Friday 25 November 2022

Ron DeSantis's Jacksonville

Anonymous said...

Strangely, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Here is where DeSantis was born.

A US Navy town/city. Politically, Jacksonville's demographic is extreme right. A History of Confederate support during the Civil War. 

There is a real predatory imperial mind set .This place is an an·te·di·lu·vi·an nightmare. THEY love DeSantis.

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"An·te·di·lu·vi·an imperialism", marks the "Deep South" city of Jacksonville, Florida. Here, is where DeSantis was born. 

It is a Navy town with a history of pro Conferderate sympathies during the US Civil War..

Sadly, DeSantis is the golden boy of this predatory Darwinian plantation mind set. A hard core British imperial outpost.


At 25 November 2022 at 10:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

P R E - F L O O D


At 25 November 2022 at 11:04 , Blogger Peter said...

Apologies for the double post. I was not sure the first one took. I used antediluvean to express the dark ancient savagery of the past. and how it seems to have re-emerged in this crazy city of wealth and poverty. The starkness is truly neo feudel which is another way to say antediluvean. DeSantis has been described as a competent fascist unlike Trump who is an incompetent fascist. DeSantis is a carefully nurtured phenomena. These stories of his wartime criminality will disappear...betcha.

At 25 November 2022 at 17:32 , Anonymous Nathan stone said...

I once came across a hidden doorway, in Wellington New Zealand, which had an inconspicuous brass plaque of perhaps 3x2 inches, neatly fixed to the frame with brass screws. Door, plaque and screws appeared to be vintage, but only as old as the timber framed beginnings of the colony, surely. Engraved beautifully on the face of the brass plaque read the words “Antediluvian Order of the Buffalo”. I guessed that those ‘guys’ run things, “antediluvian” would imply that they’ve been organising and running a program on us for at least 3000 years. And it’s not succeeded. Hehehe. H K rep laughing, keep loving . X

At 25 November 2022 at 22:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Royal confidant" Gyles Brandreth receives headline top billing in the UK Daily Mail today for his inside account of the last days of Queen Elizabeth.

In a piece hailed by the Mail as an "EXCLUSIVE", the former Tory politician "reveals the truth about the Queen's last days before she died" -- including the disclosure that the late monarch was supposedly suffering from a form of cancer.

The article is taken from Brandreth's new book on the late Queen, entitled "Eilzabeth: An Intimate Portrait by Gyles Brandreth", and scheduled to be published on December 8.

In the extract published today, Brandreth doesn't divulge why he -- a former Conservative MP, broadcaster and writer -- should have been selected by the Royal family to become a trusted "confidant" (although Charles and Andrew are well known for their fascinatingly eccentric choices in close friends).

Instead, if we wish to uncover why this seemingly unlikely arrangement between the Royal family and writer/broadcaster Gyles Brandreth may have come about, we may need to look elsewhere for possible clues.

In the early 1970s Lord Frank Longford -- whom Queen Elizabeth appointed a Knight of the Garter in 1972 -- led an astonishing fact-finding mission to 'investigate pornography and the sex industry'.

On Lord Longford's bizarre commission of inquiry were JIMMY SAVILE -- who by 1972s was well established in his career of raping and sexually abusing 589 victims; CLIFF RICHARD -- who was accused by now fewer than nine (9) different men of sexually assaulting them between 1953 and 1983 when they were boys; and GYLES BRANDRETH, who has never been accused of any sex crimes against youths.

In 1992, after Gyles Brandreth succeeded the serial pedophile Peter Morrison as the Tory MP for Chester, he (Brandreth) would fail to take any action in response to his constituents' warnings that his predecessor was a dangerous pedophile.

Despite failing to act on the information passed to him by many of his worried constituents, Brandreth's political and writing careers -- and his reported 'intimate' relationship with the Royal family -- evidently continued to flourish in the next 30 years.

Which brings us to the present day, with Brandreth being billed by the Daily Mail as a "confidant" to the Queen who died this year.

As for Brandreth's surviving colleague on the Lord Longford commission, the self-styled 'Peter Pan of Pop', Cliff Richard?

Sir Cliff has in recent years denied sexually abusing multiple youths in his younger days, such as in the early 1970s when he was partnering with Jimmy Savile, Gyles Brandreth and Lord Longford on the Longford Commission.

However, it is unclear whether Sir Cliff has ever found time or opportunity to address a *specific* allegation that his alleged nickname -- "Kitty" -- appears on a list of reported VIP visitors to the Elm Guest House. dating from the early 1980s.

The Elm Guest House was a de facto 'child brothel' operating from a nominal guest house in BARNES, south west London. The population of Barnes is about 20,000, give or take.

Since 1986, the (self-proclaimed) heterosexual Gyles Brandreth has lived with his wife in Barnes. It is unclear where he lived before that.


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