowe School where Ghislaine has been photographed, and where it has been claimed that a pedophile ring once operated. 

In his day Robert Maxwell chaired the NSPCC Media Committee, assisted by Sir David Frost, whom the late Surrey-based child psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman identified as a ritual abuser. 

The NSPCC Full Stop Board united Prince Andrew and his alleged ‘handler’ Lord Mandelson, Rothschild banker Mark Weinberg, Ghislaine’s friend Nick Mason, Richard Branson's wife, and the Freuds. 

Bill Gates' UK chief David Svendsen sat on both the Board and the Steering Group. There are scores of charities and nonprofits boasting of royal endorsement. Perhaps one or two of them may even be clean.


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