Sunday 16 October 2022


16 October 2022-

A Belfast court will hear allegations this week that Lord Mountbatten abused a young boy at Kincora children's home in Belfast in the 1970s.

Arthur Smyth, a former resident of Kincora, has waived his anonymity to make allegations against Lord Louis Mountbatten, an uncle of King Charles III.

Reortedly, "Children in care were trafficked to VIPs including:

Knox Cunningham was very close indeed to Tony Blair.

Reportedly, "Knox Cunningham often stayed with Blunt while in London and also knew Guy Burgess from their days at Cambridge. He was a rich man and lived on a 70-acre estate at Glencairn Park. He once came within an inch of becoming Grandmaster of the Orange Order. He chose not to stand in the 1970 general election and was succeeded by his fellow Orangeman and election agent, James Molyneaux, who later led the Unionist Party, 1979-95."

Jimmy Savile, close friend of Israel, supplied kids to top people.

Lord Victor Rothschild was reportedly the controller of Blunt, Philby and other top spies.

"The three directors-general of MI5 who are responsible for exploiting Kincora and other homes in NI for nefarious intelligence purposes: Michael Hanley, Howard Smith and John Jones."

Allegedly - "One of the boys MI5 agent Alan Campbell is suspected of having kidnapped and murdered is Brian McDermott in 1973. Six other boys disappeared never to be found:
  • Jonathan Aven (14) 21 Sydenham Drive (20 Sept 1969);
  • David Lecky (12) 24 Memel Street, Newtownards Road (25 September 1969);
  • John David Glennon (16) Divismore Crescent, Andersonstown Rd. (8 January 1970);
  • Ronald Kirk (16) Barn Road, Carrickfergus (8 January 1970);
  • Thomas Spence (11) Rockdale Street, Belfast (26 November 1974);
  • John Rugers (13) Rodney Street, Belfast. (26 November 1974)."

'The Sri Lankan boy living in England who was trafficked to Mountbatten in Ireland.'

"‘Amal’ is the fourth person who has accused Mountbatten of child sex abuse"


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